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Keep up the quality and we won't mind the price hikes. Just don't do it to much ;)

Do you get discounts on PDFs or VTT modules if you own a Paizo online store bought copy of the book?

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Title: 30% discount for participating in the Humble Bundle

I apologize for posting it here but I haven't heard for almost 3 weeks now.

I submitted a ticket via the support email to ask about the Humble Bundle discount. I wanted to purchase these before the discount goes away in June.

My support ticket ID is 154684 and 153256.

Also, I understand that you had issues with the Foundry Beginner Box discount. I've heard a credit being applied but have not heard anything specific so far. It'd be great if we can get an update about it.

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Optic_TH wrote:

The only real complaints I could make is that it isn't well suited to larger groups, and the purchase and activation is a little convoluted[it would be nice if I could just buy it through Forge/Foundry and have it activated on my account automatically].

As for the group size, it would be cool to include an extra two iconics to accomodate more players, alchemist and ranger seem popular. I supposed you'd also need to add options to scale it for bigger groups too.

Very pleased with the product. I already had high hopes for it after seeing the trailer, and I was not disappointed. In fact, my expectations were exceeded in every way!

Great work to all those involved in making this happen.

The iconics are part of base PF2E system. You should have no trouble importing them from the compendium named 'Iconics' and giving them to one of your players. You may want to adjust the encounters by adding 1-2 NPCs if you want to keep the difficulty the same.

JamesMaster wrote:
Can this be used with Forge? If so, how do you redeem it?

Yes you can. You have to activate it via your Foundry account. Forge carries your Foundry license. It should detect that you have it and allow you to download the module option (instead of having a Purchase link) inside the Bazaar.