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Hi Gang,

After 7 months, wow, seven months, Fraypocalypse is officlaily over.
Everything (almost) went to good homes.
I only kept the Dangerous Journeys books for myself.
My buddy is stoked everything went to good peoples.

Thanks for particiapating.

Cya around.

Glad you guys dig your swag.
Also happy to see the 'paizo extras' were well received.

Thanks for participating everyone.

Ok, Wave II shipping is going out in the morning.
(Sorry it took so long but I can only get to the post office with all the boxes on a Sat.)

Happy Gaming. :]

The lucky gamers are:
pookie dunno
eric the cleric
seeker of shadowlight
david wickham
crimson jester
ken mrable

Shipping WAVE I:
Xaaon of Xendrik
Fake Healer
jaye sonia
crazy cat
stephen david wark
knight of roses
freehold dm
craig shackleton

As is the paizo custom, you may have something extra in your box if you had space available. :D

Next Wave going out next week.


Ok, now all shipping total emails have been sent.
If you got a 'you won' email and not a 'shipping total' email please let me know.

I'll be making my first trip to the post office near week's end. Paypal takes 3-4 business days to give me my money. :sigh:

All shipping email sent except for the international ones. I'll be taking those to the post office to get their costs then send out those emails.

Thanks again for your patience everyone.

Shipping emails have started to go out, the first 1/3. The rest are coming soon(ish).

Thanks for being patient.

I picture the A-Team with mustaches pretending to be waiters getting into the party.

NOW, all emails have been sent.

Please be a little patient as I get all of these packages together. Then I'll be sending out the shipping emails.



All but 5 emails have gone out.
I am awating my last problem...
if she deosn't get back to me by Sun @ 6pm I'll 'solve' it and send outthe remaining emails.

What book do you need with this?

I have one outstanding issue, then I have all the results.
Sorry for the wait gang.


Ok, real life kicked me tonight.
The emails will have to wait until tomorrow night. Sorry gang.

Y'all can have a sharing circle whenever you want.
Or a gaming con for that matter. (It's not like you don't have enough books now...)


cappadocius wrote:
Yeah, I didn't get an email, either. :(

You will... be patient grasshopper. :]

taig, check your email...

Ok, winners are done. (mostly)
I am waiting for a few responses to emails and then things will be final.

I'll send out emails and then figure out the S&H costs and then send those out too. Please wait until I send you your total before sending me anything. Also be a little patient as it will take me a few days to figure out shipping. (longer for you international folks since I'll be making a trip to the post office with your packages.)

Thank you everyone.

It's now time for the fun(er) part...
Thanks everyone.

Not to mention that I serve our Evil Clown Overlords with reckless abandon.
Hail Eris!

Oh.. and what houstonderek said. :D

Pax Veritas wrote:

Please respond to this inquiry, as I'd like to trust that I can still participate today before midnight...

Hiya Pax,

Nope, no plans for identity theft. Just gamer love for my peeps.

I've been around for a while now, while I am not one of the Lords of the Boards, I do consider myself in the 'court' nonetheless. I made this account just so I could deal with it and not have it confused with my normal user account, which is 'fray'. Feel free to check out that profile. I was thinking that fraypocalypse would have been a dead giveaway...;)

I totally understand your question and am glad you asked it.


Ok people.
Deadline is tonight @ midnight PST.

I'll be going through things and determining the winners Wed night when I get home. There might be a few email questions/clarifications. So, expect winning/announcing emails start going out Thurs evening.

I will of course take people's questions about winning stuff, but give me some time to get the first batch of emails out.

Thank you everyone for participating.

Matt :D

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

I check on ebay, Amazon and two retailers in New York (I'm waiting to hear from one in San Diego) - your number 12 has proved elusive, so I'm crossing my fingers Fray.

I'll know by 5 pm EST.

Thanks. I check eBay and Amazon regularly. The last one I saw on Amazon was for $150. (Didn't have the cash at the time...)

Ok, if you are making dibs at this point and you are using a dib enhancer please do the following:
List the product you want the dib enhancer to apply to, then then next product, then the next , etc.
I would like to have a priority order incase the one you picked is already taken. I won't have time to email back and forth this close to the deadline and I would like you to have your dib enhancer apply to something.


