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Melkiador wrote:
I guess it's just really frustrating because I really like the summoner concept but most of the things that come out for him are banned on sight. And society play is the only kind of play I find since my old group broke up after college.

Roll20 - lotsa pathfinder non-PFS going on there.

Now back to topic - anyone else anxious to see what they've done with Swashbuckler?

Again I'll state - detect evil .... It reveals target location. Period. even if target is invisible. The only exception is if line of sight is blocked. The. You know location but not pinpoint. But invisible doesn't equal no line of sight.


1) Magic-theory ("you regain spells at sunrise") can be easily combined with astrophysics and biology as I explained. But it is still Fantasy and we must stretch the realms of belief to be playing this game anyway.... so yeah ...

2) Your statements help illustrate why tying magic power to fatigue makes much more sense (as is done in many other RPGs).

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Two words - Detect Evil.

Paladin uses move action to concentrate and now knows the location of the evil aura. Done.

At will, a paladin can use detect evil, as the spell. A paladin can, as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds.

From the Spell:
3rd Round: The power and location of each aura. If an aura is outside your line of sight, then you discern its direction but not its exact location.

So - as long as the line of sight to the aura isn't blocked (behind a wall or something), the Paladin can pinpoint the aura/invis creature.

It areas where there is no discernible day or night cycle - the body will still have a natural rest/active cycle. As drow are from the underdark and drow wizards on Golarion are still required to follow the same rules as above-ground wizards - the same would hold for being in a demiplane.

You would go off the typical rest/active cycle inherent to your nature based on the world/plane you are in.

If a person from Golarion travels to another world with a different day/night schedule, as a GM if I wanted to be really picky, I would give the PC a few days to a few weeks to acclimate to the new schedule and then things would work as normal for the new environment.

But this is all irrelevant to the main point that you can only cast X number of spells per day.

Seebs - see my post ... A day is 24 hours. A wizard can only cast x number of spells PER DAY.

Further made clear in Ring Of Sustenance description. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/rings/ring-of-sustenance

Yep...those points exactly illustrate my point. Skills are silly in pathfinder. Again separate debate ... Knowledge local...you were born and raised in Sandpoint and have knowledge local...that doesn't give you ANY Insight or knowledge of Minkai or River Kingdoms...

WOW - we found that at the same time ...

The bonus languages due to INT increase is a ridiculous rule not at all based in reality of time needed to learn a language.... But that is a separate debate.

Here I agree with Gauss. As INT bumps allow choosing new bonus languages, the same logic can and SHOULD be applied to bonus 1st level spells.

In the end, it isn't game breaking allowing them an extra 1st level spell known. As someone else pointed out - they can just buy a scroll and learn it.

I'd argue that allowing instant bonus languages is more game breaking (lvl 7 wizard doesn't know draconic - DING lvl 8 - I now know draconic and can read those inscriptions with ease!)

EDIT: More fodder for Gauss' opinion from none other than James Jacobs:

"All bonuses are retroactive when an ability score increases, be they bonuses to damage, to skill ranks, to hit points, to saves, to skill checks... all of them. Skill ranks not being retroactive are a 3.5 convention we specifically removed from the game because it was a weird exception to the rule, and since now there are no exceptions to this rule, there's no need to specifically state that skill ranks are retroactively granted if your Intelligence goes up."
[James Jacobs]

"Per day" is most certainly a number directly tied to casting stat as are "Bonus spells". In the case of the wizard:

To learn, prepare, or cast a spell, the wizard must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a wizard's spell is 10 + the spell level + the wizard's Intelligence modifier.

A wizard can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on Table: Wizard. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Intelligence score (see Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells).

So, in this instance it is clear. You must have 10+spell level intelligence to cast a spell because of the word OR in sentence one. It doesn't matter if you were smart enough to prepare it in the morning. You've lost ... say 3 INT ... your are either incapable of casting because:
1) Your spells per day is now limited due to lower intelligence
2) Your intelligence isn't 10+spell lvl required to cast it.

If this were NOT the case, then negative levels also wouldn't have an effect on being able to cast PREPARED spells as per some arguments in this thread.

Now - a day in Pathfinder isn't "a little over 8 hours". A "day" for a wizard could technically be several "days" long if the wizard doesn't get rest (rolls fortitude saves to avoid being exhausted from not sleeping). Also - 8 hours of rest is needed +1 hour of studying spellbooks. So technically its 9 hours of downtime/day to reset spells.

A Pathfinder day is assumed to be 24 hours long per the Common Terms "Rest" entry.

EDIT: There are several references to pathfinder days being 24-hours long in Common Terms and other locations - the "Rest" entry is the most succinct in my opinion.

