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Nefreet wrote:

Except the whole allure is the x2 level damage boost.

Coincidentally, tomorrow I'll be driving two hours away to a game store I've never set foot in and playing my Ring of Fangs Ysoki Gloom Gunner.

Curious to see how that GM will interpret things.

how did that go?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
The metric system wrote:
2) You can CHOOSE to (Not must) have ANY of your Unarmed Attacks deal Lethal Piercing Damage, bite or not.

Not that that does anything horribly game breaking with anything I'm aware of in the game but... how/why would growing big sharp pointy teeth suddenly make your fists all pointy?

I think someone tried to combine the ROFs with a playtest shield using that logic and.. it just really doesn't work.

Dont mind me playing catch up. But my two cents is guna slowly trickle in.

they make your nails harder and or sharper? I do not know of any player race that has more then one set of teeth.

Society subdermal graft, signal

Year of Scoured Stars p.4

There a ton of games? Under that section. Which one has that implant?

yukongil wrote:

I encourage such spending in my games. There are tons of equipment, enhancements, cybernetics, but nobody ever buys them because they put them behind on weapons/armor, but to me they are the fun parts of sci-fi, all the crazy gadgets and gizmos that allow for some pretty wild stuff and the ability to solve problems without just shooting it in the face. Weapons and armor are pretty boring in comparison IMO.

But if its truly a problem, I'd change up encounters. More low-level mooks, make it rare for a creature to have the same or higher PL. ie More storm troopers, less Vader. Because of how NPCs are built, they can still be effective 4 or more levels lower than the PCs, and thus the gear they "drop" isn't that great. Plus this has the added bonus of making the PCs feel pretty good when they can mow through ranks of troopers instead of one big slog fest with an higher CR foe.

You could also add some "realism" to your game. Kill a dude with a plasma grenade? Well if the guy didn't survive, the armor sure as hell didn't.

note that he said 4 or more levels lower then the pcs dont be my gm and throw hoards of equivalent level npcs at your friends. They are your friends,right?

Gear is a money sink because its constantly being swapped an resale of used items is only 10%. He is playing smart by investing in his character and not in his gear. You can only buy gear one lvl higher then your character lvl or with the GM's permission and being in a huge high tech city 2 or 3 lvls higher<its been a while since I read the book>. Next time you start a game have it start on a backwater world or in a spot and duct tape space station that doesn't have the high lvl gear to set up higher lvl implants. But if your starting at higher lvl means those PCs have been around enough to have gotten some of that stuff before appearing on your stage. Even if you made his character for him in the way you think PC should be made the first chance he gets he is going to invest in those upgrades. Thus ruining your ideal pc construction.

Nerdy Canuck wrote:
I wonder what life insurance looks like in a setting with resurrection/reincarnation spells.

in our game it looks like buying a use a reincarnationspell to be used at a later time at exorbitant prices. I guess that's what you get Merchant God worshippers they gots to milk you for every credit.

That's what starfinder life insurance is for. Incase of accidental death.

Well I am guna use that the next time I heal. Also everytime I need to heal but the spell is not enough.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
HammerJack wrote:
Not everyone. I've seen that ability prevent a probable TPK twice.
how many times were me? :)

this I must know. Very important.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
ghostunderasheet wrote:
Yea that would be great. My dice rolls for healing tends to be lackluster.
you can give them your hit points to make up for the shortfall

Sounds legit but remind me how again?

Yea that would be great. My dice rolls for healing tends to be lackluster.

I did try to get a feat where healing would be more reliant.<I wanted to call it reliant healing or healer> Like rerolling ones and or twos or just healing average with out rolling. But they decided I meant faster healing. I told the gm that the way he made the healer feat that I would be able to do three heal spells in one round. He changed it to being able to use only one of healing options per round.

I did not make these but I was against using the resolve as it was because resolve is used for some important things like keeping yourself alive when your dieing, getting back up to do a last stand,Healing yourself while resting, using channel healing, and a couple other thing I am vague about because I hardly use mine because I think wasting resolve on anything other then not dieing is a waste.

