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Ritunn wrote:
Personally I still want wyvaran, syrinx, and gathlain a lot! I think my wyvaran itch will be scratched by new heritage coming out in Player Core 2, but I'd still like to see the owlfolk (maybe with some lore changes) and the much taller playable fey to make a return.

FWIW, we do meet a nicer-than-1e Syrinx in a 2e Society scenario! I think there's hope for them coming along someday.

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12-year thread necro with a mostly off-topic comment has gotta be some kind of record.

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And thus, my biggest frustration with PF2 at launch is resolved.

Excited to see everyone's Champions of Justice and Obediance!

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I do hope an old decision can be overturned and that we see Couatl Nephilim at some point - or perhaps their own Versatile Heritage, otherwise.

Tridus wrote:
Wow. The fact that Extinction Curse is barely above Second Darkness makes me sad. We had a ton of fun with Extinction Curse, while Second Darkness remains the only AP my gaming group decided to abandon without finishing.

There's an awful lot of popular sentiment against it for how the circus half and the epic fantasy adventure half don't really meld - though I do think the volume set in the Darklands looked like great fun.

I also remember some controversy around not just trying to right Aroden's old wrong on these forums.

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I trust the company that made the 2e Mwangi Expanse and Tian Xia books to treat Arcadia with similar levels of respect.

I also understand that Pathfinder 2e is largely a game about tactical combat to the death on a battle map, and so the continent needs bad guys to beat up on. Everything we've heard suggests modern Razatlan is at least a decent place to live, and we've seen Xopatl to be quite lovely... but we also know the Halana Theocracy is in thrall to a bunch of servants of evil sky gods, and that Ohachtsik has empowered no less than five undead Armies of Fire to rampage across the land.

If El Santo can get into brawls with terrifying mummies, then I think Arcadia can be permitted some gnarly cultist types without being read as a condemnation of Mexica religious practices. Likewise, I think there's a lot of room for a more-sympathetic fantasy take on something like the Andean 'mummies,' who could be something like guardian spirits or respected ancestors - nuance, as always, is key.

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Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide would be the most definitive list, though a few new ones have been built or authorized (two in Arcadia!) since its publication, IIRC.

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Souls At War wrote:
Eeveegirl1206 wrote:

I really hope that if Lost Omens: Arcadia gets mentioned human sacrifice is never mentioned anywhere in the text.

The practice of human sacrifice in Mesoamerica was a complex history of theological based thought that continued for thosands of years.

It was not grabbing random civilians off the street and cutting their hearts up.

I never understood the idea that human sacrifice was practicality heinous but not killing people for worshipping the same G-D in the slightly different way like what happened in Europe

Arcadia is NOT pre-colonial Americas nor colonial Americas and isn't filled with savages.

The emphatic denial is kind of strange - sure, it isn't exactly the Americas, but we know enough to say it's textually inspired by them the same way Garund is an Africa-equivalent.

EDIT: Not advocating for human sacrifice or labeling anyone 'savages,' to be clear.

I don't care for Hags, but the note that they share their covens with Naga sometimes has made me really crave that reflavoring.

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Perpdepog wrote:
keftiu wrote:
There's also always the chance that Thuvia's city-states fall in upon one another like hungry vultures if, say, their immortality elixir fails...
Is that likely? I always understood that the sun orchid elixir was the product of highly advanced alchemy that sort of bleeds over into arcane magic, and doesn't have anything to do with the divine.

It's produced by a single immortal alchemist who has some kind of potentially-fraying agreement with Pharasma; given that we're about to spend a lot of time focused on both war and immortality, seeing something happen with all that feels quite likely, IMO.

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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
keftiu wrote:
LO: Firebrands paints Katapesh as a land effectively embroiled in civil war already.
Why they keep doing this in setting books rather than adventures (which, besides being better-suited to keep up with the rapid pace and uncertain swinginess of revolution, let you actually play something) will remain beyond me.