EDIT 2: For the Arcanist it is equally clear - Spells prepped per day is a constant and does not change. Spells cast per day is directly tied to casting stat and the wording is clear - "In addition she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high intelligence score". No difference. So again, if INT goes down and the resultant INT is so low that some of those bonus spell slots go away - her total pool of castings is reduced. Immediately.

Ok. Shizu is able to pull off getting a coin on the Prince.

As for rebels - yes, you've found a few that, after a few drinks, are willing to talk with you about movements underway to overthrow the Prince.

They seem very nervous, even after several shots of Saki. They say that there are those who dislike the Prince's rule and are willing to gather together to bring him down. They're not clear, but you get the impression these people willing to help are not from Ordu-Aganhei.

They promise to keep this between you and them.

In total, I'd say you were able to find 10 such individuals. All had the same story about "others" ready to aid.

The cook has a Profession (Cooking) at +11 - he's an expert after all. I'll give you a +5 for prestidigitation and +5 for creativity. So, you can roll 1d20+21 ... You're luck with dice are probably better than mine.

Shizu would be able to find folks disgruntled with the Prince and his despotic rule.

Shizu would quickly learn that the names on the list or of those who have been beheaded. But none of the staff comment one way or another about this. They are all very tight-lipped.

Chua and the Prince have adjoining quarters. You'd be able to observe them, but notice nothing of any use. The Prince seems to enjoy comforts - lots of comforts. Especially women. Lots of women. Which might explain why he smiles so much. Chua just seems like a very loyal servant doing anything and everything that the Prince desires.

Any actions between feast 2 and 3 will be addressed. Fast-forward to feast 3.


The third feast is a contest between cuisines. The Prince has given you access to the kitchens and puts all the chefs at your disposal. He has challenged you to create a culinary wonder from your homeland. The local markets are yours to plunder, but have a strange assortment of foods, spices, and vegetables that are mostly unfamiliar to you. There are, of course, standards like fish, chicken, and root vegetables. There are various types of red meat, and after inquiring, you'd learn that cat, rat, dog, horse, and others are more readily available than beef.

You must craft a menu fit for a Prince! You can attempt to cook the dishes yourself (Profession - Cooking) or find some other method of preparing the dishes.


Sandru takes special interest in this competition and you've all noticed his voracious appetite at the other feasts. He seems to truly be enjoying all this exotic food.

Koya has been spending the majority of her time in the library learning what she can of this strange new land.

Shalelu seems disgruntled being cooped up on the palace, but she did enjoy the archery demonstration.

Ameiko thoroughly enjoyed the shadow puppet show, but has otherwise kept to herself. She seems a bit disturbed with the news of a potential civil war in Minkai. She comments that this Jade Regent must be behind all the troubles.

Between Krastor's display and Shizu's display, the Prince is more than impressed. In fact, you saw several instances throughout the show where he was so caught up, that he forgot to smile.

Shizu - you would be able to get a peek at Chua's book and would see a list of names.

The Prince stands after the performance and spreads his hands wide, "Truly an amazing spectacle! You are quite the gifted performers! I will bestow upon you this, a gift from the gods if ever there was one."

The Prince snaps his fingers and pulls out a strange stringed instrument. It is elaborately carved and gilded with silver and gold.


Like that - but fancier.

He states, "If a gifted musician were to play this, it would enthrall listeners for hours. It is truly magnificent."

"You will all be my guests for another feast tomorrow! I am having the best chefs from across my lands prepare the most decadent and sumptuous meal. In return, I challenge you to create dishes from your homeland to rival what my chefs can prepare. We shall then eat and decide whose dishes are best!"


Krastor - with your knowledge history and gathering information in the Library, you would be able to determine no more than what you've already come across. Most of the locals fear the Forest of Spirits and say that it is haunted.

You could find information detailing the myths and legends around the Oni and Kami. In summary - Oni = bad/evil, Kami=generally good/benevolent. The myths and legends of the Oni and Kami are an integral part of Tian lifestyle.

For entertainment, the Prince says he would be pleased with any performance from your homeland. Singing, dancing, music, acrobatics. Anything that delights the senses.

Ok. The Prince is enjoying the conversation and is quite apparently interested in you.

He willingly divulges information about the merchants being attacked along the Spirit Road. He divulges, leaning closer to you, that he has suspicions that the attacks are not coming from vengeful spirits as the lowly commoners believe, but from patrols of Jade Regent guards. The patrols have been attacking merchants and stealing cargo. He says that he's trying to keep this secret for the time being as he doesn't want to upset the Jade Regent who seems to be quite the tyrant in Minkai and there are fears of a civil war there - which would be bad for business here in Ordu-Aganhei

The Prince then leans away and says, "This need not concern you though. You are under my express protection." He smiles broadly, warmly, at you.