Monday bumpity.

TigerDave wrote:
fraypocalypse wrote:
bumpity bump bump
A Paizocon Con ticket and buffet ticket couldn't be used as a DIBS bumper, could it? Looks like I won't be going this year after all.

That would totally work, but I already got mine.

Total bummer you can't make it.

bumpity bump bump

Wow... things have really heated up.
There are some items I thought would be popular that aren't and a few have several dibs on them... looks like my Awesome paizo purple d20 is going to get a workout.

Many have also just emailed me to say thanks for doing this even though they are not taking any dibs. Thank you to them and everyone else participating.


Crimson Jester wrote:
Fray did you ever get a chance to see "47" before Erick died? We were play testing it right before he passed.

Nope. I hadn't heard of it. (I'll email you some questions.)

BenS wrote:

I'm not looking for anything on this list, but I'd just like to praise you for the idea of looking out for fellow Paizonians this way. I did something like this myself a few times, but on a much smaller scale.

You're a class act.

Thank you Ben. It's much appreciated.

Lisa Stevens wrote:

This is a really cool thing that you are doing Fray. The sad news for me is that I already have all of this stuff. Yeah, I know, that is kind of cool and kind of pathetic, all at the same time. :)


Thank you Lisa. :D

heheh Not pathetic at all. If I had the space (and time to read or re-read) I'd have it too.

138 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Forbidden Lore - Torroka deck still sealed 1079 is a BOX

Ooops, my bad.

ericthecleric wrote:
You will combine shipping where possible, yes?

Yes, totally.

Just for clarification:
- If you use a dib enhancer send it in with your dibs and choose an item you want it to apply to.
- There will not be a status update on which items have dibs on it. So if you want something use a dib enhancer. You will win that item unless someone already put a dib enhancer on it. (Then I will send your dib enhancer back, refund.)

Thanks gang for the praise. :]

concerro wrote:
Do you have the map to (Age of Worms)Dungeon Magazine 124. I have the magazine, but the seller did not send me a map.

Nope, don't have that one on the list. I also don't have it myself.

flash_cxxi wrote:

Is this an "America only" thing or will you ship overseas?

I may have trouble getting cash together on short notice, but I'll put the question out there just in case.

I will ship overseas. Cuz you're good people. :)

I'm not sure what the shipping will be but we can work it out.

Andrew Turner wrote:

Spectacular! Thanks!

Quick question--

180 D&D Basic Set Dungeon & Dragons - Box

Can you tell us which edition this is, or the box color/art?

Colored Box. It's in the video.

If that doesn't help, please let me know.

Come Get Some!

What is this?
This is me giving away a bunch of D&D and other RPG books and modules(OVER 400!) for FREE*.
I'd say 96% of the stuff is in great shape.
There are some worn books and modules. There are un-punched counter sheets that might be missing one or two pieces. A few of the mags had the covers come off.
The Dark Sun boxes are a bit 'bent' but the inside stuff is great.
And let me tell you about the maps... Effing SWEEET! (I seriously almost kept all the maps, even had an 'ok' from the wife...) :)
You can see the video HERE.

Why am I doing this? Why am I not putting it up on eBay?
My buddy asked that this stuff go to a good home if didn't keep it. I don't want some stranger to get it. So, it's going to go to the good people here on the boards.

I also want this to be fair and give everyone equal opportunity to get some of this wonderful stuff. And I hope that my Rules accomplish this.

Who gets to play?
Anyone who has been on the boards for at least a month and has some posts. If you are unfamiliar to me I will be checking profiles.
(This is to prevent people from outside the boards coming here trying to snipe your stuff.)

You get 7 dibs. Sa-weeet!

Da' Rules
Use your dibs on stuff.
If it's a box, it counts as 3 dibs. Everything else is 1 dib.

Email me your dibs
Email me fraypocalypse -at- gmail -dot- com
Put your user name in the subject line. (Please indicate paizo or kobold quarterly (next to your forum/user name))
List your dibs.
Lastly give me your name and address

What happens when more than one person has dibs on a stuff?
I roll my Paizo Purple d20 of Awesomeness™. High roll wins.

