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Joan H. wrote:

Hi magispitt,

I see the email with photos in our inbox and have set up a replacement order for you. Thanks for your patience!

The book has arrived and looks great!

Thank you :)

Joan H. wrote:

Hi magispitt,

Thank you so much for your patience as we work through our backlog. I'm so sorry that your book arrived damaged! Please send a photo of the damage to customer.service[at]paizo[dot]com and we'd be happy to set you up with a replacement book. Currently, the Core Rulebook is on backorder and we expect to begin shipping out new orders for Core Rulebooks in November. Thanks again for your patience!

Hi Joan,

I emailed on the 29th of August with photographs of the damage from a half-dozen angles, but have not yet received a response. The content of the email also contains a link to this message-board thread.

I understand that the support systems at Paizo are under strain at the moment, and wish you the best in this endeavor.

- The infrequent messages on my part are to prevent myself from staying at the bottom of your que. As I understand it, your policy is to address concerns chronologically where possible (which repeated emails and posts curtail)

redeux wrote:

They generally work from oldest to newest, so if you check the "Paizo Customer Service Status Updates & What to Do" stickied thread they typically are going to be working on the oldest emails.

Note that if you reply to your email or post you generally are bumping yourself to the end of the line again.

Ah I was aware of the posts, but not the emails - that’s good to know thanks.

From this thread I see that email is backed up until June 30th. Is there any place where Paizo is updating how far through the backlog they are making progress? I previously posted an issue I had last week, however given the information below (among other places) I am not expecting a fast response. It would be nice however to have a rough idea of the length of the queue, although if that is impossible I also understand.

Joana wrote:

Paizo Customer Service is working from home due to the pandemic and dealing with a huge backlog. As you've discovered, that means that no one is answering the phones. As of yesterday, they had worked their way up to emails received June 30th. They seem to be catching up to forum posts a little more quickly, but they deal with them from the bottom of the list to the top so adding a new post in your thread moves it to the end of the line.

Don't post here again, and Customer Service will get to you sooner. Here is some information about what Paizo is doing to improve the situation going forward -- and if you need to vent and/or commiserate, you can do so in that thread without affecting the response time to your issue.

Hey so I'm posting here because my Core Rulebook for 2e that I ordered last month arrived today, but it's corner was bent and torn :(

It's not the end of the world, but I was looking forward to a new copy of the rulebook to go with my playtest version, and this version is more damaged than the 1e Core Rulebook I've had for almost a decade now. I was wondering if there was a possibility that I could get a replacement that was new?

I still have the packaging so I can send that back, and I also took pictures but I don't think I can upload them here. The corner protectors were in place (as was the bubble wrap on top), but I suspect the book was forced in too hard?

I don't know if there's anything else I should be doing; I figured the official Paizo forums were the best place to go initially.

Thanks for any help you can give

So I'm getting a group together for some pirate fun because one of the members really wants to do a pirate adventure - but one player has already done the first book and a half of Skulls & Shackles as well as Plunder & Peril so I'm out of ideas for pre-generated pirate adventures;

does anyone have suggestions for pirate adventures that aren't Skulls & Shackles or Plunder & Peril?

Assuming a campaign with 4 PCs runs until 20th and each one takes leadership, what would be the best four cohorts to support most parties (each cohort being level 18 at the end)?

I figure it would be something like:

Loremaster 10 / Wizard 8 for a crafter,
Pathfinder Chronicler 10 / Bard 8 for a general buffer,
Cleric 18 as a support healer and possibly side necromancer,
Mystic Theurge 10 / Sorcerer 4 / Oracle 4 for lots of support spells

What do you think?

Should we assume a 20th level character with standard WBL and no custom items?

So a player creating a 17th level character wants to have evolutions permanencied onto him. I was thinking of the following spell (basically a 6th level evolution surge, but for humanoids):

6th Level Spell
Duration: 1 min/level
Effect: Can select evolutions up to a combined total of 6 evolution points

Permanency cost would be 21,250 gold because the spell can only be cast by 6th level casters

That's the gist of it, what do you guys think?

*Edit: experimenting with item creation, an Ioun Stone of this spell would cost 768k gold (6th level spell X 16th level caster X 2k X 2 [for slotless) X 2 [for minute/level duration])

The Permanency cost feels too low, but the item cost feels too high?

Aldizog wrote:
magispitt wrote:
Actually I just noticed you have traits so this isn't PFS CORE; if you're remaking your character an Archeologist Bard will make you much better at performing "classic rogue" duties.
There are traits in PFS Core; just the ones from the web enhancement.

Ah, didn't know that - thanks :)

*Edit: where did your post go? But yeah, even if it is PFS CORE I'd still recommend a bard; bards are much better at skills than rogues (they end up with more skills and have higher bonuses) & contribute more to combat (inspire courage ftw)!

