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At GAMA the man running our demo said "One point of starship weapons damage = 100 points of personal damage (unless they changed since I turned in the manuscript)".

Take the Leadership Feat and acquire an NPC Healer.

What exactly is the difference between the information available in the players Guide and what's in Dungeon #139 (My copy isn't here yet, everything always takes longer to get to Alaska)?

I'll buy the players guide if I need to. Do I?

I thought that the maps in Shut-In were quite good. They might have been better still if they were a bit lighter and larger but they conveyed a real sense that this was a _home_ in which people lived - not just some dungeon whose architect must have been a bit strange. When I looked at the map (under a bright light) it was clear what each room was for. It seemed to me that this map would be fairly reuseable, absent the secret chamber at least, as the home of another rich family - or possibly even as a PC home.

It would have been nice to have more information about what the walls and floors were made of (hardness, hit points, thickness, break DC) to cover the moment when the PC's decide to break down the walls.