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I know it's a bit too early, but considering the news dropped on us (well some of you maybe have insider info), what are 3rd party publishers plans now? I mean most of you are gonna support 2e, but the question is about all those planed 1e products and kickstarters teased, as they are probably gonna have a significant drop in sales. Are you going through with them? I mean, for xample, I was excited for that dragonny AP by Legendary, and now I'm not sure I'll back the kickstarter because I don't know if I'll be switching the ruleset.
So thoughts, publishers?

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What I can say for certain is this: Legendary Games is going to keep producing Pathfinder stuff over the next year and a half. Exactly what and how much, and how long we continue after PF2 comes out is impossible to say right now, but it will depend in large part on what sales are like over that same time period.

We shall see!

P.S. The current plan for the Conquest: Rage of Wyrms AP is probably going to be a Kickstarter next spring/summer, with adventures for 5E and PF2, and depending on sales between now and then perhaps for PF1 as well.

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We saw PF2e coming and decided that the Book of Heroic Races Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness would be our last non-adventure for Pathfinder.

Deadly Delves: Dragon's Dream is set to come out this month, but we may have to delay until next month (normal things taking longer than expected), we do have two other adventures in the pipeline, but we are considering all our options at this point.

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necromental wrote:

I was excited for that dragonny AP by Legendary, and now I'm not sure I'll back the kickstarter because I don't know if I'll be switching the ruleset.

So thoughts, publishers?

I understand where you're coming from. I launched a Kickstarter last Thursday to get support for a line of location modules for Pathfinder called Found by the Way, and so the 2E announcement kind of felt like a kick in the shin because I knew a lot of people would start thinking along those lines.

My campaign covers development of four modules, and if the campaign succeeds (thereby demonstrating interest), my publisher, Ramen Sandwich Press, will continue to publish new modules at a rate of about 4/year for as long as people are interested. That was the original plan, anyway.

After talking it over with my collaborators, we've decided to stick with that plan. By the time the playtest rules are released, we will have five Found by the Way modules for 1E out; at that point, I'll write up some conversion notes and send them to my backers. When the definitive version of 2E comes out, I'll draw up another set of conversion notes for all existing 1E modules (we may be up to nine or ten by then, I suppose).

At that point, we'll probably start publishing in 2E, but who knows? I'm sure that there will be a noticeable number of people who want to keep on with 1E. Heck, I know people who never stopped playing AD&D. And Pathfinder wouldn't exist at all if there weren't a lot of people who refused to give up D&D 3E, right? We'll just have to keep our finger in the wind.

All of that, of course, is contingent on the Kickstarter funding. I know it's a bad time, but I set a relatively modest target, and if I can't hit it, I'll just have to conclude that there isn't enough interest among Pathfinder players for what I'm offering.

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