In the library, researching everything the Prince said, you would be able to find MANY stories of the Forest of Spirits and connections with Oni and Kami spirits. One reference in an ancient document states that the Forest of Spirits is the birthplace of the Kami and references in a fragmented sentence "The House of Withered Blossoms".

Presuming someone would complete the last challenge (win or lose), the Prince would be suitably impressed with your performance and reward you with a +1 composite shortbow (Str to match recipient of bow), efficient quiver, and 10 +1 arrows.


The Prince would bid you all goodnight, all while smiling. You would all notice that he casts a glance at his "champions" and then at Chua. Chua would make notes in his notebook. The Prince departs and Chua intones:

"You have greatly honored the Prince with your display of skill. The Prince wishes to entertain you all again and has arranged a feast for tomorrow. You will all be honored guests for this most delightful event with traditional Tian entertainment of singing and theatre."


He would leave you to your own devices after that.

You are free to roam the city. Ameiko inquires as to any information about the road south and the situation in Minkai.


Fast-forward to next day (any actions between end of feast 1 and beginning of feast 2 will be addressed of course).


The second feast is held in a large chamber in the palace that is richly decorated with tapestries and silk screens painted with fanciful designs. The Prince has arranged comfortable cushions around the room for a good view of the central stage. There are names by the cushions and Cirwell's name is closest to the Prince.


The feast consists of: Steamed Hongali stone frogs, goose stomach,
goat’s feet tendons in wheat noodles, fish lips with celery,
solidified duck blood, and drunken shrimp (a delicacy in
which one dips live shrimp in alcohol before pinching off
their heads and eating their flesh).

By now you are all getting the hang of chopsticks. No need to roll to feed yourself (as you all failed MISERABLY - :) )


The entertainment is a wonderful shadow puppet display of “Why the Marmot Doesn’t Have Thumbs,” an ancient Hongali folk tale performed with pi ying xi (shadow puppet theater using leather puppets) accompanied by throat singing and music on the morin khuur, or horsehead
fiddle, a traditional Hongali stringed instrument.

The skit lasts about 30 minutes and is performed exclusively in Tian. If you don't know Tian - it all seems fairly amusing but is lost on you.


The Prince challenges you all to come up with a similar entertainment from your homeland. Something that will amuse and entertain. You may use any skills you think applicable. The more elaborate the entertainment - the more likely to amuse the Prince.


The Prince tries making small talk with Cirwell, inquiring into her health, whether or not she likes the play, if she finds the food pleasing. He leans close to Cirwell and whispers to her of the wonders of his city and the richness of the land. He comments on how fertile the soil is and how bountiful the harvest.

Ok - Challenge 1 won! Prince Batsaikhar applauds (and eyes his archers quizzically for a moment. "Congratulations! Your skill is remarkable indeed. As is your beauty. Such a rare combination!" He continues to look at Cirwell ... elevator eyes.


Cirwell -
1) No
2) Yes
3) No
4) No
5) No
6) No
7) Unclear
8) Yes
9) Yes
10) Yes


For expediency - we can assume that Parmenion would easily win the grappling challenge (very easily actually). We just need a volunteer for the bareback race.


Has anyone shared with Ameiko the newest revelation from scrying? About the nobles and bandits along the road?

Oh - and nothing is stolen from personal possessions.


During the feast the Prince keeps staring at Cirwell ... with a smug smile.

Krastor - those actions would be fine. You'd be able to create enough of a distraction to cast heroism on a few people. However, Grease on Parm wouldn't go unnoticed.


Shizu - Ok, you'd be able to find servants who are taking care of Ameiko to place coins. Two young women, likely chosen for their beauty and grace. You would also be able to plant coins on minor nobles.

The information you've gathered Shizu reveals that the people of the city fear Prince Batsaikhar. He always smiles - even when beheading people. He will have subjects beheaded for no reason whatsoever.


Scrying on these coins would reveal that the servants are indeed spies. They report back to Chua everything Ameiko says and does.

The minor nobles would reveal about the same as what you've gathered. The Prince is a tyrant. However, it would also reveal talks of minor political concerns:

Trade between Ordu-Aganhei and Minkai along the Spirit Road has been slow or non-existent. The Nobles blame bandits along the road. One noble blames the spirits in the Forest of Spirits. This noble claims the spirits are unhappy and restless.

Another minor noble mentions a new arrival in town and that the guests are being taken care of.


The Feast:

Need to know if you plan on taking the Prince up on his challenge and who will take part.


The morning of the feast Ameiko would pull you all aside and ask if you've been able to learn anything of the road ahead or of the situation in Minkai.

Ok - Shizu ... What type of info were you trying to gather?

You placed coins on a few folks who are groundskeepers in the palace during the day. You ran into them at a bar drinking Saki. It was easy to place the coins (if you want to target a specific person or type of person, let me know ...i.e. Guards or minor nobles.

