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lancerdeuce wrote:
HawaiianWarrior wrote:

Just got an email from Amazon this morning saying delivery of my Bestiary Box -- pre-ordered months ago when it was first announced -- is being delayed to...

(Drum roll please...)

... JANUARY 10, 2013!

Yeah, just got that e-mail too. Very disappointing, since I just saw it in my LGS last night and assumed that meant I'd be getting my copy soon. Grrr.

FWIW, I received my two preorders yesterday (in CO), direct from Paizo.

They look great, definitely wetting my appetite for Bestiary 2 & 3 boxes and the adventure path boxes.

The Bestiary pawns pretty much rock hard. Though they lack a tiny bit of the appeal of good miniatures, they're way more cost- and space-effective.