Why they keep putting lore in lore books is a mystery for the ages :P

Age of Ashes dedicated a whole book to shaking up policy in Katapesh, influencing the Pactmasters to ban an influential slaving operation that paved the way for this change - it is a result of play.

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Aberrant is still my favorite of the official ones, but my heart pines for the return of the 1e Nanite Bloodline someday.

It's my understanding that Cheliax has tribes of both Strix and Centaurs that they encroach on continually.

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I really appreciate the quicker 'churn' we get on settings and themes with the varied AP lengths; it's no fun to sit out that whole line for half of or even an entire year, while the constant novelty is really appealing.

More APs means more chances for the really striking ideas - so that when a trip to, say, Arcadia or Numeria comes around, Average Joe gamer who wants his elves in European castles isn't sitting things out for too long while I'm feasting, and vice-versa.

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A little bit of thread necromancy: what if Gorum's death (and Achaekek's involvement) shake the hell out of the Golden Road?

Letting loose a war (of Immortals, even!) could easily stir up the tense border between Rahadoum and Cheliax, or else finally inspire the bellicose satrap of Qadira to disregard his peace-seeking imperial handler. LO: Firebrands paints Katapesh as a land effectively embroiled in civil war already. Achaekek's cult have a historical presence in Rahadoum, while Sarenites may well call for righteous action against the wicked all over the region. There's also always the chance that Thuvia's city-states fall in upon one another like hungry vultures if, say, their immortality elixir fails...

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Ranger was the first class in PF2 to excite me, after not caring for them in any of the 3 most recent D&D editions. I think they do plenty to incentivize ranged combat in fun ways, with the versatility for everything from a crossbow sniper to someone flinging a ton of shuriken.

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Oni Shogun wrote:
A sedwhatnow?

The post-Remaster replacement for Sahuagin.

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Howl of the Wild politely reminds us that there are friendly-enough Sedacthy living in Outsea, which gives me faint hope for them being playable someday - I like the thought of a meaner and nastier aquatic Ancestry than some of our (now surprisingly many!) options.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Aenigma wrote:

I'm not sure "Spore War" is a good name for the adventure path featuring Treerazer. This name would be more fitting if the final boss were related to fungi or vermin, such as Cyth V'sug, Deskari, Jubilex, Mazmezz, or Yhidothrus. However, Treerazer, while known for his environmental destruction, resembles a dinosaur or dragon, not a fungus or vermin.

James, if First Edition mythic rules were much more successful, would this adventure path have been published in First Edition?

"Treerazer" is just a nickname, and we still don't know his real name. I really hope his real name is revealed in this adventure path, as it would be the perfect opportunity (and likely the last, since Treerazer will be killed in this adventure path and won't appear or be mentioned again).

Spore War is a delightful name for this Adventure Path, because Tanglebriar, like its ruler Treerazer, has strong ties to fungi. This region is basically a mini-worldwound that's been infected by the Outer Rifts fungal realm of the demon lord Cyth-V'Sug, who is Treerazer's father/source. Treerazer himself is a demon associated with the slaughter of elves, the corruption of nature, and pollution, and a big way that those things happen is through the spread of supernatural fiendish fungal vectors and infections and elements.

This adventure path is not mythic, and that has nothing to do with those rules. Treerazer, as a capstone non-mythic foe, was always intended to be a standard Adventure Path "boss." The reason we didn't do this one earlier is because we didn't choose to do this one earlier, in part because it's one that's very close to my heart and I wanted to be the one to run it, and I don't run every Adventure Path, so I had to time it for the right moment.

Treerazer isn't his nickname. It's his name. Not every demon has a nonsense-word for a name.

Oh, it's fascinating that this one isn't Mythic - gives it the real epic campaign-topper feeling!

I suspect not, as being Large seems to be considered Rare, while I think everyone in PC2 is meant to be Common.

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James Jacobs wrote:
willfromamerica wrote:
James, do you have any sneak peeks now as to which existing APs will act as a good lead-in to Spore War?

Sky King's Tomb might be a good choice, simply because it's close to the region and the "first half dwarf, second half elf" seems fun.