As long as I wouldn't be restricted from saving lives.

Could you explain why each is OP. If it is and or why it is a trap. Improved healer is already done. And I think it's a trap as well since it says characters instead of creature or target. Which means I would only be allowed to heal player characters and not NPCs because they are not characters at least that's how I read it.

I should have gotten these a week ago but the gate keeper wouldn't allow me access til the night before the next gaming session.

Yea I see that now. Being able to cast a cure wounds spell on myself as a swift action. Then healing an ally as a move then casting an attack spell or just healing everyone with a standard action. Might not be something the dm intended the feat to do.

Of these Homebrew feats. Are they OP or lack luster. What would you use and which should be avoided. Also I did not make any of these but watched and tried to make suggestions.

Spellslinger's Dodge

Benefit: When you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you may spend 1 resolve point to prevent provoking an Attack of Opportunity from one enemy. In addition, Melee Touch spells and spell-like abilities do not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.
At 5th level, when you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you may spend 1 resolve point to prevent provoking an Attack of Opportunity from all enemies.
At 10th level, you may use a second resolve point to retain your spellslot.

Increased Life

Benefit: At 1st level you gain 2 extra Hit Points.
At 5th level you instead gain 1 Hit Point per character level. In addition, you gain 1 additional Resolve Point.
At 10th level you gain DR 1/- that stacks with other DR.(I don't know if this is a trap)

Battle Flurry (Combat)

Benefit: When you use the Full Attack action, as long as both attacks target the same opponent, reduce the Full Attack penalty by 2. (-2/-2)
At 5th level, when you use the Full Attack action, as long as all your attacks target the same opponent you can make one additional attack against that target, but all your attacks suffer an additional -2 penalty. (-4/-4/-4)
At 10th level, you no longer need to target a single opponent to gain this feats benefits.

Improved Healer

Prerequisite: Mystic level 1
Benefit: When the Mystic uses a non-item effect to heal himself, it is done as a swift action. When the Mystic uses a non-item effect to heal a single other -->character<--, it is done as a move action. When you use Healing Channel to heal allies within 30 ft, you do so as a standard action.
At 5th level when you use a non-item effect to heal, you may spend 1 Resolve Point to maximize the amount healed by that effect. In addition, you may use Healing Channel once per day without expending a Resolve Point.
At 10th level when a Mystic heals Hit Points, any excess healing is gained as Temporary Hit Points.
<I really think other character, should be changed target>

Prerequisite: 1st level only
Benefit: At 1st level, this character starts with 2000 credits instead of 1000, and may select a single 3rd level item.
At 5th level, you gain an NPC contact.
At 10th level, you gain an additional NPC contact.(tis a trap!)

Battle Damaged

Prerequisite: 1st level only
Benefit: Choose one of the following cybernetics to gain for free: Mk 1 Weaponized Prosthesis (Armory pg 89), Mk 1 Dermal Plating (Starfinder Core Rulebook pg 209), Standard Data Jack (Starfinder Core Rulebook pg 209), Mk 1 Targeting Eye (Unifier Combat Gear). This item can be replaced or upgraded as normal.
At 5th level you may either select an additional item from the previous list or you may upgrade the item you previously selected to it's next tier. This item can be replaced or upgraded as normal.
At 10th level you may either select an additional item from the previous list or you may upgrade the item you previously selected to it's next tier. This item can be replaced or upgraded as normal.

I am not sure what to think about these. improved healer was created for my pc but I not sure what to think about it. I don't think I would take spell slinger either sinceI will be using my resolve for other thing. I am pretty sure that they are wanting my new PC to be the party healer but I am not. I made a mind breaker mystic.

Thank you for your review, yakman. It has been logged. A shame you cant get a commission. Could you ask your gm to rate the difficulty of GMing the game compared to other sorts of games. And if he would suggest it as a good one for first time gms?