How do I find out if I won?
I will email you what you have won and what the S&H will be.

What are Dib Enhancers?
These are things that you can submit with your dibs to WIN a stuff.
Only ONE dib enhancer per person. First stuff that gets a dib enhancer wins, no die roll, you get that stuff. (Easiest way would be to send the $ to me through paypal then I buy it. That way you won't have to pay for shipping of it, I also don't know how you could buy a pdf for someone else through paizo.)

The dib enhancers are:
Osirion Companion
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide
Christine's Mod
Osirion Companion - pdf
Christine's Mod - pdf
Mutant City Blues (GUMSHOE)
Cash ($5 minimum)

I am also looking for Amberzine #12. This is worth any 10 items from the list. I will pay for shipping of said 10 items. (You will have 6 dibs left over if you would like to use them.)
My history with Amberzine #12...

I had two choices to buy it, one from Phage Press and the other from Guardians of Order. I bought it from GoO because it would ship within the week. (PP would have shipped it out sometime in 4-6 when they made their trip to the warehouse to get items for shipments.) GoO said it would take 2-4 weeks. So cool for me. I paid my $60 and waited. 6 weeks went by. I sent off an email with no response. 9 weeks and 2 more email went by and Guardians of Order had gone out of business. I was bummed. I sent an email to Phage Press and Erick Wujick replied. (How cool!) He hadn't heard about GoO going under and would check into things for me. We had an email conversation that lasted 9-10 months on Erick tracking down what was happening to the product and the people taking it over would send me a copy but that never happened either. After a year of not getting my Amberzine #12, I bought ($50) one from Erick. He was really helpful and cool the whole time we 'talked'. After waiting a few weeks I sent off an email to check on the status and received no reply. 3 weeks later another email was sent and then the week after that Erick has passed away. I was totally floored upon hearing this, I had been in a few of Erick's Amber games at GenCon over the years, he was a great guy.
Even with all the karma surrounding it. I would really like to get a copy of this book. I'm a big Amber/Roger Zelazny fan.(boy)

Also for Trade/Sale
I have a new/extra copy of the Alpha Omega RPG (Thanks Atomic Array!)
$30 ($50 retail, $40 at paizo) or make me an offer. (You can use the Dib Enhancers above if you'd like.) Straight trade for Mutant City Blues.

When you win
I will send you an email and you will have 2 day (48 hours) to send/arrange payment. If I do not receive payment then, I go to the next person in line. Paypal will be easiest. Checks will take longer as I will wait for them to clear.

- - - -

This thread will be for any questions. Do NOT post your dibs here, they will be ignored.

Deadline for dibs will be closed at April 21, 2009 Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Thanks for being such a cool community. I'm glad to be a part of it.

*Ok, not quite Free, you get to pay for shipping and handling. Handling: $2.50. Shipping: Flat rate Priotrity Mail
I'm using flat rate envelopes for shipping so I don't have to deal with going to the post office to get things weighed and such. It makes thing easier on me.
Shipping prices:
$4.95 for envelope (Good for a hardcover book or some mods.)
$10.35 for box
(I will pack stuff into the smallest amount of boxes/envelopes I can.)

(pdf link).