But unlike Curtain Call, this one's not intended to be one that has a strong link to other Adventure Paths. I intend to have a bit in the Spore War Player's Guide that talks more to the GM about how you can link things to other 1st to 10th Adventure Paths, but I won't be starting that work until I'm done developing Spore War's 3 parts. Will likely start that mid June maybe?

I'm super excited to see what the Backgrounds for this one look like when the Player's Guide comes around, far in the future <3 Kyonin is so cool!

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Today's news about the changes to Champions has me very, very happy: there are subclasses decoupled from Sanctification! TMS's notes say that Champions of Grandeur are Holy, that Champions of Iniquity are Unholy, but Champions of Justice aren't locked into a specific Sanctification.

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
How manu gods are they planning to cover in this book, exactly?

My understanding is "literally all of them in Pathfinder canon."

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Squiggit wrote:
mythic as paragon paths/epic destinies? That's pretty cool.

Hush, we're not supposed to say so out loud! :P

Between this and the two Battlecry classes giving us a near-Warlord and basically-a-Defender's-mark, I'm eating so good right now.

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James Jacobs wrote:
YAY! Glad I was given the go-ahead to announce Spore War earlier today. This is an Adventure Path concept I've had in my back pocket for years... and in fact a storyline that is partially one that I've had percolating for longer than almost any other one we've done. The first "Fight and kill Treerazer" adventure is one I wrote for my homebrew setting back in and around 1989 and 1990.

That makes it just a few years older than I am, wow!

Very pleased to hear that the Couatl divinities will be in this one.

Thebigham wrote:
Will this get a sketch cover?

Has any Lost Omens book gotten one? I assumed that was a Rulebooks thing.

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"Perpdepog wrote:
Also, if we ever get a plant-based barbarian instinct we can have a spore-based warrior filled with war-spores participating in Spore War's Spore Wars.

We just did in Wardens of the Wildwood, though I believe it has some balance concerns.

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vyshan wrote:
I wonder if there will be a new god of civilization. Since the only thing Abadar cares about and focuses on is basically banking and not all the other community aspects of civilization.

He's also big into building walls/ditches and enforcing fair law. Calling him the banking guy is a fair bit of a reductive take.

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Spore War is coming - at long last, we get to beat up on Treerazer!

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Commander, Guardian, and SF2 Solarians honestly crossed the last ones off my list. I'm content.

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A Numeria AP full of suggestions on working SF2 stuff into PF2, honestly :p

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Arkat wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Arkat wrote:
Likewise, Paizo could also scratch that itch with a city-based campaign/adventure path set in Absalom.

You mean another adventure path set in Absalom I assume, since Agents of Edgewatch IS an AP meant to showcase Absalom in conjunction with the Lost Omens: Absalom book.

To be fair, I think most people would want that anyway, since Agents of Edgewatch is now kind of regarded as a misstep on Paizo's part, or at least in need of significant retooling by GMs who want to try and run it in a tasteful way. So there'd definitely be interest in an Absalom-set AP where you're not cops.

Sorry. I haven't played any PF2 APs at all. Haven't even played any PF2, for that matter.

Didn't know they did an AP based in Absalom.

I'm guessing, by your comment, it wasn't very good or popular.

Was it one of those shortened 3 book APs?

A full six books, but inexplicably full of framing corrupt policing (getting paid under the table for strike-breaking, delivering striking workers to execution, stealing from those you arrest) as Good-aligned... and came out just as massive anti-police protests rocked the nation.

The only good thing I'll say for it is that one volume has a lovely overview of Vudra in the back. One volume's author donated all their profits from it after a public apology, and Paizo claimed it was reworking internal policies after it released despite internal pushback.

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I'd prefer a system where my Iblydosi hero-gods don't have to be level 25. One of them was literally just a magic lion in 1e - that's not the kind of threat that brawls with demon lords.

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Some fun new Iobaria tidbits arrived in Howl of the Wild! Vurnirn is the largest Centaur settlement there, while Roam is a potentially-mythic (as in nonexistent, not Mythic mechanically) home for Awakened Animals.

