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A fine resource


This product describes an expanding tribe of lizardfolk dwelling in a undefined swamp, driven by political ambition and fanatical desire to enlarge its domain and crush any opposition.

It's worth repeating once again that the PDF layout is clean, printer friendly, easy to navigate and reference, with a few good illustrations and well developed full stat blocs for the creatures included.

To further customize the tribe, a few new feats, magic items and spells (along a characterful adept spell list) are present; none of them seem to be unbalanced for the game, but rather help give a thematic, individual look to the members of the lizardfolk tribe.

The tribe is described in attitude and habits, lair general layout, complex religious situation, and general role in the swamp and surrounding lands.
A few simple encounters, an atmospheric scene and an inspirational dialogue/presentation complete the tools given to the GM/DM to have a ready to use resource. Moreover, a summary of swamp features is added for easy refence and in-depth detail of the land.

This product has many great possibilities to be used as more than a simple collection of stat blocs, however: the leaders of the tribe are developed and described in depth, each one with its own motivations, and the political strife that ties them in subtle or obvious ways is an excellent source of roleplaying options.

Given the theme of an expanding, warlike humanoid tribe with great character, I think that it should shine as an additional feature for the Kingmaker AP, placing it in the Slough area.


The Tribes line keeps getting better


This product features a tribe of particularly primitive troglodytes, creatures so inbred and backwards that justify a new template - "degenerate creature" - to reflect their savagery and primitive nature.
The tribe is held under sway by a powerful and driven aboleth, bent on recovering hidden, blaspheous knowledge from ancient ruins dating from another era.

As usual for Raging Swan's PDFs, the layout is clear, easy to reference and navigate, printer friendly, with outstanding stat blocs and a few effective illustrations.

The tribe is described in its specific looks - I loved the mud paintings denoting rank and affiliation - habits, religious creed, and battle tactics.
A handful of new feats are included, none of which is too powerful but rather is focused on the characterful side: they give a marginal advantage to the creatures, but as a whole they're very distinctive and thematic.
To further add to the highly specific outlook and abilities of the tribe, variant class features are included for the barbarian and fighter class.

A bunch of new spells follow, again balanced and atmospheric.
Two new magic items close the section, both of them intelligent weapons dating from ancient times - with a small mistake on the description of the longsword, which is referenced as a whip.

The tribe presented works greatly as a hidden menace that surfaces erratically to wreak havoc and terrorize the surrounding land, fanatically devoted to its monstrous and ruthless master and to a forgotten and equally terrible religion.
Thusly it can be used both as a side trek, combat focused encounter (with a very dangerous final boss!), and as the source of a greater adventure, maybe with a dark knowledge retrieval twist.


A Fistful of Kobolds


This product describes two warring kobold tribes (and their abusive draconic masters) locked in a death spiral within the halls of a forgotten dwarven stronghold.
As usual for Raging Swan's PDFs, the layout is excellent, printer friendly, easy to navigate and cross reference; stat blocs for creatures are complete and crystal clear in formatting, and the handful of illustrations do their work without being overdone.

The two factions are described in structure, habits, and warfare abilities, building up some nice tension both between them and within them too: the larger one suffers from strife and insufference against its leader, while the smaller one is both more desperate and more capable, thanks to dark magic and monstruous allies found in the depths.
The two draconic masterminds are equally motivated, a bit unhinged, and completely evil, albeit in different enough ways to make them really different opponents.

It is hinted in a number of occasions, that the adventurers's role shall be the one of "improbable allies", recruited by one of the factions to aid in the war against the other.
Given the different attitudes of the kobolds themselves and of the two dragons, this should make for a fine occasion of roleplaying action and adventuring, diving into the darkness of an abandoned dwarven clanhold, chock-full of traps and mysteries.

The product also features some new feats, spells and magic items.
The feats look good, although the "Battle" subtype proposed (seen in Hobgoblin of the Mailed Fist) does not fit really well, and I think it should be substituted with the "Tribal" subtype seen in Pazuzu's Fury. Moreover, two feats that impose a debilitating condition on the enemy seem to have the BAB requirement switched over, compared to their relative power.

The PDF also features a handy and characterful "What's in the pouch?" table, to randomly see what meager properties the various kobolds carry with them, and a custom spell lists for adepts of one the tribes, also highly thematic.
A small list of traps built by the kobolds and some custom improvements (so to speak) to add dannger, round up the resources presented.

While the product is well thought and has a dramatic tension which promises great action and atmosphere at the gaming table, it falls short on two fronts: the tribes's tactics are just hinted but not discussed in detail, nor are presented small scenic encounters or adventure seeds other than the mercenary approach mentioned before.

