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Totally bought this to do some conversion work for my orks.

James Jacobs wrote:
ftrain wrote:
Which module is this guy from? I dont normally run modules or adventure path stuff.
He's from the NPC Guide. More specifically... he's Erik Mona's character from the "Shadows Under Sandpoint" game I'm running for the editorial department every other Thursday evening.

Thanks for the info!

Which module is this guy from? I dont normally run modules or adventure path stuff.

Holy crap, ima be painting those next month, i love the Wayne K Reynolds stylized goblin.

Looks like i will be trying to go... wooo reason to visit people!

I cant wait to pick this book up, i was fixing to use the Expanded Psionics book, but i will use this instead. Time to cook up some hardcore villians.

The day after i we switch from Forgotten Realms to Golarion is when i find out the book is expensive and out of print.

If i wasn't broke all the time id buy direct from the site.

super cool man. I prefer paper cut out minis to tokens tho.

Elahstan wrote:

thank you for your responses.

yes i love the 3.5 version of D&D, sadly i cannot buy enough OGL books or anything more related to the brand besides the dmguide, monster manual and players handbook.

but yes im gonna give pathfinder a try! this friday im gonna buy the corebook and maybe put a game to my friends, the only thing that maybe will stop me a little bit is that 2 of my friends dont know so much english to read a character sheet, i think im gonna work with the indesing and make some sheets in spanish for them. (i forgot to say, im from mexico) :D

btw, the adventure paths are fking awesome! Council Of Thieves and Curse of the crimson throne looks cool.

Oks im going for the corebook and i hope so in a week buy the bestiary,

¿do you recommend me to buy the advanced player guide? (ive looked at the new classes and they kick-ass, i love the witch, oracle and summoner)
¿and what other books do you recomend me?

If you love 3.5, pathfinder is the way to go. Hands down, it is a great game. All my friends have now switched over and not a single one regrets it. (Maybe because i bought all the books?)

Yo man, i was in the same predicament. Go look up the old school D&D minis, you can get awesome deals on Ral Patha and grenadier minis on ebay. And a pro tip, just buy what you plan to use, buying random lots isnt as good as you think.

Also, LoTR minis are cheap.

EDIT: If you dont care to have the exact minis.. Star wars minis are super cheap and 28mm scale.
Also, paper minis!

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I am wonder if there is just a feat that counteracts the -4 on using lethal weapons to deal non lethal damage.

Rezdave wrote:
ftrain wrote:
WoW will pick it up.

If Blizzard is sending copies to Paizo Forum members, can you have them send me one, too, even though I don't play WoW?


I think more like my bud at bliz will hook me up with it. lol.

FallofCamelot wrote:

There was a 2nd edition D&D book called I, Tyrant which went into the ecology of Beholders in a big way. IIRC the book stated that the Beholder's levitation ability was not magical in nature.

This was deliberately put in after someone pointed out the slapstick comedy potential of levitating Beholders and anti magic cones.

If you can get your hands on I, Tyrant do so as it's a fantastic book.

WoW will pick it up.

If I am correct, their anti magic projects from their eye. so unless they are looking down, im sure it wouldn't interfere. But that is one hell of an interesting question.

Eh, i think id rather have a pathfinder box. Maybe blue or something with some wayne reynolds art. 4e isnt a good way to start D&D.