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I know what I am taking for 5 lvl now. A short dip into soldier for qi adapt. Thanks Gaulin that solves figuring out how to become a spell caster so I can take mystic strike.

So I am building a nanocyte brawler had to fangle my str up to 13 just to take the cleave line.<talk me out of it if it is bad> and I am eyeing a weapon <Locus Blade> I can stab myself with to apply heal.

Is there a way of getting more then 2 attack at the cost of a full action and a -4. Is there a way to lower that -4? I am basically making a monk and punching is their thing. I matched out things so I am dealing 11-16 dmg per hit. Or 12-24 dmg 6 times a day if I use a nanite ability charge. I have a feat to use. It would be great to either lower the nagitive or a third slap.

Leon Aquilla wrote:
Especially with the < 18 attribute cap, min/maxing races is pointless. For 1500 credits you can overcome that stat penalty and more.

Ohh I get that robo being. I was having the hardest time finding a way of finding traps besides with my face. I also stumbled across the archetype safety inspector for a trap finding ability at lvl 2.

Thank you dragon person!

How is trap detection done in starfinder? And is there something that can do that? Or something like a sabotour. If you know how to set up death traps you know how to disable them.

I need a computer hacker, a trap expert disabled both mechanical and magical, a spellcaster and has to be a smooth talker.

There are so many races now. And I don't see anything in the themes listed. I did see kobold..... and I like me the kobold. But that hit to con sucks.

I tried to explain that having stats that high would be kinda counterproductive since starfinder has a inbuilt way of improving your stats and having higher stats kinda hamstrings the pc early on.

C4M3R0N wrote:
Politely inform them the rules that the game will be played by, at your table, and if that's an issue then simply inform them they'll need to seek an alternative GM.

covid aside that is one one of the reasons we have not played. For q one shot to see if i am even worth attempting the dm thing.

He wants to roll for stats. 4d6 reroll ones and drop the lowest.

That have to have things thier way or no way at all? Just like in dnd 5e.

Problem is that in the module they do not tell you the monster's CR and they also tell you that some monsters are much weaker then they would actualy be. But took some time to look at and compair the two gobbo sheets and hps are the same.

I have decided to use my survivor npc as target npc to run alongside my friends with the intent of her being focused on and or targeted. Adding a body for the monsters to possably hit instead of the pcs. I am planning on running two groups though this lil module one with one guy in it and the main group with two poeple in it.

Metaphysician wrote:
Cellion wrote:

CR 1/3 means that three goblins is a CR1 encounter. A CR1 encounter is a run-of-the-mill or relatively easy encounter for 4 player characters at 1st level. But for a single 1st level character, a CR1 encounter is supposed to be an "even match", ie. there's a 50/50 chance for whether the goblins or the 1st level player character would come out alive.

If I recall correctly, the encounters in the beginner box are designed for a 4 person group, but it's tuned to be a bit on the easier side so a smaller group can still tackle it. With two player characters, I expect it'll be quite challenging using the encounters as written.

This. Its *really* important to read the Challenge Rating rules in Starfinder, because they do *not* follow the same difficulty curve as Pathfinder.

Seems the same to me. But i could be wrong.

I am planing on running a couple friends throught it but i am thinking it will be too easy. Could i just double the goblins and double the health for some of the solo monsters and npc that they might murder so i can double their exp? Cr 1/3 means a lvl one pc could take out 3 gobos in solo combat right?

Nevermind found it. Its cr 7. A hard 3rd lvl fight and a decent battle for a forth lvl party of two,right? If i am understanding cr right.

Kobolds are best naknak race ever. It was a crime they did not add them in the first book. Instead they added the six armed psychotic blood thirsty Kinders <he is talking about the skittermanders>or that is how my gm plays them.

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I got the box and am about to run the module for acouple people but i am wondering what the cr for the later more powerful encounter robot dragon after the module.or if it should be much later.

I would suspect that learning to speak a language while deaf would be extremely hard it being mostly sound based. And atleast with my group implants would not work because those sections in thier brains are missing and thus has no way of processingthe new data being received. I don't think that is the case. It could just be as simple as the optical nerves not being connected or the ear cannals not forming or missing one of those tiny bones that poke the right spot. Going in and correcting those mistakes should give the disables person back their sight or hearing.

