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So here's the scoop.

Trying out the ninja class for the first time and decided to be a master of stealth (or at least to the best of it's abilities), and take all the feats that make the stealth skill, actually relevant.

This is a first, as playing a character with a 10 STR seems....really... odd... Anyways, lets get into it.

Human Ninja

STR 10
DEX 18 (Racial +2 applied)
CON 14
WIS 12
CHA 14

Traits- Reactionary, Indomitable Faith

Feat Progression:

H Weapon Finesse
1 Conceal Scent
2 nin. trick : Vanish
3 Shadow Striker
4 nin. trick : Rogue Trick : Dampen Presence
5 S.F. Stealth
6 nin. trick : Forgotten Trick
7 Hellcat Stealth

skills: acro, bluff, escape artist, climb, disguise, disable device, perception, sleight of hand, stealth, UMD, and survival (with a few of them as one point wonders).

This character is for society play, currently at level 3 from this posts date and typical tactics now include smokesticks/smoke pellets with flashpowder (with the rare chance I need to burn ki for defensive invisibility) and tanglefoot bags to troll my enemies into oblivion, with flanks with allies for sneak attack opportunities,a couple doses of drow poison I got from a chronicle, some shurikens and blow gun etc. etc. etc.

Now, my concern is, with all this stealth and planning for it, how long can this character live off of alchemical items and being a troll in upper levels?

The goal is to stay pure ninja, mind you and I still wanna take advantage of the pure stealth feats, but will someone with some ninja experience suggest some ideas I could consider for upper tier play? All the way from dealing with elementals, to dealing damage to your experience playing a DEX based character (eww). In a vain attempt to stay relevent with the rest of my fellow pathfinders.


(p.s. I forgot to mention my first investment was into Muleback Cords)