1 AD&D Battle System - Bloodstone Pass - H1 9122
2 AD&D Battle System - Box 1019
3 AD&D Beyond the Crystal Cave - UK1 9066
4 AD&D Dieties & Demigods (2) HB
5 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Deceit DL9
6 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Desolation DL4
7 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Despair DL1
8 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Dreams DL10
9 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Fith DL12
10 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Flame DL2
11 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Glory DL11
12 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Hope DL3
13 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Ice DL6
14 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Light DL7
15 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Mystery DL5
16 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of Truth DL13
17 AD&D Dragonlance - Dragons of War DL8
18 AD&D Dragonlance Adventures HB
19 AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide (2) HB
20 AD&D Dungeon Master's Screen 9024
21 AD&D Dungeoneer's Survival Guide HB
22 AD&D Expedition to the Barrier Peaks - S3 9033
23 AD&D Fiend Folio HB
24 AD&D Forgotten Realms - Campaign Setting - BOX 1031
25 AD&D Forgotten Realms - City System - BOX 1040
26 AD&D Forgotten Realms - Dreams of the Red wizards 9235
27 AD&D Forgotten Realms - Lords of Darkness 9240
28 AD&D Forgotten Realms - The Savage Frontier 9233
29 AD&D Greyhawk Adventures HB
30 AD&D Lankhmar - City of Adventure 9162
31 AD&D Lankhmar - Swords of the Undercity 9150
32 AD&D Monster Manual HB
33 AD&D Monster Manual II HB
34 AD&D Oasis of the White Palm - I4 9053
35 AD&D Oriental Adventures HB
36 AD&D Oriental Adventures - Swords of the Daimyo 9164
37 AD&D Players Handbook - statue HB
38 AD&D Players Handbook - wizard HB
39 AD&D Queen of the Spiders 9179
40 AD&D Ravenloft (adventure) 9075
41 AD&D Realms of Horror 9209
42 AD&D Scourge of the Slavelords 9167
43 AD&D Tale of the Outer Planes 9225
44 AD&D The Assassin's Knot - L2 9057
45 AD&D The official RPGA Tournament Handbook 9206
46 AD&D The Secret of Bone Hill - L1 9045
47 AD&D The Temple of Elemental Evil 9147
48 AD&D Unearthed Arcana (2) HB
49 AD&D White Plume Mountain - S2 9027
50 AD&D World of Greyhawk - BOX 1015
51 AD&D World of Greyhawk - Castle Greyhawk 9222
52 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - A Dozen and One Adventures - Box 9432
53 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - Arabian Adventures
54 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - Assassin's Mountain - Box 9431
55 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - City of Delights - Box 1091
56 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - Golden Voyages - Box 9366
57 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - Lands of Fate - Box 1077
58 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - Ruined Kingdoms - Box 9440
59 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - Secrets of the Lamp - Box 9433
60 AD&D 2e Al-Qadim - The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook 2146
61 AD&D 2e Arms and Equiment Guide
62 AD&D 2e Book of Artifacts HB
63 AD&D 2e Campaign Sourcebook /Catacomb Guide
64 AD&D 2e Castle Guide
65 AD&D 2e Character Record Sheets 9264
66 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - BOX 2400
67 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - City-State of Tyr 2420
68 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Dragon Kings 2408 HB
69 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Dragon's Crown - Box 2416
70 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Dune Trader 2407
71 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water 2422
72 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Elves of Athas 2423
73 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Slave Tribes 2404
74 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - The Complete Gladiator's Handbook 2419
75 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Valley of Dust and Fire 2413
76 AD&D 2e Dark Sun - Veiled Alliance 2411
77 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Arcane Shadows 2410
78 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Asticlian Gambit 2412