Krastor...the shop keeper doesn't quite seem to trust you. It's an older woman and she keeps commenting on your accent and mannerisms...she asks where you are from, the south lands?

In your disguises you have no one following you. You managed to slip out unseen.

Scrying on the gardener reveals that they are questioned thoroughly the next day by Chua about anything they might have seen you do or heard you say the previous day (before you were in disguises). If Shizu targeted anyone else specifically I can address that.

Next day, Chua greets you all. A small army of servants is bustling about you all. They are dressing you, grooming you, fetching anything you need, bringing you breakfast and even attempting to feed you. If you wish to feed yourself with the chop sticks you need to roll a dex check DC 15 or fail miserably and make a mess. The servants would patiently instruct you in proper use. Breakfast is a strange thick pasty dish with pungent dried fruits, odd spices and a lightly sweet syrup.

At noon Chua summons you all to the feast. He leads you to a central garden on a small geothermally heated pond. A tent is setup and inside you see Prince Batsaikhar reclining on a palanquin propped up with many colorful pillows.

He smiles when he sees you. His smile deepens when he sees Cirwell and his eyes linger over her.

"Sit my friends! Please enjoy this feast and day of sport. I have arranged spectacular demonstrations of skill and might for you as we dine. Relax and be at peace."

You notice there are no chairs or tables. Just a colorful pile of rugs and pillows. In the center of the room are hundreds or porcelain dishes bearing a wide array of exotic dishes. icy duck heads; ox forehead; turtle casserole;
pigeon brains; fried chicken feet; and tiger, dragon, and
phoenix soup (made with cat, snake, and chicken meat).

As you dine, the Prince is silent and constantly smiling.

The entertainment is a display of mounted archery, bareback horse racing, and wrestling. In all, the feast lasts three hours. As the display is drawing to a close, the Prince challenges you all to put on a similar display of skill. He boasts that his samurai are the best in all the land, but would be honored to see a performance from such esteemed guests.

If you agree, one PC can attempt a skill once. You cannot aid one another. The first is mounted archery while moving. DC 15 ride check and AC 25 to hit a bulls eye.

Second task is bareback racing. Need three ride checks to navigate the course without falling off.

Third task is wrestling Huk, the local champ. First to make a pin wins.

The Prince bets you all that you cannot do it!

Ameiko and Sandru agree that Krastor's idea is likely a good one.

"I've forgotten that I might not be the only one the ONI want to hurt. At this point I'm pretty sure you are their list. You've killed a few now."

OOC - you can do the spell and attempt gather info and sleight of hand (to plant the coins). If you go out the first evening, you will notice fairly easily that you are being shadowed by palace guards, unless you cast Seeming hidden from view.

All the merchants will react coolly to you as you seem just another Tian.

You can roll for Diplomacy/gather info/whatever else your characters would be using.

I'll post results of info gathering session after I see what steps you take.

The evening would end with you presumably returning to the palace. Chua would greet you at the gate and make a comment on the hour and mentioning cut purses in the dark. He issues an invitation to meet the Prince the next day for a great feast and festival at noon. The Prince has commissioned the finest chefs in his city for the feast.

The group has gotten settled into their rooms, bathed, and are feeling quite good about life. This truly is luxury. The mattresses are of the finest down, the sheets of rare silk. Warm fires crackle on hearths to keep the evening chill at bay. There is an assortment of beverages in each room - exotic tea, strange liquors, and a strong milky alcohol. There are a variety of strange foods and fruits set out on gold and silver platters.

As you are all relaxing, a knock at the door is followed by Sandru and Ameiko popping in long enough to ask that you meet them in a courtyard in front of the palace to discuss some plans.

Ameiko seems strangely at peace as you stroll into the courtyard. Sandru seems impatient as you all come up one by one. After all have assembled, Ameiko begins speaking.

"These last few days have been so pleasant that it is easy to forget everything that has come before. You have been my companions and protectors on this journey for nearly 6 months now. I owe you my life. But you already know that." She looks around at the perimeter of the courtyard trying to seem not-to-obvious about searching for eaves droppers, "But, as nice as this is, I have misgivings. How did this Prince Batsaikhar know about our coming? What does this portend for our path forward. Sandru has convinced me that I must stay within the protective walls of this palace. But I feel we must know more of what lies ahead. We must try to find out as much as we can about the political situation in Minkai as well."

She looks at you all, "Can I count on you to seek out this information?"

Game on tonight?

Ryder spends the night in the cave in quiet contemplation and meditation, seeking enlightenment from Korada on the clues in the hut. One clue is seemingly answered for us. The other is still an enigma.

An elephant tusk and a hand-mirror dropped on a bearskin.