Was it fun? How hard is gming it?

I want to a good guy but the more I play the current storyline the more it seems we are about to take the fall. I don't want my next PC to end up on the wrong side of the law again.

Yea I know. I have been saying stuff to that extent at the table. Problem maybe that there is not enough downtime between missions to go through "bootcamp" or what ever is needed. But I would like to have a PC or NPC on hand just encase. Our second group is currently lost in space and has no healer to keep the party from dying. And jumping lvl 7 back to lvl one or two might get one of us dead and by us I mean me because the other people are whiners who dislike being deadified. I don't mind taking a hit for the team.

I been trying to try get into one. But it has been really hard. So I thought I would just get it done and over with at the start.

I think I may have read it wrongly the first time through. But i only had the books then and I just checked one of the sites that keeps up with the new book books and there is a third steward archetype.

I could make another soldier mystic that focuses on mind magic instead of backflips and explosions.

I am kinda stuck with having to keep the party alive by being the default cleric. Now I might also be stuck with getting the law on our side. I guess it might just have to be another space paladin. justicar.... nope not what I thought it meant unless it does.... any good thoughts on what to call space paladin?

hellknights are so corrupt in our game that they could just evil Space Marines who hire themselves out to purge worlds of unwanted inhabitants so the world can be colonized by thier employers. The valerian knight have presented them selves as useless rebel/terrorist scum with a-hole attitudes. So far I wouldn't touch either corrupt organization with a ten-foot pole.
I guess I will have a long term goal of making a true space peacekeepers force.

I dont wana play a bounty hunter or an operative and a steward officer has the wrong flavor and the starfinder archetypes don't fit either.

I am looking to create a character that has the backing of an organization to be able to tell the local cops to piss of or assist in doing a job because they are there. I am kinda getting tired of my gms latest tacticsof throwing us into situations where we are being roadblocked and painted as pirates when we are just doing our best to help people. All because we are freelancers and do not have backing.

We are about to start the next part of the campaign with the other set of NPCs and I would rather have some way of not being plastered as the bad guys.

This is because we don't have any backing I want to have some backing or back up for my next character. Starfinder society feel off for thier achtypes and the Stewart stay in one place protecting Absalon station.

Just need a little help with finding pieces or truthfully putting this guy together.

Ahhhhhh okay. Just waiting to turn my parkour charger into a parkour charging shield slammer.

Could have sworn that they added equipment shield. Like those from pathfinder. Was I wrong?

Is it alive undead inorganic? Sure free action. How to kill it best would take an action or more. That's my two cents.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my high Mobility melee Mystic. When I can get to play it. Though it is both melee and dakka.

I thought they explained it as the weapon feeds on the ammo/energy converting it to what it needs to continue surviving. But I wouldn't mind feeding my weapon the blood of my fallen enemies. Which sounds dark. But it's like those guys that would cut themselves on their blade to sate it's bloodlust in those stories animes and movies.

Kobold are in starfinder. They went into hiding long enough to be though gone and in that time they perfected their defects. Claimed a world and conquered the system. They are known as the vesk. Or at least that's my hopeful thinking.

I like Alucard's answer for hostage situations.

I think ya'll getting tripped up on what is basically the same thing just phrased differently depending on the sentences. An unarmed strike is making an "attack" while unarmed. An unarmed attack is an attack that does not rely on having weapons in your hands.

Pretty sure unarmed attacks and natural attacks are different. Unarmed attacks you have got to have training to use effectively. While on the other hand, natural attacks are...... well natural. You can use your natural attacks to do harm. The vesk are a warrior race that until recently in the fluff was at war with everyone and everything. I am pretty sure they are "trained" to use their natural attacks effectively. A bull can gore you with his horns but a Minotaur Gladiator can use his gore attack to rip out a victim's throat or target vital areas in armor. An untrained person would not know how to use his or her unarmed attacks.

