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Thanks for the answer. The normal increase in BAB/HD/skills was clear, i just wasnt sure if it is a total of +16 or +13 Str at later level, which is not a large difference and the 3 Dex wouldnt matter so much because of the armor the steed is wearing.

after i take the prestige class "mammoth rider" does my mount still get all the plus on Str/Dex and natural armor from the Animal Companion Base Statistic Table or does it only gets the plus from what is written under spezial at the prestige class?

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Hello, i have question about the Vigilante Talent
"Signature Weapon (Ex): The vigilante must select one type of weapon (such as longsword or crossbow) when he gains this talent. He gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat for his selected weapon type. If he already has the Weapon Focus feat with the selected weapon, he can immediately swap it for another feat for which he qualified at the level he chose Weapon Focus in the selected weapon. At 8th level, he also gains Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat for his selected weapon. He doesn’t have to meet any of the prerequisites for these feats. Only an avenger vigilante can select this talent."

Am i aloud to choose this multiple times? 1 time for sword and 1 time for shield.