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I play DDO. I also play Pathfinder PnP. I (along with my gaming group) switch over to Paizo and Pathfinder when 4th Ed was getting close to release. What I would LOVE to see is an MMO based in Galorian.

For those unfamiliar with DDO, it is based in Eberron, more specifically in and around Stormreach. it is actually a very good MMO based loosely around 3.5 rules.

For those familiar with DDO, my suggestions would be;

Instead of starting on Korthos; start in Sandpoint
Instead of going to Stormreach; go to Magnamar
Instead of Warforged and Drow; get Tiefling and Aasimar
Instead of True Resurrection; when they level to 20, they can come back as first level in Riddleport

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Mosaic wrote:

Gosh, I hate to say this but I just don't like the name "the Darklands." I mean, I 'll live with it or tweak it for myself, but it's the first Pathfinder name that just doesn't sit well with me.

Maybe just "the Dark" or "the Darkhollows" or "the Darkrealms" or (taking a cue from Bastion Press) "the Black," but the word 'lands' suggests above ground to me.

Like I said, I'll can deal with it, but is anyone else feeling the same way?

Actually, well no, I am not feeling the same way. Underground is land, the same as above ground is (unless it is air or, just much more treacherous and sinister.

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