-A translatorthat spoke for your character should work but you would have to speak a language. Wear a helm so you can hide any funny vocal quarks with a mic inside and a speaker on the outside. You wouldn't need an ai. Just a computer at most and a translation program.

-Of course, there’s a vast array of technological devices available in most settlements—well beyond the number that could possibly be presented in any real-world book. In general, any minor piece of equipment with a real-world equivalent (alarm clock, camera, digital keys for vehicles you own, timer, watch, and so on) can be purchased with GM approval, costs 5 credits and has light bulk.

Something as advanced as google voice might be very common and cheap in the future/in starfnder

Well i wanted to buy a magic item that would give me natural attacks for defence. He offered an "awesome" enhancement which i hoped he meant to mean i might lose an arm and get some sort of melee cybernetic enhancement. I was not expecting to be attacked by an alien wolf monster that is definitely not a werewolf <but is> and infected with space Lycantropy. And when i started hyping up my agression and reducing nulling my overlord abilities causing the gm to ask what was up. I said i was using most ofmy psychic power to restrain the beastual curse so i would not attack those i should be protecting. He was like ohh no it was not a werewolf see it upped your int score..... what ever man it turns me into a blood hungry monster that rips my enemies apart with its teeth. Savoring the taste of power it gives her. Slipping and letting abit of hostile intimadation out to get mutinous traitors to do what she wants instead of killing and eating them is the least she can do. Or breaking their minds and making them kill themselves to escape the terror she can cause for an hours on end. In my head if you can someone to like you for an hour you can flip that switch to mind numbing terror.

Neither would I you never split the party. I don't have ACA ny heist skills i am all bark and refuse to bite. Because i am cop i stop heists. Yea 15 ft reach on a dragonkin i am taking a catpure pole.

Both on distraction. There are 4 pc two on each team most of the normal npc are on the extraction team to get the ship running. Me psychic/werewolf thing, the drow ninja<old npc> and the magic medic<old npc> the lizard gunand tail soldier pc, and the new npc are on the distraction.

The more i think about it the more i think it is a set up.

The party is splitting upthree and the npc are distracting the mob by smashing into a storehouse <or something> that is a front to draw them away from thier location so the extraction team can liberate a steath spacecraft that we need as a ride to the war torn planet over ran by what amounts to the tyranids that are stripping the planet of all biomass. The drone is meant to grap the gear we need to survive the onslaught. We are to distract them til the other party can make the extraction for the distraction team.

Long story short we are robbing the mob for highly illegal weapons and thier illiegally modified ship so we can head back to the planet to set up a beach head and save sentient lives. It maybe to darn shaddy for my pc and dm wants a target because the distraction team does not nave a team member that can tank the hits. I am essentially playing two characters on one sheet already during the day i am a overlord but at night i am a freaking werewolf. Last time i will accept a "boon" from my dm instead of taking what i want. Either way the npc is needed. I go during the day and do my overlord thing and carry loot but can not take a hit. Or we go at night and i go in as a werewolf and can tank everything but can not carry loot. I think the night option is best because i am a cop and breaking the law would ruin my rep but the werewolf has no link to my pc's identity. Or i hope probably the only good thing to come out of this curse i am slowily loosing my mind the beast is so strong..... sorry my charater took over there.

It is a npc under my temperary control. I am a player not the gm. The npc will be an ally of the party. Not a bady. Dm wants a sacrificial lamb.
Damn betty does not wznt to die how can i make betty survive?

I can float on the theme. Dm said large sized pc where aloud so i picked dragonkin. Tinker is the theme i am floating with right now.

Dm wants a throw away npc ally meant to aid the party. But if it survives it will be a recurring npc that us players will come across. And since its my creation i would rather have it survive this up coming battle.

I am making a third level Npc that i would like to survive. I need to know what feats, achtypes and what ever would make the person survive. Thing is it is 2 levels mechanic and one level soldier. Its mostly the feats i need help with. I have 10k creds to spend as well. I have stats. I had to go with a drone so it can grab stuff and run while the npc takes hits and fights off/distracts the marks.
Str 15
Dex 10
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 10

Any help would be appreciated.

