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As discussed in other threads the Unchained Monk has some archetype compatibility issues.
In order for my players to keep their current characters rather than rebuild from scratch would letting them use the Qingong Monks trade out to get access to the Unchained Monk Ki Powers be fair?
They don't want to lose that Will save.

It has come to my attention that a Changeling as only 3 options for hag "heritage" racial traits (Annis, Green & Sea) but there are(at least)3 other types of hags from Paizo: the Mute Hag from The Harrowing module, the Winter Hag from Bestiary 4 & the Blood Hag also from Bestiary 4.
Without official ruling on these (yet) what are some ideas for these "heritage" racial traits.
Winter is cold based
Blood is Fire
Mute is weird, it can look helpless but is blind & mute making it immune to a bunch of stuff that requires scenes & gets Blindsight.
I am really at a loss with the Mute.
Also if their are any that I missed that would be awesome to find out too my players tend to find out things I don't know & vice versa, keeps us all on our toes :)

So Far I have 2 new players one is a Druid & one is a Rogue. I have never had a Druid in my game before plus I don't know how the player will build. I have a third player who is almost always either Wizard or Sorcerer but is not always available so I sometimes have to pick up the slack with an overly helpful "npc" that I run. Usually this is a cleric but with the druid seems kinda redundant, my next fav is usually a ranger but with the rogue & druid seems redundant, any suggestions for balancing out my party?
Note I have only been GMing for 3 yrs & this is my second game group so if I missed something obvious sorry.