Vesks be trained to kill things with their natural attacks. and so are armed even without a man made implement of death.

I just wanted to know if you could use your hands if the ring of fangs give you un-weaponed attacks with your hands/feet/wiggly bits that stand in for those first two choices. It also gives you sharp teeth that you can bite people with. It says your unarmed attacks can be lethal with piercing damage. Wouldn't the book state that stuff normally so there is no confusion? It's the ring of fangs that gives you sharp teeth. And piercing unarmored attacks..... like the claws of a monster with big sharp teeth.

And why is there a huge focus on gore attacks? The ring does not give you horns. If you got to "use your head" to fight then your hands are probably busy doing something else and can't be bothered to come to your aid. I do not envision an effective way to use horns that are sticking out the side your head as main useful weapon. You got to lower your head and two you have to take your eyes off your opponent which would leave you vulnerable to counter attack<I do not think counter attacks are a thing in starfinder>. Or at least an attack of opportunity. At least the space Minotaur has that covered with its special ability.

They put the damage of ones fists with the weapons out of convenience so you wouldn't have to go looking through the back of the book for the dang thing. It's there for simplicity not that your unarmed attacks are actual weapons.

Maybe I am getting to old for all this rules lawyering. It makes me cranky af.

You wouldn't have to fly to a store thus saving taxi cash.

Xenocrat wrote:
SuperBidi wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
To be fair, it was a pretty pointless question.
It looks like pointing out the lack of some class specific gear raises opposition.
Indifference. And puzzlement as to why you'd use trash SFS pregens as evidence of anything or why you assume Mystics/Technomancers are using small arms instead of longarms.

long arms are nice, yes. But it takes both hands. While on the other hand a pistol allows you to also use a melee weapon in case you get locked into melee. Pistol also allows you to have a free hand so you can do parkour, cast spells or help a friend up or climbing or anything else free hand could be good for.

You don't need spell gem. You "want" spell gems as rewards. You should talk to your game master. Be like "hey boss pistols are nice and all. But could you slip some mystic spell gems as loot in place of say one of the pistols?". Even better would be a rechargeable wand. Or loot that screams magic caster.

Spell gems are nice. They can free up your spell slots.
But what your doing is a waste of money. Spell gems are not rechargeable while ammo packs are. Spell gems are cigarettes. And pistols are pen vapes. You burn through all your spell slots and a chunk of your spell gems during the day.the pistol aka the pen vape is reloadable the clips are rechargeable and they are all universal which means if you run out of pew pew's you can take an ammo from a bad guy and keep going. You can not replace spell gems in the middle of a dungeon crawl.
Sure a pack of 20 cigarettes <spell gems> is cheaper then a pen vape <pistol> but you don't throw a pen vape away after firing it just once. If your packing 20 to 30 attack spell gems or more then 8 I bet your gm is thinking you dont need anymore then what you already have.

I am pretty sure you could have bought a mighty fine pistol by now if you had not wasted all your money on all those cigarettes <spell gems>. In the long run it is guna get you killed and possably those that run with you. I only use my spell slots for one thing and one thing only "heal" spells to keep the party going in a tight pinch. Otherwise I am all over the place taking and giving damage<can't really dish it> and being the target so the party is not getting hit. I only have a 12 in str after investing upgrades and to fifth lvl start points. Bib you max charisma, intelligence and wisdom.

Save money by DIYing aka craft your own spell gems. Instead of demanding them as rewards.

If your going to make a PC that bucks the system then expect not to get rewarded as often.

Pantshandshake wrote:
As for your final note, hundreds of players and thousands of hours of play time have proved that you cannot get by with just spells and no weapon in this game. Much like the time honored Primary Healer, Primary Spellcaster is not a supported role in this game.

I got to disagree with you on that as my parties combat medic distraction annoyance. I dont run out of healing spells because I am the guy that's getting in monsters faces or kiting the while shooting them or punching them with the punch lightsaber. Pistols do Jack for combat oriented people I am dealing d6s and d8s for my fighting weapons. Sure it would be nice if I could mind blast some enemies but I would rather keep my party alive.

