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are there printable character sheets for these anywhere?

Go starsight

im kinda of the persuasion that if multiclassing becomes a thing, it needs to be a scenario reward that lets you use a card from another class deck... say once you gain it you pick one other class deck and can swap one card from your characters deck with a card from another class deck, if you ever lose or upgrade the card you picked you have to replace it with your own cards again... and this could be a nice reward to show up 2-3 times an adventure path?

When did this get announced? coulda sworn it was something else in the pipeline.

If you read it... it says all material is legal except what it notes... says it right under the title of the book in the AR .... go for it... be the sky pirate you always yearned to be

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
hfm wrote:
Theryon Stormrune wrote:
WOW ... I did not expect Iron Gods!
I did! :)
I hope I didn't spoil any surprise, though.

dude... iron gods would be sooo metal

so quick update... i did figure it out... it kept reverting my shipping to add it to sidecart and i worked around that and got it shipped so as long as you can reassure me that it wont try to send me another character add on deck i would be happy... thanks!

I recently resubscribed to the pathfinder adventure card game for the wrath of the righteous base set. it added it to my sidecart for my next shipment but i noticed it is already available so i added a couple other items to the cart for the shiping discount and tried to have them ship and instead it just added them all to my sidecart... mostly my concerns are just that 1. they ship together for that shipping discount and 2. the subscription doesnt try to add another character add on deck but i can still get the promos... if someone could check on those for i would be most appreciative.

hmmm... this would be the place to try my sorceror/ battle oracle later prestieging into mystic theurge/eldritch knight

From what i have read, page 219 of the core book only has rules for wizards coping spells into spellbooks, with magus having a section on his spellbook section saying he may copy spells found in other spellbooks into his on pg. 9 of ultimate magic... so per RAW, i'd have to say no, you cannot have a class without the spellbook class feature copy spells into a blank spellbook you have bought. however nothing stops you from finding another PC to copy his spells into it for you.

that... and arnt all characters standing on golarion... not earth... unless you are playing a certain ap these boots are pretty bad

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cover is certainly gonna change... thats a ranger, skald, sorcerer, and shaman they show now =P

If a pregen has errors such as this, it is usually best to just play the pregen as written. As you cannot change prepared spells or take item creation feats, its best that you dont change anything.

i was lucky enough to get 3 characters through the playtest, but the only reason i was able to hit the 4 game boon on one was because we were playing through emerald spire... in future playtests i would appreciate an extra week or two to get some games in to make hitting some of those boons possible, as no one i know of in my area was able to get even the 6 game boon.

Undone wrote:
feylund wrote:
how come people think all nongood acts are evil.... neutral is an alignment..
The souls of your enemies may taste like chocolate but consuming them is still definitely evil.

As a gm.... i certainly believe that this leaves a lot of roo. for interpretation....its certainly evil if you are just going around killing just to fill your points up its evil, but if someone just tried to kill me i certainly feel it is more or a balence to see him pay for that by restoring the very resource ge depleted.... all fitting well within a neutral alignmet standpoint... restoring the balence in all

how come people think all nongood acts are evil.... neutral is an alignment..

id like to see some of the abilities moved down to levels 1-4 especially for fire.... built one and my options feel really limiting until 6th level.... maybe giving fire a small burning hands like blast

as the title suggests... can i use the blasts as weapons for things like weapon focus(blast) and improved critical?

just want to say after reading this... im usually really good at understanding what im reading.... but the tri spirits..... im still not really understanding how it works after multiple readings..... not even gonna try reading the 4 spirit one... my head hurts

because a lot of the time the one character i have in tier just isnt a good fit for the adventure... or maybe the party just needs something else to succed. that and i really dont mind just using it as fodder to help my lower level characters level up a bit quicker.

I am completely against any mechanic that involves not getting to play my character for more than half the slot... having not played the mythic stuff, i have no opinion on them.

I would like some more giant monster battles... but everyone should be participating.

Personally, i would enjoy a sort of town defense scenario.. using social skills to rally the townsfolk and then having some large/multiwave fight that changes depending on how you set up the towns defenses.
Also, a scenario where we get to be the actual bad guys for a change... maybe a two parter where we get alignment shifted and then a later one where we have different pcs come save them.