OOC: If there is a specific spell/buff you want me to prep each day, let me know. Here's what I've got normally day-to-day:

Create Water
Purify Food and Drink
Resistance (always on btw - just continuously recast every minute)

Shield of Faith
*Longstrider (cast on myself everyday)

Bear's Endurance or Bull's Strength **would replace Shield Other - see below**
Protection From Evil, Communal
Restoration, Lesser
Shield Other - probably going to drop this don't have the HP to support multiple large hits
Spiritual Weapon
*Remove Disease

Dispel Magic
Invisibility Purge
Magic Vestment (cast on myself everyday)
Resist Energy, Communal

Blessing of Fervor
Magic Weapon, Greater (cast on myself everyday)
Summon Monster IV
*Neutralize Poison

March 31st entry


Zetaya let lose with a barrage of arrows through the thick brush and pouring rain. The first few shots flew wide of their intended target. She is still getting used to her new bow. But the third arrow struck true. The melee had begun.

Mark quickly moved forward and hurled a javelin, scoring a glancing blow off one of the guards. Dregor and Covahjin maneuvered for better position. The guards rushed forward, one toward Mark and three toward Zetaya. The woman at the wagon screamed for someone to stay and protect her.

It was an intense fight. Zetaya was nearly killed and Mark was on death's door. Quick thinking by Covahjin and Dregor saved both their lives. At some point in the fight Ratchet managed to escape the box he was being held captive in. He did what he could to aid in the battle despite being nearly naked and unarmed.

The foes were vanquished; two were left unconscious and nearly dead. The group, badly beaten and exhausted, decided to take the wagon and head south out of the blight as quickly as they could. Unfortunately this was the Blight. Danger found them quickly enough. Dregor and a few others from the party quickly noticed two Dragkhar high in the air shadowing the party. Not long after that, a large monstrosity of an insect attacked.

The group dismounted the wagon, trying to find cover from which to attack. Unfortunately for Ratchet, the cover he found was not good enough and the insect attacked and nearly killed him. It attached to Ratchet's body, a long thin barb piercing his shoulder. Ratchet was left staggered and confused as the creature began draining his blood. The others reacted quickly launching arrows and arcane magics at it and the beast was quickly dispatched.

Now completely exhausted, out of spells and running low on everything else, the group tried to urge more speed out of the horses. But it wasn't long before the group noticed the unmistakable sounds of Trollocs in the distance and closing fast. Zetaya, who was driving the wagon, whipped the horses into a fury and the party was able to stay ahead of the horde.

Finally, at nightfall, the group reached the safety of Chachin's walls. Some from the group sought the comforts of a warm inn and a good drink. Others wanted to head directly to the King to deliver the message from Lord Dain. In the end, Covajhin and Mark found a dwarven guard who agreed to take them to the King.

The meeting with the King was brief, but the pair convinced the King of their story and the dangers as outlined in the letter. The King offered the group rooms in the palace with the promise to meet with them the next day. The King's advisor, an old weathered dwarf, took special interest in the half-black, half-white disc the group had found. It reminded of something, but the dwarf couldn't put his finger on what exactly. He did know that it was a symbol for the long lost Aes Sedai. Covajhin agreed to show the old dwarf the disc the next day as Dregor was currently in possession of hit.

The group was settled into comfortable rooms in the palace in short order (after a brief incident with Mark, Zetaya, and caltrops). The group, though exhausted and badly beaten, somehow felt stronger for having made it into, and more importantly back out of, the Blight. What they do next remains to be seen. Perhaps their fate is already written in Pattern. Perhaps they will make their own fate. Only time will tell.

Well met! And we will try our best to keep you from becoming giant toe jam.

But ...

Wait wait ... what was that last bit in your post about insanity!?!?

17 March Entry:

Having made their preparations, the group bid farewell to Lord Dain and wished him well. They set off for Chachin, a city along the Blight Border, at a good pace. It seemed that the Light was on their side as the weather didn't hamper them and the foul creatures, which oft times raid south, left the group in peace.

Two days into the week-long journey to Chachin, the group met another band of travelers and shared a campfire with them. This band of travelers was an odd bunch with piecemeal armor and weaponry. They told the group that they were headed north into the Blight to find the lost kingdom of Malkier to find a hidden treasure. When the group questioned this, the travelers recounted a tale they had heard that an Oracle for the Empress of New Seandar had foretold the rebirth of the Dragon. Rumor of this spread south with the merchants and the King of Illian, so rumor had it, was preparing to call the Great Hunt for the Horn of Valere.

None in the group had ever heard of such a horn. The Travelers proceded to tell them the fables of how the Horn would bring back the dead heros to fight the Dragon who had caused the last Breaking and caused humanity to shatter. The group was skeptical and warned the travelers to stay out of the Blight, but the young band of travelers was undeterred.