The dwarven hold turned lair is also just hinted in some passages as featuring deep tunnels and mines, and an entrance at the bottom of a boggy valley.
While asking for a full blown map of the area would be surely inappropriate, a generic description of the layout of the dungeon (how many levels? how are they characterized and laid out? are there any other monstruous menaces? did the dwarf clan had a secret or two hidden in the dephts?) could have helped greatly both for the inevitable custom work of adapting the resource to one's own campaign, and to spark new encounters and possibilities within the same location.

Overall, the product is highly inspiring, rich of "crunchy" material for a ready to be used resource, but requires a bit more work on the GM/DM side to properly develop and expand at its full potential.

Death from above!


This product features a large band of harpies, bound together by their devotion to Pazuzu (the scource of their fiendish power) and by their uncertain but very inspiring origin as heretics.

As usual for the Raging Swan PDFs, the layout is clean, easy to read and navigate, printer friendly, with numerous and complete stat blocs which shine for ease of use.

The harpies are described in detail regarding their tactics, blasphemous faith, methods of raiding the surroundings, various lairs (with one analyzed in depth), and possible encounters.
At the end of the PDF there's a list of adventure seeds, all of which are creative and could spawn great adventures with good tactical combat scenes and great roleplaying action.

In addition to the stat blocs for the different tribe members, there's also a new creature, an avatar of sorts for their demonic patron, which covers a very important role in their ecology and could show up to mess any adventurer's hope of success against the harpies.
A number of feats, thematically linked to the tribe and their abilities, spells and magic items are also featured; none of them seem to be overpowered, and I especially appreciated the "tribal" subtype for feats, which limits some of the more exotic ones to specific individuals.

While the background and description of this tribe is somehow more linked to Raging Swan's own Lonely Coast setting than other products, it must be stressed that with minimum effort it could be adapted to any homebrew of published setting, as none of the things referred to are set in stone (but rather are featured in the free to download Lonely Coast PDF - give it a look!).

Once again, a polished product full of fresh ideas, easy to use and with potential for personal customization and expansion.


Long term resource


This product describes in great detail a small cabal of vampires, which are not hell-bent on wanton destruction (well, not only), but are rather involved themselves in a very long term plan of great evil.

The cabal functions as the strong arm of a greater menace, the sentient altar, a relic from a distant age. While focused on furthering the overall plan, each member of the group indulges in its very own despicable pleasures and activities.
Each vampire is described in detail, with full blown stat blocs, background, motivation, personal interests and possible interactions with the PCs.
A number of lesser (but very dangerous!) servants show up in various parts of the PDF, working in various roles, from guardians to mooks or even distractions.

The products really shines in presenting a powerful, medium to high level menace, cunning and fully capable of dealing with a group of renowned adventurers without showing up directly, but just working as behind the scenes adversaries up to the inevitable confrontation.
While vampires are often a cliché enemy, these are so rich in possibilities and roleplaying detail (not only figuring as numbers and abilities to be overcome) that will leave a permanent mark in anyone's campaign.

The encounters section is probably the best and most inspiring part of the product: the first scenes described are rather simple but not necessarily straightforward, and full of nice options (the Onlookers part in Hired Thugs made me grin), while the latter and more complex ones are creative, adaptable and very atmospheric.
The false final battle is just excellent, and can be combined in a pinch with a number of the previous encounters described.

The Brethren functions greatly both as a mostly urban based menace and as a secondary long term subplot in a campaign - but with a bit of work, it can be easily adapted as full fledged BBEGs in a specific campaign.
To me, the vampires will be fine subplot added to the Council of Thieves AP, or even to the very town the PCs will build as their own in the Kingmaker AP.

As always, the clean, printer friendly layout and great organization of the PDF is a plus.
Highly recommended.

Strange bedfellows...


... but a nice change from the stereotypical hobgoblin raider type.

This product details a very organized and rather large tribe of mercenary hobgoblins, civilized enough to serve for ruthless patrons as a strongarm or strike force, or even as temporary allies for the PCs or a border settlement.

The PDF shows a clean layout which is printer friedly and easy to read and navigate between sections. A few illustrations are used as a visual refence for items, the warband's banner and a couple of creatures.

The military themed organization of the hobgoblins is strongly characterized for its no-nonsense tactics, with feats that enhance the defensive attitude, magic items that help its specialized elite troopers, and a trio of new spells that are used for battlefield control.

