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Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Venice by Night - Monday March 31, 1309

Greetings Inn - Tassilo Donadei

The ship is rocked by fierce winds as it pulls closer into the waters surrounding Venice. At one point as you awaken you feel as if the ship will even capsize! Other than your luggage it matters not for you left breathing behind some time ago. You did hear of a member of your Clan impaled by boards from a sinking ship and thus sent into torpor at the bottom of the sea but with your powers, it is unlikely such a fate would await you should the ship indeed capsize.

Soon enough you hear the sound of the anchor dropping, footsteps come down the stairs and a knock at your cabin followed by a voice, "Mi'lord we have dropped anchor but the waters are too choppy to safely get a boat down to row you to the city proper. I will let you know when such an opportunity presets itself". The Captain stomps up the stairs.

The rain continues to batter the ship and the winds buffet it to and fro, this is a fierce storm indeed. After a few hours you hear the rain and the wind finally let up. The Captain retrieves you and you set off in a row boat with the first mate and come of the crew. As per the agreement, they will await your return to give you a safe place to sleep for the evening. Tomorrow you will decide whether to keep the crew in case you need to make a quick getaway or whether you will send these Greek sailors back to Constantinople.

You set foot on the cobblestoned streets of Venice proper since you were a Mortal man. Then you did not know that the city is, and always has been, the Domain of the mighty Narses of Clan Lasombra. This would be the first time you will have met that esteemed member of your Clan in person as it is only proper to introduce yourself to him.

First though, you decide to head to the Inn that the Prince of Constantinople told you about, the one where his kin, Myca Vykos is staying. After all, it cannot be known who you are truly here to see...

Soon enough you arrive at...

Tassilo walks around the building to survey the property.

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

With a free night, you opt to head once again to the Tremere Chantry. Nicolai was receptive to your return to increase your own knowledge of the secrets of the Clan.

As you arrive at the front walkway to enter, you see a car down the street flash its lights at you.

Do you approach the car or enter the Chantry?

I chuckle as I realise how long I've stood here motionless, and I approach the car