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Outstanding! I generally enjoy the Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction, some more than others, but this piece is absolutely in my top five favorites. Mr. Willrich should be quite proud of "The Cloak of Belonging." I am very much looking forward to reading The Dagger of Trust. Five Stars! Tell your friends!

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I'd like to see the further adventures of Eando Kline.

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I just finished Chris A. Jackson's Scimitar Moon and now, even more than before, I am hoping he will pen more Pathfinder novels.

Scimitar Moon seemed like a weak young reader novel for tween girls at the beginning, but quickly showed it's true colors. It has pirates! Super exciting! Great villains! Cool heroes! I'm really looking forward to more adventures with the crew of Stargazer and now I know where to get the epubs!


What a great book. I agree with Flash, I really want to see more stories with the crew of Stargazer.

I grabbed a digital copy of Scimitar Moon for my Kindle app so I can continue to read your piratey adventures. Too bad your other books aren't available from Paizo in .epub format; I really prefer my e-reader app to the Kindle format.

Fair winds and following seas (and all that stuff).

Absolutely wonderful! This was a great followup to A Tomb of Winter. I am really looking forward to Liar's Blade.

I think I'd have the player build it as a +1 gauntlet weapon with the shock additional ability, but that only does 1d6 electrical damage.

If I was feeling exceptionally nice, I might let him increase the damage and require chain lightning as the spell requirement to create the item. This would bump the it up to CL 11. Additionally, I'd count each 1d6 damage as a +1 bonus for item creation purposes.

End result: +1 extreme shocking gauntlet (5d6 electrical damage), cost 72,000gp (6 squared *2000).

Also, I have no problem letting the player make a touch attack with this weapon...they just wouldn't get the non-electrical damage.

Not really over powered, but it is fricking sweet!

This appears to exactly represent the town square in front of the Sandpoint Cathedral from the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. I think this is awesome!

I'd really like to see at least some of the mundane locations in the Adventure Paths and Modules feature the GameMastery Flip-Maps and Map Packs. Heck, it would be cool if the maps were even featured in the Pathfinder Society Sanctioned Modules.

I really like using props in my games, but I don't do a lot of custom adventure design. I have many of the flip-maps and map packs but I almost never find a reason to use them.

I'm having the same problem using a Motorola Xoom tablet, Android OS, and the built-in browser.

I suppose it is worth saying that I have four of the Paper Minis for Rise of the Runelords. I am currently running a campaign based on Runelords. I like props, so I am pretty stoked about the Anniversary Edition, Pawns, and Face Cards coming out for it. My group is moving pretty slowly, so even though it won't be out until summer, I'll still get plenty of use out of it.

Liz Courts wrote:
Do you perchance know about the Pathfinder Paper Minis, Jim in OK?

I've seen the paper minis. They are ok, but I don't really like the art because it's really cartoony. I have a few sets, but I would prefer a pre-printed heavy cardstock product. I wouldn't mind PDFs with art more inline with standard Pathfinder products.

I think sets of pawns designed to depict NPCs and special monsters from the Adventure Paths would cross over nicely in sales. Sets of generic setting-based NPC pawns would cross over nicely with the flip maps. For instance: Tavern (bar tender, servers, tavern patrons without weapons), theater (opera singers, stage hands, opera goers in finery), Ship (generic crew, naval officers, pirates, merchants), Cathedral (different ranking "priests" from different religions).

This looks awesome! I have been thinking for years that cardboard pawns should be available with adventure modules and/or sold separately. Now I get this and the Rise of the Runelords Pawn Collection back-to-back.

Paizo: I would absolutely buy pawn sets for my adventure paths, especially if they included all the NPCs listed in the city/town sections. I'd also love generic non-adventury NCP pawns for locations like those depicted on the flip-maps, ie. tavern, inn, cathedral, opera house, etc.