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They have to roleplay it though...a long time ago in a campaign far far away...i laughed so hard when they attacked a car for looking menacing.

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The keep has levels in multiple dimensions, so they can haz crossovers with other games in the future and since the d20 system has modern rules, they may eventually meet their characters from a mad max style campaign im planing on later.

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Kileanna wrote:

That piece is impressive, Pat!!!

Are you turning the final boss from S&S into a lich (could make sense), changing him for your lich or adding a lich after defeating him? Just curious.
By the way, I've added you to my devwatch.

Thanks, im turning my old character into a lich after the boss, so they can get his keep and homebrew items.Are you Leila Ascariz Novo? If so, youre on my devwatch too.

I use a version of magic items from earthdawn...the only thing they pay to level up magic items is xp...and of course knowledge and going a'questing for rare herbs and such.

looks groovy, thanks!

I put pirates of the carribbean on in the background or play shanties from assassins creed black flag soundtrack, then i just describe the ports from the movie/game...especially tortuga.

Have you found any decent naval combat rules yet...just getting started on this and they are confusing.

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After a year of playing and going epic, i chose the lich template...now I'm going to use him as the final villain in a skulls and shackles campaign I'm running.