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Congratulations on the great content everyone! Had a great time reading :)

Thank you Quibblemuch and Cole Kronewritter for the great articles, I enjoyed painting them very much.

Thank you to the editors and layout artists for making it look slick :D

Just skimmed through :) The stories and artwork take me on a real adventure trip!

Big thank you to Moonstonian and Michael Phillips for their stories, I'm glad to have the opportunity to contribute to them.

Big thanks also to the editorial, design and layout folks!

Thanks you guys!

Timitius wrote:
And, received! I do believe I will add you to my roster list....and we will see what happens in a few weeks, eh?

Thank you Tim! Looking forward to the opportunity :)

Snorter wrote:

Not too late for issue 12, yet.

The Sep 1st deadline is just for the prose submissions, all the accepted articles get fitted to available artists after that.

Thanks for clarifying :) I've sent in my portfolio.

Sorry for the late reply, its been crazy busy and being a noob I was searching through the pages for the post until I realized I could FOCUS T.T

Thanks for all the positive response guys, its giving me plenty of encouragement and inspiration! Big thank you to Artemis Moonstar for writing that excerpt and making the image mo'awesome!

Paladin of Baha-who? : Thank you. Its very encouraging, I'm still learning but I definitely hope to do so.

Imbicatus : Thank you. I'm glad you like it!

Liz Courts : Thank you. Its in the works!

Feytharn : Thank you. I will!

Timitius : Thank you. I'd be glad to provide some art for the Wayfinder Magazine. I just joined the group on DeviantArt, and I am intending to write in for #13.

Ignotus Advenium : Thank you. I'm doing some freelance at the moment and I still have alot to learn. I'm glad you like the image and hope it gives you some good vibes. Good luck on your submission!

Aleron : Thank you! I'm much encouraged.

Dexion1619 : Thank you! I was going for super creepy so I'm happy we share that impression haha!

Karui Kage : Thank you I think XD. If it does go down can I have a place by the window and a hole for the sunlight? T.T

Good adventure guys!

Thank you guys :) I'm glad you guys like it!

Thanks to Artemis Moonstar for being so awesome with that excerpt.

I roped a dear friend in and we put the two together and now its available in a cool PDF.

Download and have a read when you need that good olde' melee feels XD


Long live the adventure!

Ahhh my faith in Humanity restored, good gesture Paizo!

Sorry to hear about your story hungry browser XD

Artemis, I enjoyed reading that sooooo much <3 Made my day! :)

Thank you for making the image more meaningful!

Artemis Moonstar : Thank you! Awh I'd be glad to see what you come up with!

Ashiel: Thank you!

Scavion wrote:
Woah that is some pretty good art.

Thank you Scavion. Glad you like it :)

I imagined it to be a page in a novel? When I was a kid I used to flip the fantasy novel to find the page with the most ink on it(pictures!). Makes me wish I could write better, it'll be cool to make up a short story along with the picture <3

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Hey guys!

I made a fanart of Valeros, I hope it gives you guys awesome adventuring vibesss!