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I've done the same. my FLGS(s) are aware of their existence, and are seeing "a lot of interest" in them, but are so far not doing pre-orders for them as they've not received any information from their suppliers//Paizo Distributers. So I've been stuck with just checking their sites every week or so to see if they're listed yet.

Any word officially when Paizo will release the pre-order information (to Canada)?

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Came here to find out why it was blue when it finally arrived. I now have my answer. Can add me to the chorus of people disappointed in the change from the red. :-(

Without the consistency, I am unsure if I'll continue the SE line.

Just recently discovered these (again) after getting the amazing Kingmaker one, so went and ordered them all. Not sure what I'm gonna do with ~15 HP tokens once they arrive, but that's a future me problem.

I'd like to see a continuing series, one per AP, and keep collecting them, so my official answer is all of them. Frozen Flame would be next in line...