Along the numerous and well compiled stat blocs for troopers, there are a bunch of concepts for special NPCs and a small appendix with hints and tips for even more specialized roles within the warband.
While the Mailed Fist Hobgoblins do have sorcerers in their ranks, it's interesting the quick reference as them being an "anomaly" of sorts, thus they won't be completely out of canon even in a setting such as Golarion (see the hobgoblin description in Classic Monsters Revised).
Also, there is a brand new creature used as an exotic mount by the elite troopers, along some tactics for maximum efficiency in the battlefield.

The spells description shows some strange reference in a couple of them, which seems to be a copy and paste mishap with the third and most basic version of them - the spell level for enhanced effect written doesn't quite match the spell level of the spell - but it must be stressed that it's quite irrelevant in the overall balance and write-up.

I know I'll use the Mailed Fist Hobgoblins in my campaign, as it's a very inspired resource full of roleplaying possibilities and fresh ideas.

Highly recommended.

Excellent and innovative resource


This product gives an in-depth analysis of a tribe of gnolls, loosely connected to Raging Swan's own generic setting, the Lonely Coast.
However, they are very easy to drop in any place involving a forested area, homebrew or not.

The clean layout is print-friendly, very easy to read, with superbly organized stat blocs, a few nice illustrations, and extensive cross-reference between paragraphs and sections for efficient navigation among the various pages.

The tribe is described in organization, tactics, objectives, possible encounters, a bunch of feats and a few new magic items and adept spells (with a nice custom spell list for adepts of the tribe) that add greatly to the feeling of a very specific adversary, full of character.
The new creatures described near the end of the product and their totemic roles for the tribe are very well designed, and are bound to have a lasting effect in your campaign, being really atmospheric.

The spells and magic items seem to be along the lower tier of the power spectrum, and do not seem overpowered, instead adding nicely to the theme of a specially designed tribe of gnolls.
The feats are equally well designed, though one seems to me a bit unbalanced as it overlaps the favored enemy class feature of the ranger (but it's not at all inappropriate for a bloodthirsty enemy), and a couple of the more advanced ones have a connection to the bull rush combat maneuvre which is tied to their shared prerequisite but not directly to them - a very minor quibble, I must admit.

Highly recommended.

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Must-have, highly versatile set


This set features a boatload of features that are so full of goodness I don't really know where to start.

The real strenght of this set stands in its modular nature: think of it more of a set of building blocks/Lego pieces more than a set featuring a building or a number of similar buildings.

So you can build a number of wall pieces, from simple and utilitarian, to complex and full of details.
Or, you can add a buttress or a small wall piece to a building from another set, as the textures featured here are very similar or directly compatible with those available in other multi-layer sets (such as the Asylum, the West Gate, or the Coach House).

The various pieces are very simple in construction and require only a small modicum of skill even in the most complex elements.
Just be smart and plan ahead your desired layout - that is unless you want to be creative and "go with the flow".

Highly recommended.

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Best way to start a collection


This set offers a single, simple, small building. However, it's so detailed and functional for a quick gaming night needs that you can't go wrong building at least two of them.

It's also a great way to start a papercrafting hobby, as the cutting and gluing involved is at a minimum and with only a few basic operations required.

Being free, just have a go with it, I'm betting you'll be happy with the results.

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Excellent piece for your table


This rather large building is both good looking and easy to build, even for a novice papercraft enthusiast.

As it's provided with both a single layer (predetermined appearance) and customizable multi-layer version, it's quite easy to have a go with almost no hassle or just have fun combining different textures, colors, and other element options (such as windows, doors, etc) to get a model as close to someone's desires and/or needs.

As a number of pieces can be added or removed (in the multi-layer option), this set offers a number of buildings different not only in texture but also in architecture.

Protip: strenghten the interior of the main walls and the roofs gluing onto them leftovers from the cardstock sheets that you printed and cut. It will avoid that annoying slight warping that can bend a great card model into an unsightly crooked shape.

At this price, it rightly deserves five stars.

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Excellent for a variety of uses


This set features the TerrainLinX System, which brings a new take on modular design. The modularity does not only involve a simple and effective method to interlink the base tiles, but also a system by which wall sections can be assembled in a dazzling variety of modes, including multi-leveled structures.
Obviously the walls (wall sections and wall posts) combine to the base tiles (via anchors), bringing the whole to a very sturdy result - way tougher than anythins seen before.

The set does not only features elements involving a sewer system - a great variety of tiles with sewage disposal canals and wall sections with outflows and other unpleasant... "decorations" - but also tiles without sewer-specific elements and similar walls. Moreover, railing and balconies for upper stories linking and sections overhanging the lower levels add a nice level of extra detail and possibilities.

The set could be used to build a sewer system for an old city, but also a generic dungeon or even a ruined and deserted urban landscape just by using the tiles without sewage canals).
With a bit of creativity, there are many more opportunities, thanks to the excellent modularity and texturing detail of the single elements.