Well there is a yearly celebration in which the national guard pits a summoned monster(young blue dragon) against any comers. I think it is a way for them to cul any heroics from the peasantry and if you survive your made an offer you can not refuse. Its basicly a slaughter fest done as a grand festival infront of the whole town.

Hey thanks.

Also a riding permit, traveling permit and a foreigners permit. Ohh and a non human permit and a adventurer's permit and a hunt and fishing permit.

The worse the better because i kinda hate any emire that will b%@%# slap you for trying to save lives. So i can take a list of permits i require to buy at our next session. How dare npc 32 call sindear a charlatan a snake oils man sindear is a female. A a cultist to a fake god. And threatened violance and jeering as she walked away.

So permits for walking moderaly fast, breathing, spellcasting both divine and arcane, and having money over 10gp will be at the top.

Nefreet wrote:

Except the whole allure is the x2 level damage boost.

Coincidentally, tomorrow I'll be driving two hours away to a game store I've never set foot in and playing my Ring of Fangs Ysoki Gloom Gunner.

Curious to see how that GM will interpret things.

how did that go?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
The metric system wrote:
2) You can CHOOSE to (Not must) have ANY of your Unarmed Attacks deal Lethal Piercing Damage, bite or not.

Not that that does anything horribly game breaking with anything I'm aware of in the game but... how/why would growing big sharp pointy teeth suddenly make your fists all pointy?

I think someone tried to combine the ROFs with a playtest shield using that logic and.. it just really doesn't work.

Dont mind me playing catch up. But my two cents is guna slowly trickle in.

they make your nails harder and or sharper? I do not know of any player race that has more then one set of teeth.

Society subdermal graft, signal

Year of Scoured Stars p.4

There a ton of games? Under that section. Which one has that implant?

yukongil wrote:

I encourage such spending in my games. There are tons of equipment, enhancements, cybernetics, but nobody ever buys them because they put them behind on weapons/armor, but to me they are the fun parts of sci-fi, all the crazy gadgets and gizmos that allow for some pretty wild stuff and the ability to solve problems without just shooting it in the face. Weapons and armor are pretty boring in comparison IMO.

But if its truly a problem, I'd change up encounters. More low-level mooks, make it rare for a creature to have the same or higher PL. ie More storm troopers, less Vader. Because of how NPCs are built, they can still be effective 4 or more levels lower than the PCs, and thus the gear they "drop" isn't that great. Plus this has the added bonus of making the PCs feel pretty good when they can mow through ranks of troopers instead of one big slog fest with an higher CR foe.

You could also add some "realism" to your game. Kill a dude with a plasma grenade? Well if the guy didn't survive, the armor sure as hell didn't.

note that he said 4 or more levels lower then the pcs dont be my gm and throw hoards of equivalent level npcs at your friends. They are your friends,right?

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Gear is a money sink because its constantly being swapped an resale of used items is only 10%. He is playing smart by investing in his character and not in his gear. You can only buy gear one lvl higher then your character lvl or with the GM's permission and being in a huge high tech city 2 or 3 lvls higher<its been a while since I read the book>. Next time you start a game have it start on a backwater world or in a spot and duct tape space station that doesn't have the high lvl gear to set up higher lvl implants. But if your starting at higher lvl means those PCs have been around enough to have gotten some of that stuff before appearing on your stage. Even if you made his character for him in the way you think PC should be made the first chance he gets he is going to invest in those upgrades. Thus ruining your ideal pc construction.

Nerdy Canuck wrote:
I wonder what life insurance looks like in a setting with resurrection/reincarnation spells.

in our game it looks like buying a use a reincarnationspell to be used at a later time at exorbitant prices. I guess that's what you get Merchant God worshippers they gots to milk you for every credit.

That's what starfinder life insurance is for. Incase of accidental death.

Well I am guna use that the next time I heal. Also everytime I need to heal but the spell is not enough.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
HammerJack wrote:
Not everyone. I've seen that ability prevent a probable TPK twice.
how many times were me? :)

this I must know. Very important.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
ghostunderasheet wrote:
Yea that would be great. My dice rolls for healing tends to be lackluster.
you can give them your hit points to make up for the shortfall

Sounds legit but remind me how again?

Yea that would be great. My dice rolls for healing tends to be lackluster.

