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When I go looking for qworkshop dice from this page i cannot get to many of the dice, for example orc dice just keep sending me to this url: https://paizo.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/DirectAction/signIn?path= store/byCompany/q/qWorkshop/byType/d6/battleSets/ork

But it doesn't open at all. I'm guessing that some of the pages just don't exist anymore, but I cannot be sure is it just a glitch or there are no pages for those dice.

Does the medium get the bonus of Shared Seance?

Here is my level 4 incanter.

Could someone with experience in SoP check if I didn't overdo the talents and other sphere specific stuff? I mean it has a lot of stuff to do for a 4th lvl character, to the point I think the class is a bit overpowered in low levels at least.

Also a couple of questions:
1. Does Channel Life (linked on character)feat add the whole cure power with talents when I channel? Meaning on this level I cure 2d6+2d8+4 with a single channel energy?
2. Is there any way to get flight without Alteration sphere?

As the title, there was a level-by-level list what PC should have (through items, feats and class abilities), and be able to deal with at certain levels. I saw it posted several times here (maybe it was made by one of the forum posters) on the forums but cannot find it now.

Just keeps sending me to preview instead of posting.

This thread

Haven't tried in the other threads but managed to post here.

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I don't really like Golarion that much, but also don't mind it at all. I have no problem with Golarion-infused rules as a principle, but one thing I want to be heard:

Please, please don't balance character options with deity, ethnicity or regional restrictions. I don't mind certain feats, spell or prestige classes have a prerequisite of some of those things, but put a sidebar or disclaimer somewhere that if I want to re-fluff certain feat or whatever, I can, without having to fight an uphill battle with those that throw around words like "munchkin" and "powergamer".

Frankly, I would rather for you not to use such prerequisites at all, like naming a feat by a deity who's followers use it rather than it having a prerequisite of worshiping said deity.

I know it's a bit too early, but considering the news dropped on us (well some of you maybe have insider info), what are 3rd party publishers plans now? I mean most of you are gonna support 2e, but the question is about all those planed 1e products and kickstarters teased, as they are probably gonna have a significant drop in sales. Are you going through with them? I mean, for xample, I was excited for that dragonny AP by Legendary, and now I'm not sure I'll back the kickstarter because I don't know if I'll be switching the ruleset.
So thoughts, publishers?

Is there a general discussion thread for PF 2e, looking for it is a chore on my phone?

Does the archetype's bonus scale with levels or does it just gain additional ones? I'm leaning to second answer both from balance perspective and the archetype lacking ranger's: "In addition, at each such interval, the bonus against any one favored enemy (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by +2."; but I'm interested in opinions.

Don't know where should I post this but since it's a 3pp problem, here it goes: so when I try to buy a pdf from Kobold Press or AAW Games, it charges me some tax that I can't get around. I don't get this from Paizo, DriveThru, d20pfsrd shop or Frog Gods site, but these two charge me 25% extra (probably VAT), so I have no incentive to buy from there.

Can anyone explain why it is charged on some sites and not on others? Also any way to get around it?

EDIT: forgot to say, I'm from Croatia (and we're in EU if that makes any difference).

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Copying the email

Fat Goblins email wrote:

Unless we get some sales in! See, we are sort of in a pickle. Our Project Manager and all around swell guy, Troy Daniels, got deployed by the military and is dealing with the 120-degree weather out in the Middle East. Now, we really worked hard to plan for this, but a lot of things worked against us. See, Troy also handles a bunch of prep layout work for us, because we release a lot of stuff. Right now, we have about 10 awesome and BIG projects waiting for the Fattest Goblin to tackle them in layout and design. New Castle Falkenstein books, Shadows over Vathak releases, Steampunk Musha Releases, Masters & Minions, 8-Bit Adventures, and so on. Yeah, all ready to go and get the final touches for release. And the people at Fat Goblin Games depend on these sales.

Now, this newsletter/email goes out to over 10k of you (according to OBS), so we want to get as many of you to buy our releases as possible. Heck, if a small percentage of you picked up a variety of our weekly releases we would be set! So, I'm giving you a special deal. A deal I hope a bunch of you take and tell your friends about. It will bring in some needed cash, buy us some time to finish up these projects, continue to adjust from losing one of our best people and keep the lights on.

Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide to Vathak $5

Shadows over Vathak blends the Otherworldly, Cosmic Horror themes of New England's Lovecraft, the Macabre Mysteries of Poe, and the sensibilities of Victorian, Gothic Horror Adventure into an original fantasy setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
As players, your characters fight to survive in a land threatened with destruction by the rise of the ancient and evil Old Ones and their spawn.
Your characters may represent points of light in the darkness or give in to dark temptations.
Most will fall somewhere in between — survivors struggling to eke out another day.
Though the followers of the One True God speak of divine providence while battling the Old Ones, the sins of the Church often rival those of their enemies.
In the world of Vathak, your character’s perceptions of heroes and villains is a thin line drawn by their own personal morality and, of course, determined by the victor.
Included in the Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide you will find:

A thorough introduction to the world of Vathak, a land and people struggling against ancient evils.
Suggestions and setting-specific mechanics to help you create and play characters in a horror game.
Rules and options for the 9 playable races of Vathak, from the tribal bhriota, to twisted cambions, ghostly hauntlings, and much more!
Complete write-ups for 4 new classes of Vathak, with at least 2 archetypes for each of the 36 core and base classes, including the occult classes.
Detailed rules for crafting firearms and 50 feats to help you make your characters unique and suited for the horrors of Vathak.
A rich selection of weapons and armor, new and old, with options for tools, alchemy, vehicles, and other gear needed to survive Vathak.
An entire chapter expanding on both early and advanced firearms for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the only thing keeping the horrors at bay!
A rich discussion of each of the major religions of Vathak, from the Church of the One True God, to the romni Court of Signs, and the cults and secret societies of the Old Ones!
Topped off with a discussion of magic in Vathak, with new options for divine casters, and a vast set of spells perfect for Vathak.

This is a 5 star reviewed, 451-page pdf/print book.

I also really reduced the print options, by nearly 50%.
Softcover Color Book (Standard Heavyweight) $24.95

Hardcover Color Book (Standard Heavyweight) $29.95

Please check it out, pick it up, tell everyone you know. I will keep these prices like this for the rest of the week. And after you get this, pick up the other Shadows over Vathak products (we have two more coming out soon).

Thanks, everyone, you have been great over the years and we will continue to bring you great products, do charity fundraisers, and make stock art for as long as we can!

TL;DR "Shadows over Vathak: Players Guide to Vathak" pdf 5$, and hardcover 30$!! One of the coolest settings for PF, 40$ discount.

EDIT: this is on DriveThru and other OBS sites, don't know about other venues.

My friend has gotten this as a part of some kickstarter or something. I'm looking to run a PF game on a local con in two months, and I'd like to run a scenario that ends in this (it can be re-arranged). Does anyone know a module or more probably a society scenario that ends in a similar location? The game will probably be newbs, so a lower level (no higher than 5-6).

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Hey, how come nobody made a thread about this already?

Hi, I'd like to ask forums for help concerning writing two poems for additional goblin PCs.

For those who are not familiar, each goblin PC in the module has a short rhyme - for instance:

Reta’s Song
Reta chop and Reta bite!
Reta slay and Reta fight!
Reta stab and Reta smite!
Reta kill sit all just right!

I need songs for two additional PCs. One I made my mind up, will be a monk called Headbutt (with Balloon-Headed trait).

For the other I'm taking suggestions. Have in mind the players will be almost total or total beginners, so simpler classes are in call for. I'm in mind to have a witch, a sorcerer or a bard (the classes in the write ups are rogue, fighter, cleric and alchemist).

Thank you in advance.

Pretty much as it says. People constantly post questions for Paizo products there. Rename it to something like "Advice and Rules for Third Party Products".

Here is a .doc with my homebrewed feats for anyone to use. These were made for my 3.5/Pathfinder-mashup martial only, no-prestige-classes monstrous (orc, goblinoid...) homebrew campaign.

I scavenged prestige class abilities, other d20 variants and forums to help me create these, and the idea was no trap options, no feats that are filler for a book and mostly increasing combat options.

Keep in mind that this was like I said 3.5/PF mashup with lots of house rules and custom classes so some of the things won't make any sense but I'll try to clarify if someone is interested. Also, I didn't have that much experience back than so some are overpowered (but I don't think there were many underpowered options although they may seem now with some of the feats in PF).

Anyway, have fun with them.

I've seen it mentioned many times especially on "fighter" threads that CMD scales much faster than CMB.

-Can anyone elaborate?

-Did anyone make a level-by-level breakdown?

-Is it just for Large and larger creatures or is it equally for humanoid NPCs?

-Has anybody made any changes that work?

I'm tinkering with combat maneuvers, so I need help with this. Thanks in advance.

Ok, does it work like this:

-Enemy poisons me. I fail the save. On enemy's turn I'm afflicted, but take no damage.
-My turn comes up, I make the save again (anytime during my turn, meaning I can spend the turn buffing myself), and suffer the consequences.
-My turn counts as a round of poison duration.

1. can I use Craft skill to upgrade normal item to a masterwork item

2. canI use Craft skill to upgrade the strenght bonus of a composite longbow (from +3 to a +4 for example)?

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I stumbled upon this review. This monster tome is pay-what-you-want at DrivethruRPG (I admit I didn't pay now, but its the end of the month, and I'll throw the money when the paycheck arrives). I red it and monsters in there are gruesome, very well imagined and original. Unfortunately they are made for OSRIC ruleset, meaning 1st/2nd ed stats.

It would be awesome if someone could make a deal with the guy who wrote it and convert it to PF. Someone like Epic Meepo, who can throw one monster's stats a day. I'd definitely pay again for such a product.

If there are no takers, at least people can buy the pdf and use ideas, convert one monster at a time and stuff.

Are stats made for special materials other then Nonqual, mentioned in Children of the Void(Abyssium/Feverstone, Djezet/Quickiron, Horacalcum, Inubrix and Siccatite). If so, where can I find them?