A few nights later, closer to Chachin, the group happened upon another band of travelers. This group offered to share ale and spirits as well as a fire. The night passed and the groups both bedded down. Halfway through the night, Zetaya was awoken from her slumber in the trees by some strange sound. She looked down in time to see two from the travelers about to murder Covahin in his sleep. She raised the alarm in the nick of time. A battle ensued and all of the would-be assassins were quickly dispatched. A search of the bodies revealed drawings, rather crude, of all of the members of the group.

The group pressed on. The next evening, Covahin had a strange and terrible dream of a man in a strange room. The man was tall and broad-shouldered with wavy red hair. He was watching as Myrddraal tortured a young woman. Covahin moved and the tall man spun, surprised to find someone in this place. He lashed out, cutting Covahin's cheek and thrust powerfully. Covahin flew threw the air out of a dark tower on the side of a black volcano which was spewing forth hot ash into a wicked sky. Covahin fly over mountains and twisted lands to wake in his body - with a gash on his cheek.

After a long week's travel, the group arrived in Chachin and found an inn. It was busy, with merchants gambling at the tables. Ratchet sat and decided to try his luck at dice while the rest of the group found their beds. Ratchet's luck was good and he attracted the attentions of a sultry redhead.

The woman bought Ratchet round after round of drink and when the dicing was done, offered to buy him more if he joined her at a table. Ratchet agreed, but failed to notice the woman slip poison into his cup. Ratchet was unconscious in minutes.

The group woke the next morning to find Ratchet missing and no clues to find him. After a full day of searching, a member of the Merchant's Guild remembered having seen a woman matching the description of the sultry redhead leaving with her caravan early that morning heading north at a fast pace.

The group set out north and the trail led straight into the Blight. After a nasty encounter with two Darkhounds, the group finally caught up to the caravan in the middle of the night in a pouring rain. As they approached stealthily, they saw the first band of travelers they had encountered. They were arguing with the woman. Then the woman had her guards murder the travelers in cold blood. The group decided to strike while the iron was hot.

They slipped around to either side of the wagon, hoping to pin them down with crossfire.


To be continued.

Beginning of Campaign up to 17 March.

The Fringe of the Age.
The age is winding to a close. Long have people lived in a state of constant struggle between races and borders. Some stability has come between the dwarves and humans. The Aiel have long since removed themselves to their Three-Fold Land. But the Seanchan, having solidified their grasp on the west, seek to expand their territory. They cling to their old ways of capturing and enslaving magic users using them as devastating weapons in border conflicts and as free labor in mines and other lowly work.

Our adventurers set forth from the town of Denhuar in a region on the north of Andor. A town of tradesmen and merchants. A town of smugglers and opportunists. It was here that the group happened to meet. Two of the group, a half-elf from New Seandar, and a business man from Andor, crossed paths by chance as the half-elf was being smuggled from New Seandar to a life of hope and freedom in the east. The business man aided in extricating the half-elf from Seanchan-controlled lands.

The town, 10 or so days south of the Blight, was attacked by Trollocs. The group rushed to the aid of the townsfolk. They rescued an older dwarf on the edge of town whose house had come under attack. The dwarf thanked the group and mentioned the sad state of defenses in the town and that the Mayor, who hadn’t been seen in a few weeks, was mostly to blame for the town not having a wall and better defenses.

The group went back to the town’s tavern and overheard a rather boisterous old dwarf by the name of Borin berating three other dwarves for not finding the mayor. One from the group approached Borin and Borin related that the Mayor had indeed gone missing on a trip to his Manor House and gold mine in the north by the Blight. Borin also commented on the fact that a Trolloc raid hadn’t been seen this far south of the Blight in generations.

The group agreed to go and locate the Mayor, Lord Dain, with Borin’s promise that the town council could find some way to reward the party. With that, the party set off north over land to the Manor House. This 10-day journey was fraught with peril and encounters with strange creatures.

Upon reaching the Manor, the group discovered it occupied by elves from New Seandar and partly destroyed. The group was caught while trying to scout the area and a skirmish broke out. The elves were handily dispatched, but the group managed to keep some survivors for questioning. The Senior Lieutenant let slip that he was there to meet a special guest, but was unable to say who or why. Some magical force was preventing him from revealing any more information. One of the prisoners showed the party where the entrance to the mine was located. The group also discovered a hidden treasure trove within the manor. There they discovered, amongst other things, two strange discs. The first was half white, half black with a sinuous line dividing the two halves into two teardrop forms (forming a Yin Yan without the dots). The second disc was a dull-gray metallic with a spiral pattern etched into it. Both were roughly 5 inches in diameter and an inch thick. The first disc radiated magic at a level that was nearly blinding. The second disc, the metallic disc, also radiated divination magic, but not to such an extent. The group was unable to discern the origin or functions of these discs but is holding on to them for the time being.

