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danielc wrote:
There is a Kick Starter right now with magnetic parts for figures.

Hand of Glory: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures

It's in Kickstarter with 18 days to go. Good to check out.

I think this will be a start of more and better designs to come later, I hope.

Just wanted to post that the female Halfling reminds me of a "warrow" in the books by Dennis McKiernen. The Iron tower trilogy. Halflings that use bows and were not wimps like they were in the Tolkien collection.
I know this is unrelated to most of what is being discussed, but just to the fantasy readers out there, look it up and enjoy.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:

I think he was making a joke Marco :). Turn. Undead.

That said I agree with your sentiment. It's usually the monsters that sell a set, may I be so bold as to suggest it's primarily the large ones that really galvanise people and bring out the strongest responses. Get those right and people will be happy enough to accept a few "duds" amongst the medium and small figures. The large after all are where detail can shine.

The biggest detractor for me is always the NPC/PC figures. Too many really puts me off a set, especially if they're poorly executed. Plus the tendency to recycle a thematically similar group makes them less desirable. I probably don't need dwarf number 90 with a hand weapon.

The inclusion of huge minus in the last Icons set I suspect boosted sales no end, even if some of those were unappealing. Giants was a sensible choice. I hope we see more in either line, Erik has pretty much stayed it will happen. Then it will be these that set the sales tone because people feel these are the missing link. Anyone remember the armoured Gulvorg - that mini alone downgraded a good set to average status.

So far this set has a very solid feel for me. I'm assuming we've seen a fair proportion of the NPC/PC sculpts (20% or so if the set at this time) and we'll start seeing the monsters now. I'm very excited about the large minis because the AP has a lot of cool ones, The prospect of a few more orcs to round out the numbers from lost coast also excites the DM in me.

I absolutely agree with you about the large minis being the main selling point of any miniatures set.

Huge miniatures are even more interesting imo.

I also agree about don't needing any more dwarves (or even elves, halflings or gnomes) minis.
Half-Orcs are under-presented.
Humans please only if they havn't been made in PFB before (like Thousand Bones, the Cinderlander with heavy repeating crossbow, Shoanti female with double star-knives...) or if they are Campaign Setting staples (like Red...

I'm definitely with you on that. I've been playing with miniatures since the 80's(Ral Partha and such) and I've got WAAAAYYYYY too many of the commons. I've loved the sets of prepainted minis and have been boosting my collection but it's getting to the point of "where do I put these".

I have resorted to buying a 3D printer and printing up stackable display stands.

I am probably the exception to the rule though and I fully understand the spread of commons in a set. Regardless of my woes, Paizo is still producing a quality series and they are very appreciated.

I believe I need to say this again as people are still talking about the side pieces so much. There are some very easy to use molds that you can buy that will satisfy these needs.

Check this site out for some of these. You can just use plaster and you can make chairs, beds, whatever... depending on the mold.

These items just don't seem that financially viable for Paizo to make a profit on.

Berk the Black wrote "I still play 3.5, which makes the Pathfinder minis quite suitable for my purposes. For instance, Storm King's Thunder actually contains giants that are too large for me to really use, while the ones being offered in the Pathfinder Battles line are appropriately sized."

I never did understand why D&D 3 and 3.5 shrunk the giants and dragons sizes down. Maybe just for miniature playability? I like old 2nd edition sizes as it makes these enemies more epic in potential.

There's nothing like fighting an ancient red dragon the same size as Smaug from the hobbit, which is similar to 2nd edition size for an ancient red.

I'm lucky, 1 week before my birthday and the day after my birthday is my AR-15 build class. Just before Hillary bans guns. LOL. This set is going to be an awesome birthday present.

I look forward to the next set almost as much. The throne set, not so much, how often do I need a throne? I still think that the dungeon dressings are cool, just that some are a little too unlikely for my needs. At least this time it's going to be the bonus items and I won't have to order it.

Hey all, good set. I'm not usually a big fan of the dungeon dressings as I make my own from molds but off another site but that rope trick is cool. You can definitely use it to rep a rope or ladder entrance. And being rare as it is, 1 to a case is perfect, unlike the candelabra. LOL. The shadow giant is cool too. Just got a bunch of huge giants from some place else, I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about, but this will be a great add to my collection.

I look forward to opening my case in the next few weeks. Great job and keep up the good work.

Hey all, I love the dungeon dressings as well as some of you but I can get those through other sources as well. I don't think I should name any here for the sights sake, but if you look around on the net you'll easily find some molds that you can buy pretty cheap that can use plaster and can be poured at a kitchen table setup. Especially for those things you want several of, like columns.

Just saying. It would be much more expensive for them to make and you to buy if it doesn't sell well.

Kalindlara is correct. The name is Thunderblast Cyclone from the Against the Giants set. And it is a HUGE miniature.