I did try to get a feat where healing would be more reliant.<I wanted to call it reliant healing or healer> Like rerolling ones and or twos or just healing average with out rolling. But they decided I meant faster healing. I told the gm that the way he made the healer feat that I would be able to do three heal spells in one round. He changed it to being able to use only one of healing options per round.

I did not make these but I was against using the resolve as it was because resolve is used for some important things like keeping yourself alive when your dieing, getting back up to do a last stand,Healing yourself while resting, using channel healing, and a couple other thing I am vague about because I hardly use mine because I think wasting resolve on anything other then not dieing is a waste.

As long as I wouldn't be restricted from saving lives.

Could you explain why each is OP. If it is and or why it is a trap. Improved healer is already done. And I think it's a trap as well since it says characters instead of creature or target. Which means I would only be allowed to heal player characters and not NPCs because they are not characters at least that's how I read it.

I should have gotten these a week ago but the gate keeper wouldn't allow me access til the night before the next gaming session.

Yea I see that now. Being able to cast a cure wounds spell on myself as a swift action. Then healing an ally as a move then casting an attack spell or just healing everyone with a standard action. Might not be something the dm intended the feat to do.

Of these Homebrew feats. Are they OP or lack luster. What would you use and which should be avoided. Also I did not make any of these but watched and tried to make suggestions.

Spellslinger's Dodge

Benefit: When you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you may spend 1 resolve point to prevent provoking an Attack of Opportunity from one enemy. In addition, Melee Touch spells and spell-like abilities do not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.
At 5th level, when you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you may spend 1 resolve point to prevent provoking an Attack of Opportunity from all enemies.
At 10th level, you may use a second resolve point to retain your spellslot.

Increased Life

Benefit: At 1st level you gain 2 extra Hit Points.
At 5th level you instead gain 1 Hit Point per character level. In addition, you gain 1 additional Resolve Point.
At 10th level you gain DR 1/- that stacks with other DR.(I don't know if this is a trap)

Battle Flurry (Combat)

Benefit: When you use the Full Attack action, as long as both attacks target the same opponent, reduce the Full Attack penalty by 2. (-2/-2)
At 5th level, when you use the Full Attack action, as long as all your attacks target the same opponent you can make one additional attack against that target, but all your attacks suffer an additional -2 penalty. (-4/-4/-4)
At 10th level, you no longer need to target a single opponent to gain this feats benefits.

Improved Healer

Prerequisite: Mystic level 1
Benefit: When the Mystic uses a non-item effect to heal himself, it is done as a swift action. When the Mystic uses a non-item effect to heal a single other -->character<--, it is done as a move action. When you use Healing Channel to heal allies within 30 ft, you do so as a standard action.
At 5th level when you use a non-item effect to heal, you may spend 1 Resolve Point to maximize the amount healed by that effect. In addition, you may use Healing Channel once per day without expending a Resolve Point.
At 10th level when a Mystic heals Hit Points, any excess healing is gained as Temporary Hit Points.
<I really think other character, should be changed target>

Prerequisite: 1st level only
Benefit: At 1st level, this character starts with 2000 credits instead of 1000, and may select a single 3rd level item.
At 5th level, you gain an NPC contact.
At 10th level, you gain an additional NPC contact.(tis a trap!)

Battle Damaged

Prerequisite: 1st level only
Benefit: Choose one of the following cybernetics to gain for free: Mk 1 Weaponized Prosthesis (Armory pg 89), Mk 1 Dermal Plating (Starfinder Core Rulebook pg 209), Standard Data Jack (Starfinder Core Rulebook pg 209), Mk 1 Targeting Eye (Unifier Combat Gear). This item can be replaced or upgraded as normal.
At 5th level you may either select an additional item from the previous list or you may upgrade the item you previously selected to it's next tier. This item can be replaced or upgraded as normal.
At 10th level you may either select an additional item from the previous list or you may upgrade the item you previously selected to it's next tier. This item can be replaced or upgraded as normal.

I am not sure what to think about these. improved healer was created for my pc but I not sure what to think about it. I don't think I would take spell slinger either sinceI will be using my resolve for other thing. I am pretty sure that they are wanting my new PC to be the party healer but I am not. I made a mind breaker mystic.

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