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Horizon Hunters

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Are there any examples of the improved layout and order? visually?

Horizon Hunters

The production is outstanding and works as intended. Games run smoother. However, as a reference, to dig through this falls flat (pun intended) as in the cards lay flat in the box. That's not great for digging through to find monster 204.

Packaging on edge sideways or vertical orientation -- like how card games are stored in hobby shops -- would allow for dividers, albeit with some empty space. Kind of wish the stat blocks were in two-column, landscape format. Once the players see the high quality art, these usually tuck away for the GM to reference the back side. Might as well use the trick the rulebooks use to reduce empty space, right?

Horizon Hunters

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This is a good game, better than its original, much like Pillars of Eternity 2. Enjoy it!

Horizon Hunters

I frequently Game Master. My kid is six and tags along. Under the Pathfinder Society rules, I can't accrue XP for characters under my ID, even if my kid is too young to have their own account.

Should I create an account for my kid? Is there an option to use characters associated with a GM for younger family?

Horizon Hunters

Marco Massoudi wrote:
paddyboomsticks wrote:
Guys this has been the only Tale in the upcoming section for around six months - are there going to be more tales after this??

Paizo and the Publisher are working something out, but neither can comment on it at the moment due to legal reasons.

The next Pathfinder Tales novel would normally be out in june, so we'll probably and hopefully hear something in may latest. :-)

Any update?