The non-PDF files are for automated cutting support accessories (Robocraft, SilhoutteSD), and anyone without these does not miss any element from this set.

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Excellent start for PFRPG adventures


This brand new adventure module (and the very first one!) for PFRPG features a classical dungeon romp, with some wilderness travel added for variety.

The module shines in a number of different areas, from the overall plot, simple yet well thought and full of possibilities for roleplay, to the great layout, which is awesomely easy to read and navigate.
The goodness doesn't stop to these two points, as the side bars explaining quirks and stat-blocs are great both for novices and veterans transitioning to the new ruleset.

The characters are in for some great encounters, will they be fights, puzzles and traps, or old-fashioned good roleplay.
As a 1st level adventure, it also has a neat way of explaining why the characters are there and how they come to form an adventuring group.

The tie-in to the Dungeon flip mat is a great idea to bring more atmosphere to the gaming table (even if a map pack would have served better, with separate tiles for different rooms).

Can't wait for the sequels!

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You need these little psychos!


Awesome set based on the revised, pathfinderized look for goblins.

Basic torch-wielding goblins are so funny that you'll want to print at least two copies of them, as they make up a very good looking bunch of the classical menacing, psychotic critters.

Art is crisp, detailed, and shows great consistency both with other sets relative size, and with the art you'll see in PF products.

If you're about to run RotRL, this is a must have. In any other case, this is a must have. :)

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Great Value


Excellent set which includes a good selection of gnolls with different poses and weaponry. An extra hyena and a flind add variety.

The figures are crisp, with a distinctive "cartoony yet scary" look. Assembly is super easy, and both the novice and the veteran of papercrafting will have a great time.

Recommended on its own, or to complement the minis for the "Legacy of Fire" AP.

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Grotto Goodies Galore!


This flip mat is an excellent resource for any adventure st in the underground wilderness.

The tunnels side, with its split areas and connecting passage/rocky bridge, is great for a spectacular battle or a tactically challenging encounter, thanks to a number of elements such as the pool, side alcoves and raised platforms.
Moreover it can be used as a wholly drawn-out map or just with each of its main areas.

The generic cavern side features rocky pillars, useful for cover, surprise attacks, ambushes and a lot more, and is useful for an endless number of possibilities.

The sturdy card stock and lamination provide a durable and good looking gaming aid.

Recommended not only for the Second Darkness AP, but for any climatic battle or side trek set in a cave complex.

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Just great!


This set provides almost everything needed for a good wilderness scene/trek, including trees, boulders, a number of different tiles, and a selection of hill sizes.

Whether you need just a small map for a scenic encounter, or a full fledged battlefield for a skirmish or a clash of armies, look no further.
The modularity and print-on-need ensures that you have every piece you need.

The various elements are in high-resolution, and printing results look really really good.

Added bonus, most pieces from this set are very easily built even for a novice of the papercrafting hobby: basic trees and scrubbery are just cut-outs from folded and glued paper, hills are very simple boxes that require an effortless amount of planning, hills and boulders are a good way to get aquainted with more complex constructions.
It's really a great starting point.

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Classics with a vengeance


This collection of classical nasties for RPGs is done in the style of the ecologies stuff from the old Dragon Magazine, and is an excellent resource for any setting and DM... ehrm, excuse me, GM.

While written with some references to the Pathfinder setting, the material presented here is quite easily adapted to any homebrew, and each 6-pages chapter is chock full of inspirational bits that can spur adventures or campaign or just an interesting encounter.

Whether you're a novice GM looking for some in depht info or an experienced one who can no longer see the monster for the stat-block, this one is for you.

Highly recommended.

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You need a bigger boat


If you are even only thinking of a sea-based campaign, you just need this pdf.

A brand new feral deity with which you can scare the living daylights out your players' characters, along with general setting notes and tie-ins for inspiration, a monstruous servitor creature that can eat a tribe of ogres for breakfast, wicked magic items, a vile PrC for the inevitable bad guy, and some more.

Just be sure of having the Jaws soundtrack at hand when you introduce this nightmare in your games.

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Must-Have Resource


In such a small Indulgence there's packed a real treasure for all the flashy fighters out there, for those who love spectacular fights bursting with daring maneuvers and cunning swordplay, for the pirates and swashbuckling fellows, and some more.

Along with a new and incredibly useful combat maneuver, a dozen of feats cover all the finer possibilities of letting your sword do the talking, from lunge to riposte to ACTUALLY parrying your opponents' attacks.

The excellent, compact historical notes give an added bonus and insight to the product.

Whether you are a player or a DM, don't miss this one.

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