We also get a new Iblydan origin for minotaurs, as the descendants of a mason cursed for accidentally angering a hero-god.

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I write TTRPGs and do some mild housewife-y stuff for my (wonderful, beautiful, supportive) partner! They were desperate to get me out of 9 years of retail hell.

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I was a little surprised to see no mention of travel and trade across the Okaiyo in the new Tian Xia World Guide. Hoping from some Tian-Arcadian crumbs in the Character Guide!

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Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:
I am angry at my brain throughout this thread for repeatedly misreading "Ponyfinder" as "Pugfinder". I am very disappointed that there is neither a pug (dog)-centric version nor a pugwampi-centric version of Pathfinder.

You are thinking of Pugmire, a different game.

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Finoan wrote:
keftiu wrote:
2) Not really? We have 2 Ancestries and the first few levels of 3 Classes.

Not currently. Not with only the playtest previews.

Once the playtest itself fully releases here in a short while there will be enough to run campaigns with.

Apologies! I'm a little scrambled from travel and thought OP was asking about the current materials, not the incoming playtest book - that's on me.

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I wouldn't play a Merfolk in a non-aquatic campaign for the same reason I wouldn't play a Conrasu in a grounded, low-ish fantasy one. It's a niche option, intentionally; if you want legs, we have Azarketi for that.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
keftiu wrote:
YMMV. I've backed 145 Kickstarters and had less than ten of them not end up delivering what was supposed to be made.
I have backed almost twice that, with about the same percentage of failure.

Clearly, we're both dastardly deceivers who want to... I'm not sure what exactly, but it must be bad!

1) 2025.

2) Not really? We have 2 Ancestries and the first few levels of 3 Classes.

3) Are you going to be runnings/playing SF1 any time soon? That's the only info that matters.

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Why on Earth would people be lying about receiving Kickstarters? It's an accusation that doesn't make sense - who benefits? Don't be absurd.

The first Google result for "pathfinder ponyfinder."

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YMMV. I've backed 145 Kickstarters and had less than ten of them not end up delivering what was supposed to be made.

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KaiBlob1 wrote:
VerBeeker wrote:

“I invite you to visit Droon!”

*punching ground*

I want to! I WANT TO SO BAD!

I'm really hoping that the droon teasers in this are bread crumbs for a soon-to-be-announced southern garund lost omens book, its a region of the world we've really never explored in anything 1e or 2e. We know more about Akiton than we do about southern garund lol

We actually have names and tidbits about... I think it was either 12 or 14 nations in Southern Garund, the last time I counted! Would love to see it get some actual spotlight, though.

Alex Speidel wrote:

Now if only "renowned" were spelled right :p

Sorry for making your job harder, Alex!

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Web's an OGL casualty, I believe. Can't have any iconic D&D spells providing the foe with legal ammunition.

"Kassi Azaril, one of the most outspoken opponents of divine magic and reknowned medical researcher, found several of her apprentices empowered, and now facing" is a strange place for that sentence to end. What are they facing?

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Given that the first mention of Conrasu, Golomas, and Shisks was in a brief line like this, I have every reason to believe it's the same kind of future-hinting.

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Ravingdork wrote:

Are nuar and minotaur the same thing? It seemed like HotW hinted that they were, but I recall Starfinder indicating that they weren't.

My memory isn't great, so I just really have no idea what to believe.

They are explicitly named for Nuar Spiritskin, a Minotaur who lives in Absalom during Pathfinder time. From AON's page on Nuars:

Nuars are one of the many species that trace their origin to Golarion, as they bear a close resemblance to the minotaurs known to have developed on that world. Despite beginning the era after the Gap with no home world and living only in the Pact Worlds, the desire of nuars to build a place for themselves, coupled with a natural aptitude for complex patterns and structures, has led them to spread far and wide as explorers, colonists, troops, and engineers. Nuars prove quick to adapt to local customs, and many spend much of their adulthood far from any other members of their species.

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