The group ventured into the mine after a nights rest and stumbled onto quite a scene. They followed the sounds of hammers ringing out to a small group of workers trying to clear a cave-in. These workers were less than hospitable and attacked, but were quickly killed. One of the party members, Ratchet, then overheard some voices and began to investigate.

This led to the discovery of a secret opening. He and another party member, Zetaya, wriggled through the tight space and overheard a strange voice speaking. This voice had the sound of a snake crawling over dead leaves and gravel and sent shivers down their spines.

The voice was that of a Myddraal speaking with someone. The group could only hear one side of the conversation, but it spoke of strange things. The Myddraal spoke about a girl, of her importance, and of the girl being taken to the Master. It also spoke about Carhein and that the Aiel were in hand and the invasion would begin as planned.

It was then that the two in the secret tunnel attempted to get closer and were discovered. The Myddraal ordered those in the cave with him to attack and melted away into the shadows. The fight was long and nearly cost the lives of Ratchet and Zetaya. Unfortunately the group had gotten split apart and the two casters, Dregor and Covajhin were out of the melee until near the end. In fact, Dregor, whilst trying to make his way to his comrades, charged headlong into a pit trap. Covajhin extracted him only for Dregor to fall victim to the fearsome gaze of the Myrddraal.

As the fight drew to a close, the Myrddraal stepped back out of the shadows to finish off the party. An older dwarf being held captive yelled to be released and one of the party rushed to spring him from his cage. The dwarf took up a sword and rushed the Myddraal, but not before it casually swatted at Zetaya, sending her flying through the air to collapse unconscious and nearly dead. The dwarf lashed out with ferocious skill and power and the Myddraal withdrew into the shadows again, but not before giving a dire warning, “We know you now, fear not, for we shall hunt you like hounds hunt a rabbit!”

The party, badly beaten, turned to this dwarf and discovered that he was indeed Lord Dain. Lord Dain spoke about how troubling all this was. Upon hearing that Trollocs attacked Denhuar, so far south of the Blight, Lord Dain was troubled indeed. He spoke vaguely about his fears of what all this meant and mentioned that the Trollocs may be using tunnels to travel undetected to the southlands.

Lord Dain was so troubled by the things heard in the cave he suggested delivering messages to all the kingdoms along the Blight border to warn the dwarves of a possible Trolloc incursion. The party agreed to deliver messages to various Borderland kingdoms. Lord Dain was to travel west to Maradon while the party travels east to Chachin and beyond all the way to Fal Dara at the Spine of the World. Lord Dain said he would draw up papers that could be presented to the gate guards that would provide them swift passage to the kings. Dain also promised to give the party papers that could be presented at any bank in the Borderlands or in the capital city of Andor (Camelyn). With these documents, the party could withdraw a large sum of gold in reward for rescuing Dain and delivering the messages to the Borderland kingdoms.

The party is still at Lord Dain’s manor house preparing for departure on a trip that promises to be long and arduous (and likely fraught with peril).

This thread is where I will keep the running journal of the Fringe of the Age Campaign for my players.

BTW ... Any prohibitions on crafting? Would like to take craft wonderous item at 11th lvl. Provided I live that long.

Ryder's musings.

What a truly odd bunch Desna has brought me to. Odd yet strangely comfortable. If the group is odd, the goings on around this group are odder still. Imagine! A hut that magically changes configuration and even location. I must admit I was awestruck by these wonders. Desna has shown me that I have much to learn about the world outside my small temple.

But, all was not merry and wonderous. But, I get ahead of myself. Soon after making introductions, my new found companions and I returned to the hut. It seems they had some keys but were unsure what to do with them. Lacking any insight, or anything better to do, they decided to throw these magical keys into a cauldron!

I felt my body ripped through space as the hut transformed and seemingly moved to locations unknown. It was a terrifyingly disorienting experience. When I came to my senses, I saw a strange, somehow almost unreal, landscape around me. It was as if the lush forests around me - the fields and flowers and trees - were somehow painted hastily.

The group endeavored to determine our location by studying every leaf and tree. This was all rather intriguing but far beyond my comprehension. Such studies are beyond me. But, after divining little more than the fact that some plants were foreign to even these learned folk, we decided to venture out and determine our location by finding some nearby town or village,

The first sign of civilization was a strange garden with plants that attacked and nearly killed us. But our group is brave and strong. We defeated these creatures, finding seemingly valuable potions and wands in the process.

Not daunted in the least, we set off in a new direction only to come upon a glade, cleared of trees, with a strange talking cat sitting on a stump. We conversed with this cat for some time. Then it too tried to kill us. It was truly horrifying. Even the insects of the forest rose up against us.

Through all this, I became aware that Thugar, a brave and noble dwarf, was insane. Certifiably. Be attacked his own group! He hit himself repeatedly and babbled incoherently, I attempted to discern what his malady was to no avail. But more on him later.