79 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Black Flames 2417
80 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Black Spine 2428
81 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Forest Maker 2430
82 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Freedom 2401
83 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Marauders of Nibenay 2424
84 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Merchant House of Amketch 2421
85 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -Road to Urik 2406
86 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -The Ivory Triangle 2418
87 AD&D 2e Dark Sun -The Will and The Way 2431
88 AD&D 2e Dragon Mountain - BOX 1089
89 AD&D 2e Drgonlance - Tales of the Lance - BOX 1074
90 AD&D 2e Dungeon Master Screen (2) 9263
91 AD&D 2e Dungeon Master's Guide (2) HB
92 AD&D 2e Elves of Evermet
93 AD&D 2e Fighter's Screen 9457
94 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - Campaign Setting - BOX 1085
95 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - City of Mystery - BOX 9262
96 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - Cormyr 9410
97 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - Hall of Heroes 9252
98 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - Menzoberranzan - Box 1083
99 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - The Bloodstone Lands 9267
100 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - The Dalelands 9392
101 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms - The Ruins of Myth Drannor - Box 1084
102 AD&D 2e Forgotten Realms Adventures HB
103 AD&D 2e Greyhawk Adventures - Border Watch 9406
104 AD&D 2e Greyhawk Adventures - Iuz the Evil 9399
105 AD&D 2e Greyhawk Adventures - The City of Skulls 9405
106 AD&D 2e Greyhawk Adventures - The Marklands 9398
107 AD&D 2e Greyhawk Adventures - Vecna Lives 9309
108 AD&D 2e Legends & Lore HB
109 AD&D 2e Magic Encyclopedia - Vol I 9293
110 AD&D 2e Magic Encyclopedia - Vol II 9421
111 AD&D 2e Monster Manual HB
112 AD&D 2e Monster Mythology
113 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Al Qadim 2129
114 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Dark Sun 2405
115 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Fiend Folio appendix 2132
116 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Forgotten Realms appendix 2125
117 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Greyhawk appendix 2107
118 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Kara-Tur 2116
119 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Outer Planes 2118
120 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Ravenloft appendix 2122
121 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Ravenloft appendix II: Children of the night 2139
122 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium - Spelljammer (sealed) 2119
123 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Vol 1 - Binder 2102
124 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Vol 2 2103
125 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Vol 2 - Binder 2105
126 AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium Vol 3 - Forgotten Realms appendix 2104
127 AD&D 2e Planescape - Campaign Setting - Box 2600
128 AD&D 2e Planescape - In the Abyss 2605
129 AD&D 2e Planescape - Monstrous Compendium appendix 2602
130 AD&D 2e Planescape - Planes of Chaos - Box 2603
131 AD&D 2e Planescape - Well of Worlds 2604
132 AD&D 2e Player's Handbook (2) HB
133 AD&D 2e Priest's Screen 9462
134 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Book of Crypts 9336
135 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Capaign Setting - BOX 1108
136 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Castles Forlorn - Box 1088
137 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Darklords 9331
138 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Forbidden Lore - Torroka deck still sealed 1079
139 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Islands of Terror 9348
140 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Night of the Walking Dead 9352
141 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Realm of Terror - BOX 1053
142 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - The Awakening (sealed) 9452
143 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts 9355
