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Sounds awesome! Looking forward to it =)

WHOA!! So is this 4 additional cleric classes that have different powers and skills?? Is it base classes or 2nd tier roles or both? Does it include the original Kyra from the base PACG set?

Thanks, Hawkmoon269, for the links. I'll definitely be looking into those when I have more time.

Vic Wertz wrote:
S&S will be printed entirely in the US.

Glad to hear that! =)

Thank goodness for these sleeves, I'm really interested in getting these especially after buying adventure decks online and getting some U.S. prints and some China prints =/ which has definitely affected my decision making during games since I can tell the cards apart =(. I seriously hope Skull and Shackles doesn't have this problem.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
But ultra pro is also working on an adventure case to hold a complete sleeved adventure path.

Looking forward to the adventure case too. I was only able to find one third party case that would probably be able to accommodate all the RotR cards sleeved.

SteveGeddes wrote:
I don't want to push my luck or anything, but any chance it would be easy to provide a "bundle" of sleeve sets (both clear and PACG) with enough for a base set and all expansions?

I would definitely be interested in this too! =D