Actually I just noticed you have traits so this isn't PFS CORE; if you're remaking your character an Archeologist Bard will make you much better at performing "classic rogue" duties.

Aldizog wrote:

The kick-in-the-door style isn't really suitable for a Core rogue, of course.

Isn't this how pretty much every pathfinder society group runs? o_0

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1. I'm assuming those stats are rolled, because otherwise the 5 charisma must be wrong on a human
2. Your HP should be at least 12 (10 base +2 from con), if not 13 because of the favoured class bonus
3. Your speed should be 20ft in scale mail as it's medium armour (your armour is not "heavy", as you indicated on the sheet
4. If you have weapon focus on your battle axe the attack bonus increases by one to +6
5. Your battle axe (and other one-handed melee weapons) add your strength modifier to damage; it should be 1d8+4 for you
6. You are missing a feat; you should have three (one from 1st level, one from human, and one combat feat from first level fighter)
7. You should have four skill ranks, not two (2 from fighter, one from intelligence modifier, one from human) - if not a fifth rank from your FCB
8. Your climb and swim modifiers appear to be wrong, they are +11 and should be +2 (1 from rank, 4 from strength, 3 from class skill, -4 from scale mail armour check penalty, and -2 from shield ACP)

Your character fits fine with your background story, to answer your original question. If this is your first character however I'd recommend an easier class to build such as a ranger with the weapon and shield combat style (if you're attached to having a shield, otherwise a switch hitting ranger is an excellent first character to build & play); fighters are difficult to build as well as other classes.

219 b). Don't forget to murder your darlings

I'd use nerf swords when challenging players to solo combat, but thats just me

Just a Mort wrote:
If anyone said I don't have enough free actions to draw and shoot all the arrows my BAB and feats allowed me to, I'd get pissed.

- Doesn't have enough actions to fire weapon at full BAB #crossbowproblems

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wolaberry wrote:

Ah, Kingmaker. There is a monster on Book 3's random encounter table that makes my PCs nervous even now 2 adventure paths and 4 years later.

102. Hey guys, I rolled "Peluda" on the random encounter table."

Oh that brings back memories; my party bought a spinosaur to use in combat but had it retreat because the peluda is so dangerous underwater

Instead of projection, I'd rather go for: "Sacred Tattoo" (with the faith trait "Fate's Favoured") to bump every save by two; and "Fey Thoughts" to add a couple more class skills (Perception is a good one).

Otherwise I think Scarred Witch Doctors are pretty standard to build

Scarred Witch Doctor is actually better as a debuffer, because of the increased effective intelligence. I'd recommend going for even more save or die/suck spells and hexes than usual, because they'll be more effective than usual

Treasure in APs should be about twice WBL (based on number crunching I've done in Skulls and Shackles, among other books). Parties won't get treasure after every encounter, but will instead get larger bundles of treasure less frequently. Later on, items from creatures becomes the majority of the loot, assuming one faces humanoids as they're well equipped. Parties should be able to sell everything for half and still be WBL

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Aqueous Orb + Hideous Laughter is a common one

Definitely thinking of a burrowing grappler; potentially with swallow whole - I might stat it up later, see how my work goes

*Edit: ninja'd! MichaelCullen beat me to it xD

What do you guys think of this for a high-fantasy, "nostalgic", character creation? The idea is to allow classes to use everthing at their disposal, so the changes would be:

1. Core classes and races only
2. Everyone starts with 18s in all stats before racials
3. One can only put ranks in skills that are class skills
4. Automatic Bonus Progression but any weapon or armour you use automatically has the associated bonus (i.e. not just 1/day)
5. Background skills

I think a few major problems might potentially be:

1. Clerics and Druids would be very powerful
2. A rogue would be required for traps (unless I'm missing a class that gains disable device as a class skill)
3. People might find all 18s boring (I put it in there so that everyone gets to use all of their class abilities; should I just do something like a 60 point buy so people still get to choose stats but are also very powerful?)
4. People might feel very restricted with skills, this kind of ties into #2 (I put that down so that classes are good at the skills the fluff says they're good at, and to give some niche protection to skillful classes as characters can afford higher intelligence)

To be clear, I'm not actually considering playing a game with those rules (yet); I'm merely brainstorming some crazy character creation mechanisms. Let me know if I missed any potential problems/fixes :)

Necroing because I'm curious if there's an answer - I'm running Skulls and Shackles and I know that my players will ask how far away they can see ships. In the middle of the first book the flavour text says something along the lines of the Wormwood chasing down a ship, "until by dawn less than half a mile separate the two" - should I be using common sense here or are there rules governing this situation already?

