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- clipping, Lassaiz Times

the article wrote:

… the most recent in a string of five violent ship-jacking attributed to this mysterious

pirate known only as Blackstone over the past eight months, seems to have happened
mid-flight over the Gray Hill Straits. The witness, a farmer local to the area, said he
“looked up when I heard this series of booms … like thunder.” The pirate aership, de-
scribed as a massive coal-black vessel of likely military design, closed and attacked
the ship. Investigations have turned up no survivors, nor have they uncovered any
remains of the stolen transport. Neither civilian nor military authorities have …

- clipping, The Cloud Racer

the article wrote:

… died last Thursday while riding his famous green racing skim,

ending what was looking to be a record-breaking season for the
beloved pilot. The halfling three-time Southern Skim Circuit cham-
pion, pictured here holding up his most recent circuit gold cup last
fall, was reportedly testing out some recent modifications to his
skim when some type of engine failure occurred. Details are un-
confirmed at this time. Dane’s family, as well as prominent mem-
bers of the racing community, is planning a memorial that …

- clipping, Raventon Reveler

the article wrote:

… so after seven years, the once-famed,

golden-framed doors are finally to be re-
opened in the coming weeks. “I’m especi-
ally excited to debut the new Pelgenon
Troupe,” says owner Lesau Pelgenon, “and
as a special treat I’ve arranged for a guest
act on opening weekend to go along with
the Crown Prince’s arrival.” Mister Pelgenon
didn’t reveal the details of the opening act,
“but the opening show is called ‘On Winter’s
’, and it’s going to be delicious!” Tic-
kets for this sneak peak advance showing are
limited, and with the festivities surrounding the
Royal family’s arrival in Raventon expected to
be in full swing, you won’t want to wait to get
your hands on …

- clipping, Coalition Times

the article wrote:

… heated talks continue today at the Coalition Summit, which

are stalling due to the continued lobbying of the self-named
“Cabinet of Commercial Dignitaries”. These self-elected rep-
resentatives of “leaders and decision-makers of the Realm’s
economic and business organizations” maintain that as long
as the Voice of the Church is allowed a representative at the
Coalition Summit table, business and economic leaders
should have representation as well. The speaker for the
Voice declined to comment, but sources indicate …