I am an all day caster...... it is all cure spells. My main damage output is shooting while kiting mobs or getting in monsters faces and smacking them and making them my b..... but can't kill anything in one hit like my other party members. Oh I am level 5 but I only have three levels of mystic healer.

Spell Crystals would be nice to cast my other unimportant dmg spells. But I would rather make my own.

If you have knives for finger tips then you would always be armed. A cat is not always armed because they can retract their claws. Dogs bare their fangs when they are about to attack. Pretty sure the vesk can not retract their claws and thick club like tail and so they are always armed with their natural attacks. Fluff maybe fluff but how is a vesk guna put their natural weapons away. And they are natural unarmed attack because they do not have to be drawn. Retracted or bared ahead of time. So they are always a threat in a hostile situation. You can disarm a soldier but you can't really disarm a vesk unless your willing to cut off their means of attack. And if you do that you might as well just kill the prisoner. Well you could cuff them with padded mittens and weight their tail so much that it could not be used as a club. but you would have to have that on hand ahead of time.

All I saw was it gives you a bite attack and allows you to choose to make your unarmed attack lethal with stabby damage. And since I am above third level I would get the stacking double your level damage. As for the d3 or d4 I was just checking. My total recall is a 9 on instant memorization. And really 13-15 damage is so much better then 3-8 damage i am currently dishing out at level 5.

I am looking hard at this item because all current weapons I am using do a d6+2 dmg which is 3-8 dmg. I tend to roll on the low end as well for damage. And as a quasi frontliner mysticism find my dmg output wanting. Getting this ring would be a boon. Since my group is currently in the middle of this part of the adventure path.

But it says "You can choose to have your unarmed attacks deal lethal piercing damage". But it also gives you a bite attack. At least that's how I am currently reading it.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

So it gives you sharp teeth that you can bite people with. but it also gives you the option to unarmed attacks lethal piercing damage. so that means you're Fists, right? And if your higher then third lvl you do double your level in damage. At level 5 that would be 10 dmg? Can I then also add my strength model to that dmg? Also does you fist dmg jump 1d3 to 1d4 since it's now lethal?

Go to []Ring of Fangs[/url].

Which means if you do miss your target it can still drift in the right direction and still blast your target, if you are lucky.

If you do miss doesn't the grenade still drift off the target?

Holy water. The grenade is just what opened up the pot. Priestly folk should be able to do holy water with just a prayer right?

Crafting a holy water grenade requires the blessing of a formally trained priest of a good deity... could a mystic who is empowered by a God and was trained as a cleric< via the archetype Divine champion > bless water to create holy water?

Vangaurd seems like a defensive monk type. If I were to multi-class with it I would pair it off with something highly offensive or something that could counter the damage it would be taking. Sounds kinda perfect for my PC actually since I tend to put myself in the line of fire all the time and could use some survivability.... I will, have to reread the class again since I just typed that. Energy force fields, physical shields, negation of damage, kill blasts and a bunch of save your buddy/ies abilities.
I kinda really like the road hazard ability paired with the arrest ability. Makes chases fun again. Oh we are being followed here let me jump out of the car and block their way with my body. And tie them down so my allies can coup de get them while they are trapped and reeling from the wreck. It could mess your day up but hell it closes down that encounter. If your team is used to your suicide tendencies and know to back your crazy ass up.

Crazy ass space monks or space Paladino depending on how you build them.

Is the linkage super secret? I will try Google-fu right after this post. Wish me luck.

Thank you

So where are the read outs for these classes? It's like I missed something major and I am scrambling to catch up. Which I am....

Your always going to be hit as a melee character might as well get some use out of it. At level five I I have been taking 20+ dmg hits. And tanking the heck out of them. My only problem is my dmg output. I only output a d6 worth of melee dmg.

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