After dispatching the cat monster, who told us we were in the hut, we continued on and came upon a building, a man met us and invited us in to speak with his master. I had misgivings but the group wanted to go on. The master turned out to be some hideous aberration no doubt evil. It and the strange man laid into us and from the beginning the fight was almost hopeless. The beast unleashed a strange magic which drove two more of the party insane! Then a thick fog filled the building limiting sight.

The battle that ensued, with three party members stark raving mad, was not pleasant. During this melee, somewhere in the thick fog, Thugar fell. When the battle ended and the fog cleared, it became evident how close we all came to death. I said a prayer to Desna. Unfortunately I do not have the power or gifts to raise fallen warriors.

I will think on all this as I meditate and hopefully Korade will give me some wisdom or enlightenment to aid in the upcoming adventures. As Desna made clear, this group did have need of me. I only wish I could have saved Thugar. His memory will live on.

Hello all,

Hope this is the correct spot to post my intro.

(In character)
I am Ryder Pavlovich and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. During my meditations, it became clear that I must meet a group here who could use assistance on a matter of an important and immediate nature. I'm assuming, judging by the looks of you, that you are the folks I was to meet. I hope I'm not mistaken and I hope that, if you'll accept my aid, I can be of some assistance to you. {Offers his hand in a gesture of openness and goodwill}.

{Ryder is tallish for a human standing at about 6'2" with a normal build and broad shoulders. His features are striking, as if chiselled from polished marble. His eyes are a striking vibrant pale blue in a deeply tanned face. His brown hair hangs down in loose, unkempt, waves}.

(Out of Character)
Look forward to the session coming up. Hopefully I can be of aid. Here's a link to my mythweavers sheet:

And one more thing - haven't seen this brought up yet - racial favored class bonus - Halfling +1 panache. Houserule if it doesn't become official.

Starfox wrote:

I thought of some more things that I think no-one has mentioned.

AC and Parry have a negative synergy - the more AC you have, the less benefit you get out of parry. This means that Strength and Parry have a positive synergy compared to Dexterity and Parry. Both Strength And Dex makes you better at hitting, and thus at parrying, but since Dex also increases your AC Strength gets a larger net benefit from parry. Strength really did not need another thing going for it.

Also, some other things that are pretty obvious, but I've not seen anyone point out:

Parry and Power Attack have a negative synergy - Power Attack makes you worse at parrying.

Fighting defensively and parry have an extreme negative synergy - fighting defensively both increases AC and punishes parry.

I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this concept. Could you explain how having higher AC reduces Parry?

Ok - played around a bit.

If there is a dex to damage feat coming - great. If not, I will make one and house rule it as allowable. Otherwise this class really isn't that great. Worse than gunslinger which sucks until you CAN add dex to damage.

With dex to damage this class becomes amazing.

I haven't come up with a clever name yet. Swashbuckler's Strike - or something. Available at 3rd lvl I think to be fair.

Other things I will do if it isn't done in the finished product - create a weapons list that swashbucklers can use that fit thematically (sorry - NO KATANAS!!!). Rapier, Cutlass, dagger, perhaps scimitar, and some others. Throwing knives for sure. Also - exclude silly things that are currently allowed by the vague weapons proficiency wording (sorry - NO JAVELINS!)

For anyone that thinks swashbucklers should use a Katana - please show me how that fits thematically. You want to play a Katana-wielding badass? Play a far-east class.

--EDIT: Forgot to add my 2 cents on Parry/Riposte. I like it. No - I love it. Except the -2 per size category larger. At first this makes perfect sense. They're bigger. Harder to block. Physics 101 stuff. BUT!!!!!!! Monks can deflect bullets with their bare hands. SOOOOOO!!!!! Yeah. Fix that. Either take that power away from Monks or remove the penalty for Parry/Riposte.

--EDIT 2: Swashbuckler finesse - allow Char instead of Int for all the combat maneuver things. Just makes sense and seems RAI vs RAW.

--EDIT 3: Love the Slashing Grace feat. Allows for the useage of a wider array of weapons. I would keep this as a feat to open the door for useage of weapons that don't thematically fit with swashbuckler (see my comment about weapon list above) - Greatsword comes to mind.

Also - hoping for a bump in fort save category. If not - this would be another house rule. For a tank-esque class, you certainly need the slightly better fort save.

In the end - great class. Really truly fun to play (even the circumstantial things under panache that some here are commenting on).

As others have said - this class seems tailor-made for the halflings. Which is awesome. Who doesn't like halflings?

A halfling dual-wielding keen rapiers would be fairly deadly. In fact - I rolled one up with my above house rules and they are deadly. Able to keep pace with tanks as long as they aren't absorbing too much damage.