As per the title - I'm making a 3rd level aquatic druid for Skulls and Shackles and am looking at the "Heart of the Sea" alternate trait for humans. The aquatic druid already gets a swim speed, so I'm wondering if the ability to hold one's breath twice as long is a waste.

How often are random encounters supposed to be rolled in adventure paths? I'm running Skulls and Shackles now and can't seem to find any information on it; I've run Kingmaker before and know that it's a 15% chance per day/night exploring, but am not sure if it applies outside of that.

How often do you roll for random encounters in your campaigns?

How often did you roll for random encounters? I'm looking in the books but I can't seem to find it

Alright, so to paraphrase you (correct me if I'm wrong) - you'd recommend using the temperate weather generator, but adding more hurricanes to reflect the proximity to the Eye of Abendgo

Ah, I think I know what you mean now. It's in the Shackles, which from this map seems to be tropical, unless I'm mistaken?

Do you mean temperate is close enough? There is no tropical weather generator (which is what I'm asking about), so I assume that's a typo from temperate to tropical

I'm GM'ing Skulls and Shackles but I feel like this can be a more general question as well: what would you guys use for a tropical weather generator? I feel like the desert one and the temperate one could work with a bit of tweaking, but am unsure if there's a ready-made one I'm missing.

I have two questions:

1. If a PC wants to craft whilst on the Wormwood or the Man's Promise, can they (and if so for how many hours a day)?

2. For weather after the Wormwood (and besides the storm on the Man's Promise), what would you guys use? The Shackles are tropical, but I don't think the temperate or desert weather generators are appropriate

Bumping (even though I doubt Shaun is around anymore) because I'm curious as well and don't want to needlessly create a new thread.

Also, after the Man's Promise is captured, what should I use to generate weather for the AP? I know there needs to be a storm around the 4th day, but besides that I'm unsure what to do for weather generally.

Judging from the OP, this is PFS - correct?

I guess if you make an item that casts a 9th level spell with every metamagic feat the spell level would be 101, needing a CL of 201 to craft. That being said, you can craft items if you don't have the right CL; it's just an extra +5 to the spellcraft DC.

*Edit: lol ninja'd on the +5 to spellcraft DC

I know this is an old thread, but is there an official answer?

Bear in mind, the buildings in kingdom building aren't one building but are rather blocks of buildings; it's implied that there's a bit of diversity within the blocks but enough similarity to use one stat as an abstraction.

bitter lily wrote:
Aren't there dice sites that will let you pick imaginary sided-dice?

I use rolz myself

If there's no stated cap, then you can increase an ability beyond effectively level 20; here is no stated cap

That's a good point, but it was already mentioned in the 7th comment almost two years ago

Azih wrote:

I realize how hard this stuff is but I have to say that this is a terrible way of getting new people into the game and paizo in general.

There are so many amazing things happening with StarFinder and the kickstarter for the new computer role playing game and I hate to think of how many people's first impression of paizo is a incredibly unreliable website that they cannot even access.

To be fair the website usually works fine; Pathfinder is fun enough that I'm sure people will enjoy themselves regardless

Just a heads up that this is a triple post; have flagged the other two threads

Roll 13d12 in order; the highest roll is the number generated (re-roll ties).

Ex: 3, 6, 12, 5, 4, 7, 9, 2, 12, 2, 4, 7, 3, 8.

The third & sixth rolls were tied, roll randomly to see which number was generated.
1d2=2; therefore the number six was generated.

If you need numbers from 1 to 26, simply:
1. double the results from generating numbers from 1 to 13
2. roll 1d2-1
3. subtract the number generated in step #2 from the number generated in step #1

Ex: six was generated, and 6*2=12; 1d2-1=0; number is 12
Ex: six was generated, and 6*2=12; 1d2-1=1; number is 11

13 is a prime number so I can't think of a way to narrow it down further than that, sorry


ViConstantine wrote:
Any idea how much I should spend for now?

This table says about 3000 gold


Ectar wrote:
magispitt wrote:
Do you refer to the Great Wyrm Brass Dragon?
Link fixed.

lol whoops; was browsing a few tabs & copied the wrong one - thanks!


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Jo-ma-So87 wrote:
magispitt wrote:
I'd recommend Manyshot but you said you mainly use a heavy crossbow; considering you don't even have rapid reload I'd consider using a longbow instead.
Should have mentioned its an enchanted crossbow,Lamashtu gave me, that im kind of attached to

Literally, or figuratively? This is Lamashtu we're talking about

I'd recommend Manyshot but you said you mainly use a heavy crossbow; considering you don't even have rapid reload I'd consider using a longbow instead.

Do you refer to the Great Wyrm Brass Dragon?

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