144 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Van Richten's Guide to the Lich 9412
145 AD&D 2e Ravenloft - Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts 9416
146 AD&D 2e Spelljammer - Greyspace 9374
147 AD&D 2e Temple Tower & Tomb 9448
148 AD&D 2e The Complete Bard's Handbook
149 AD&D 2e The Complete Book of Dwarves
150 AD&D 2e The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings
151 AD&D 2e The Complete Book of Humanoids
152 AD&D 2e The Complete Book of Villains
153 AD&D 2e The Complete Druid's Handbook
154 AD&D 2e The Complete Fighter's Handbook
155 AD&D 2e The Complete of Elves
156 AD&D 2e The Complete Paladin's Handbook
157 AD&D 2e The Complete Priest's Handbook
158 AD&D 2e The Complete Psionics Handbook 2117
159 AD&D 2e The Complete Ranger's Handbook
160 AD&D 2e The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook
161 AD&D 2e The Complete Thief's Handbook
162 AD&D 2e The Complete Wizard's Handbook
163 AD&D 2e The Glory of Rome Camaign Sourcebook
164 AD&D 2e The Murky Deep 9422
165 AD&D 2e Thief's Screen 9463
166 AD&D 2e Tome of Magic HB
167 AD&D 2e Trasure Maps 9377
168 AD&D 2e Wizard's Screen 9468
169 Bard games The Chronicles of Talislanta 2000
170 Bard games The Chronicles of Talislanta: The Deset Kingdoms 2406
171 Bard games The Chronicles of Talislanta: The Eastern Lands 2405
172 Bard games The Chronicles of Talislanta: The Seven Kingdoms 2402
173 Bard games The Chronicles of Talislanta: The Wilderlands of Zaran 2403
174 Cartoon Files Magazine Spotlight on Robotech
175 Champions Core rules SB 450
176 Chaosium Call of Cthulhu 5e 2336
177 Chaosium ELRIC!: Dark Fantasy Roleplaying 2900
178 Chaosium Horror's Heart 2359
179 Comico Robotech: The Graphic Novel
180 D&D Basic Set Dungeon & Dragons - Box
181 Dangerous Journeys Epic of Aerth
182 Dangerous Journeys Journeys #1
183 Dangerous Journeys Mythus
184 Dangerous Journeys Mythus' GM Screen
185 Dangerous Journeys Mythus Magick
186 Dangerous Journeys Necropolis
187 déjà vu Studios Pandemonium! Adventures in Tabloid World MIB 3300
188 Dragon 78
189 Dragon 79
190 Dragon 80
191 Dragon 81
192 Dragon 82
193 Dragon 85
194 Dragon 86
195 Dragon 87
196 Dragon 88
197 Dragon 89
198 Dragon 90
199 Dragon 91
200 Dragon 92
201 Dragon 93
202 Dragon 94
203 Dragon 95
204 Dragon 96
205 Dragon 97
206 Dragon 98
207 Dragon 99
208 Dragon 100
209 Dragon 101
210 Dragon 102
211 Dragon 103
212 Dragon 104
213 Dragon 105
214 Dragon 106
215 Dragon 107
216 Dragon 108
217 Dragon 109
218 Dragon 110
219 Dragon 111
220 Dragon 112
221 Dragon 113
222 Dragon 114
223 Dragon 115
224 Dragon 116
225 Dragon 117
226 Dragon 118
227 Dragon 119
228 Dragon 120
229 Dragon 122
230 Dragon 131
231 Dragon 133
232 Dragon 134
233 Dragon 141
234 Dragon 146
235 Dragon 148
236 Dragon 150
237 Dragon 151
238 Dragon 152
239 Dragon 153
240 Dragon 154
241 Dragon 155
242 Dragon 160
243 Dragon 165
244 Dragon 183
245 Dragon 184
246 Dragon 185
247 Dragon 193
248 Dragon 194
249 Dragon 195
250 Dragon 196
251 Dragon 197
252 Dragon 198
253 Dragon 199
254 Dragon 200
255 Dragon 201
256 Dragon 202
257 Dragon 203
258 Dragon 204
259 Dragon 205
260 Dragon 206
261 Dragon 207
262 Dragon 210
263 Dragon 211
264 Dragon 212
265 Dragon 213
266 Dragon Best of Vol 1
267 Dragon Best of Vol 2
268 Dragon Best of Vol 3
269 Dragon Best of Vol 4
270 Dungeon 16
271 Dungeon 19
272 Dungeon 44
273 Dungeon 47
274 FASA Battletech 2e - Box 1604
275 FASA Battletech: The Spider and the Wolf 8604
276 Games Workshop The Enemy Within 000219
277 Games Workshop Warhammer Fantansy Roleplay 020
278 GDW Twilight: 2000 - Box 500
279 GURPS Basic Set 3e (sealed) 6022
280 GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse 6077
281 Mayfair DC Heroes Role Playing Game - BOX 201
282 Mayfair DC Heroes: Siege 204
283 Palladium After the Bomb 503
284 Palladium Heroes Unlimited 500
285 Palladium Robotech 550
286 Palladium Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness 502
287 Palladium Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures 504
288 R Talsorian Games Castle Faulkenstein: Comme Il Faut (2) CF6011
289 R Talsorian Games Castle Faulkenstein: Six-Guns & Sorcery CF6031
290 R Talsorian Games Castle Faulkenstein: The Book of Sigils CF6041
291 Role Aids Apocalypse -Box 764
292 Role Aids Arch Magic - Box 760
293 Role Aids Denizens of Verekna 758
294 Role Aids To Hell and Back 753
295 Role Aids Witches 747