The rouge charges into the bbeg, takes 2 shocking grasps, is going to die to the third.... and the rest of the party in heavy armor is still 2-3 turns away at full and rouge is asking us all to surrender.... and my half orc warpriest of gorum laughs

ive got something similar going in pfs right now, and yes you can cast with a two handed weapon as you can hold the weapon in one hand, but need two to attack with it and there is no action to change how you hold it... he mostly uses transmutations and buff spells to make up for the fact that he isnt a full fighter and has no spell dcs, just make sure to grab your headband of int if you want to cast higher level spell. arcane armor training is also a must. at early levels i spammed enlarge person with combat reflexes and my greatsword(now 3d6) now that hes a bit higher level hes using haste and the like to keep not only the party, but himself up with the enemies.

Take toughness at level 1... that way you might soak 1 more hit before dying.. that would be really usefull

Mwangi Inquisitor wrote:

Final Adjusted Spell Level = F

Magical Lineage = L = -1
Spell Level = X
All Metamagic Modifiers Used = M{all}

F = X + M{all} + L [do not add L if (M{all} + X) = X]

This says nothing.... the wording suggests it should be reduced again considering they are added on seperate occasions. im asking if there is any rulingor paizo prexedwnt to the oposite of how it reads?

Even considering that i "add up all the adjustments" to determine what level i prepare it at and then again while actually casting? the way arcanists cast i need to have a final level for 2 seperate cases.

readinding magican lineage it says that whenever you add metamagic to a spell tou reduce its final level by 1, so as an arcanist i apply the when. i prepare the spell to make toppling magic missle a first level spell, but if when casting i use metamixing exploit to add say empowered(a 2 level adjustment) to the spell would i get the rrduction again since its a seperate occasion of adding metamagic making it a 2nd level spell slot? or can magical lineage only reduce it once for some wierd reason or ruling i cant find?

even if they are not made availible again, i would like a refrence to them if only to acertain if a pc is using it legaly.

needs less broken robots.... more fully functional ones.

As a proud owner of paperbacks i love the idea of a product confirmation boon... though do believe it should be limited to what is in the prd as that covers most hardcovers and the rules are readily avaible for anyone with a phone made in the last 5 years....

edit: As a way to keep people from buying books and selling after confirmation, what if the sheets expired after so long, say 2-3 the very least it would help with the situation at conventions.

for my seven, id keep human, elf, dwarf, and halfling. then add full orcs, dhampir, and goblin. remove the very similar half races to add some more bestial races as well as a small touch of the undead.

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A palidin who is really angry about it. he was forced unto by his father but isnt willing to give up the powers so he plays his code by the letter. when Sarenrae called him on it he threatened to turn antipalidin and slaughter hundreds so he gets by as technically lawful good helping people out but is still grumpy as hell about it and curses a lot.

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*Now installing divinity drive... estimated time to completion: 5 months 2 days 7 hours and 23 seconds.

so, was doing some sjopping and came across this item called the bracelet of friendship. basically, you can call a creature atuuned to it to your location, now my question is, if you attune another player, at some unspecified point in the future when we are playing diffrent tables, can i just say, ''hey, sorry but we need you over here now!'' and how would that affect the chronicles?

I tend to think of detect spells having some form of cosmetic effect that shows a spell has been cast such as glowing eyes or the 'cone shaped emination' being visable to others. almost all spells should have some visable component to allow the spellcraft checks allowed in the rules baring things like invisibility. a small rule i like to play by, if my fantasy doesnt match up with the rules, then i need to change how im imagining things.

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Prince Abdul Bin Falafel wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

The grand lodge:

Ambrose Valsin: Announcement! Starting this year will will allow unlimited number of kitsune to join our field teams!

"Woo hoo! now i don't have to hide." *turns into a kitsune*

"Me either!" *wolfs out*

"Me too!" *pops into foxform*

Ambrose facepalm. "Is anyone here NOT a kitsune?"

