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I'm doing a melee mystic, currently at lvl 6 and it's great fun!

Sarcesian, Mystic(pherenic adept)6
STR 16
DEX 13 (15 with mk1)
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 16 (20 WITH mk2)
CHA 12

Feats: (1)Improved unarmed strike, (3)Mystic strike (5)Extended telepathy

Magic Items of note: ring of fangs, psychic booster

I play up the whole creepy pasta thing and run him like slenderman, biting the crap out of everything with a 10ft reach. Casting command to lure ppl close and getting an attack of opportunity has been real fun, along with 120ft. telepathy to have fun with people's heads coupled with stealth, makes for a great time!

The extended telepathy allows me to make a mysticism check to speak a language to others telepathically, so out of combat, with high diplomacy and disguise, its really effective.

7th lvl I'll be taking enhanced resistance(kintetic) with a subdermal implant Dr mod to bring it to dr/7 and the bite attack will be +8 1d6+16. Lvl 9 with be weapon focus: unarmed strike for +2 more hit.
Edit: Mystic path is Mind breaker for intimi and bluff, plus subdual dmg on but more important to apply debuffs. Pherenic adept has 'Arcane Sight' for emotion effects, like fear, which I have blindsense for... He can smell your fear as a boogyman, stealthily around and toying with npcs heads, then bite it off! Squirming entrails necrograph for extra rp fun