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Here are a couple of ideas for a class/theme/archtype. A courier like the data courier Keanu Reeves character portrays in Johnny Mneumonic, or an organ "courier" like the one in a Firefly episode. A bodyguard or yakuza type character with dermal implants that increase abilities (Johnny Mneumonic again). I'm new to Starfinder, but variations could be worked into the system, or like the bodyguard example, are already in the system. One last idea; how about a defector or person on the run from one of the factions as an archtype - like a hunted Azlanti soldier or officer, or an escaped felon from Daegox 4.

Couple of 3.0/3.5 sources if they help. Arms and Equipment Guide pages 6-7 - Chakram (Exotic) Small, 15 g.p., 1d4 damage, X3 Crit., 30 foot range, 2 lb., slashing. Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting page 97 - same statistics. Unsure if there is a pathfinder equivalent.

Here are some ideas: Dragon Ride/Dragon Knight/Paramander - paladin/mage cross; Yakuza - Rogue/Sorcerer(or other class like a summoner or Rune Caster); Song Warden - like a 4th edition warden but using songs as a shield; Redeemed? - someone brought back from the grave with some memories but owing fealty/favors to the one who brought them back.