A seemingly Keleshite man wearing a burnoose and hot weather outfit raises his hand while whispering to his herald

The herald turns to Ambrose Valsin and speaks

"His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Bin Falafel wishes to inform you that he is not a Kitsune, but rather, an Aasimar whose heritage is so distant he just looks as if he is human."


Right before his herald turns into a kitsune

rouge/summoner.... always have a buddy to flank with.... lol

Fate: i know its an old question but i would assume she had the key as this was during buisness hours with the crowd and all.

about to run this tuesday and looking at it, is losing the key (as unlikly as it is supposed) enough to call the mission failed and award no prestiege?

-2 Sorin the tiefling witch.
the beggers pearl xp on 7/22.

id say maybe play it up as hes draining his arcane batteries so suffers an effect similar to fatigue. or if you know the gamer trying to do this i would pull him aside and talk to him about it. maybe even let him do it for a while and if it seems to have balence issues change it but let him change the trait if he doeant like what you suggest.

the lem i am currently using mostly acts as a scout getting locations set up with augury and only healing others when they get themselves in trouble. im only on A2S2, but its worked out so far.

from what has been said, i believe all sets have the same card back.

not sure how i feel about each aide invalidating cards in my deck when i pick them up. it almost seems like which role i choose will be more dictated by what i find rather than personal prefrence.

Sir Barnick wrote:

Thanks for the response, Hawkmoon.

I suppose I'm reading into this that is no benefit to me, then. I recognize that all your points in 1 and 2 are valid and probably apply to a wide selection of people, but I have no problems with playing with whatever number of people are available--including just myself.

I think the most disappointing thing about this program is that all Paizo is providing is a PDF for stores to download (read this on the article announcing the Class Decks). 30 new scenarios with no new locations, villains, or henchmen? People have been posting great scenarios here without those things. I'd expect a little more from Paizo.


Oh well, PACG is still a great game even though I find a lot of little annoyances in it. And since some people will find the organized play as defined helpful then I guess it's better than nothing (although a PDF is just some bits on a computer... so that's as close to nothing as you can get).

id like to say that they have said the scenarios will be pages of stuff. not just a card so they were able to do a lot more with the scenarios in op. so dont expect just because their are no new cards that there wont be some neat stuff going on.

ChaoticBlue wrote:

Ok great, Thanks Brad and Mike. I think what I like about the other characters is that you have choices as to what to do with them ( Example: I'm starting Harsk and plan to focus on giving him spells and giving him recharge of animal allies rather then ranged weapons).

Lem seems like he's kind of stuck with spells for his majority, he doesn't have the ability to focus on much else, but if the other bards are different I might give them a shot, even just out of curiosity ; ).

Do not underestimate lem. played right, he is immortal.

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First World Bard wrote:

I expect that's why the RotR demo deck list is as it is... when you're just starting out as Valeros, even a +1 Dogslicer is a gift from the gods, given you know there is a Spectre in one location deck. Of course, exactly *who* would enchant a dogslicer is another question entirely. :)


brad2411 wrote:

I am interested in seeing how they do the Necromancer. I can see them doing the necromancer how you are taking about summoning but only with the undead. Or something like the summon monster scroll in RotR but only with undead.

Also for the ranger (or fighter) to have more stuff to do with two weapon fighting.

In the cleric deck it looks like there is a Cleric of Nethys (god of magic and knowledge) I am interested to see his role cards and am wondering if there will be one for Mystic Theurge (half cleric half wizard) for him. If you can go by the picture on the box he is the second one with half his head shaved.

undead allies certainly sound interesting. as far as the mystic theurge goes, we already have bards mixing divine and arcane so a hard flavor match will be difficult for sure.

having preorded the sorceror and wizard decks im hoping one of the character is a conjoror that deals with elementals. maybe represented by having them as allies in their deck that can be fetched with spells.

with just a few short weeks left until the class decks release we still dont know much about their contents aside from:
1. 4 characters 2 known names a piece
2. less than 30 basic boons to start per deck
3. several "unique" boons for characters like poisons for the rouges.
so what are you hoping for in your class decks come this august?

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