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Joana wrote:
Sadly, in D&D history, a gorgon is a metal bull.

Now that you mention it, that sounds familiar.

I've been playing BECMI and AD&D since about 1979.

I have the AD&D MM with the painted cover at home.
I'll take a look this evening, if I can remember to.


This may seem like a nit or pedantic to some but on page 75 of the printed Game Master's Guide, there is a pretty glaring mistake from a company that seems to have spent so much time researching an adding mythical beasts from cultures all over the world into their game system...

Open your "Game Master's Guide" and turn to page 75. If the word "medusa" appears anywhere that is not referring to a specific one of three sisters, change "medusa" to "gorgon"

Same goes for anyone or anything calling a herd of winged horses "Pegusus-es"

Just sayin.

BTW, what is the recommended order to play these 4 in, if any?

Also, how would they fit in if playing them with the other available modules?

"Skeleton's Crypt" (BBHH) > “Black Fang’s Dungeon" (BBGMG) > "The Deadly Mine" (PZO1119GME.pdf) > ??

Am I missing any? Thanks.

Strife2002 wrote:

Nice demos. would like to point out though that the text in the conclusion section of the Ruins pdf is cut off:

"Any PC who elaborates on the battle with the goblins receives only a slow,"

And then nothing.

What do they receive? A slow spell? A slow round of applause? A slow yawn? A slow, cooked roast followed with some delicious pie?

I just saw that as well.

It looks like no answer so far, eh?