296 Santuary Games Tales of Gargentihr SG0100
297 Shadowrun Core rules 2e 7901
298 Shadus 10
299 The Armory 30 sided dice Gaming Tables
300 TSR 1993 Master Catalog - Collector's Edition 9912
301 TSR Amazing Engine: Bughunters 2702
302 TSR Amazing Engine: System Guide (2) 2700
303 TSR Gamma World: Core rules (red) Box 7010
304 TSR Gamma World: Famine In Far-Go 7502
305 TSR Gamma World: Game Rules 7514
306 TSR Gamma World: Referee's Screen 6502
307 TSR Gamma World: The Mind Masters 7505
308 TSR Gamma World: Treasure of the Ancients 7517
309 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Avengers Assembled! 6854
310 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Cat's Paw 6857
311 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Lone Wolves 6859
312 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Murderworld! 6855
313 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Project Wideawake 6861
314 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Secret Wars 6860
315 TSR Marvel Superheroes - The Breeder Bombs 6851
316 TSR Marvel Superheroes - Timetrap 6853
317 TSR Marvel Superheroes Advanced Set - BOX 6871
318 TSR Marvel Superheroes The Heroic Role-playing Game - BOX 6850
319 TSR Star Frontiers: Alpha Dwan - Box 7007
320 Tyranny Games The End: Lost Souls Edition TYG0020
321 Tyranny Games The End: The Boston Massacre TYG0021
322 West End Games TORG: Aysle 20507
323 West End Games TORG: Rule book 20501-30
324 West End Games TORG: The Cyberpapacy 20508
325 West End Games TORG: The Living Lands 20505
326 West End Games TORG: The Nile Empire 20506
327 West End Games TORG: War's End 20590
328 West End Games TORG: World book + The Desitiny Map-no cover (non-Box) 20501-31
329 White Wolf 35
330 White Wolf Alien Hunger 2100
331 White Wolf Awakening Diablerie: Mexico 2005
332 White Wolf Berlin by Night 2214
333 White Wolf Black Furies Tribebook 3051
334 White Wolf Blood Bond 2103
335 White Wolf Bloody Hearts Diablerie: Britain 2010
336 White Wolf Bone Gnawers Tribebook 3052
337 White Wolf Book of Chantries 4003
338 White Wolf Book of the Wyrm 3200
339 White Wolf Caerna: Places of Powers 3201
340 White Wolf Chicago by Night 2201
341 White Wolf Chicago by Night 2e 2203
342 White Wolf Clanbook Brujah 2051
343 White Wolf Clanbook Malkavian 2053
344 White Wolf Clanbook Toreador 2056
345 White Wolf Clanbook Tremere 2057
346 White Wolf Clanbook Ventrue 2058
347 White Wolf Clankbook Nosferatu 2054
348 White Wolf Dakr Alliance: Vancouver 3103
349 White Wolf Dark Colony 2212
350 White Wolf Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand 4210
351 White Wolf Loom of Fate 4002
352 White Wolf Mag 40
353 White Wolf Mag 41
354 White Wolf Mag 42
355 White Wolf Mag 43
356 White Wolf Mag 44
357 White Wolf Mag 45
358 White Wolf Mag 46
359 White Wolf Mage - Digital Web 4004
360 White Wolf Mage - Storytellers Screen
361 White Wolf Mage - Storytellers Screen (sealed)
362 White Wolf Mage - The Book of Shadows: Mages Players Guide 4050
363 White Wolf Mage: The Ascension 4000
364 White Wolf Monkeywrench: Pentex 3203
365 White Wolf Necropolis Atlantis 6200
366 White Wolf New Orleans 2209
367 White Wolf Progenitors 4201
368 White Wolf Rage Across New York 3100
369 White Wolf Rage Across Russia 3105
370 White Wolf Rage across the Amazon 3200
371 White Wolf Rite of Pasage 3002
372 White Wolf Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat 2255
373 White Wolf The Anarch Cookbook 2207
374 White Wolf The Book of Nod 2251
375 White Wolf The Hunters Hunted 2205
376 White Wolf The Storytellers Handbook 2200
377 White Wolf The Werewolf Players Guide 3202
378 White Wolf Umbra 3204
379 White Wolf Under a Blood Red moon 3102
380 White Wolf Valkenburg Foundation 3101
381 White Wolf Vampire: A World of Darkness HB 2220
382 White Wolf Vampire: Players Guide 2e HB 2206
383 White Wolf Vampire: Players Guide to The Sabbat 2055
384 White Wolf Vampire: Storytellers Screen 2e
385 White Wolf Vampire: The Masquerade - HB (2) 2002
386 White Wolf Virtual Adepts Traditions Book 4060
387 White Wolf Ways of the Wolf 3050
388 White Wolf Werewolf - Storytellers Screen (2)
389 White Wolf Werewolf - Storytellers Screen (sealed) 3601
390 White Wolf Werewolf - Storytellers Screen (sealed) 3002
391 White Wolf Werewolf: The Apocalypse HB 3600
392 White Wolf Werewolf: The Apocalypse SB (2) 3000
393 White Wolf Wraith - Character Kit