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As I mentioned in another thread I am fine with their inclusion. If a player wants to play a goblin in our group it wouldn't be a problem, the focus would not be on the homicidal side .

I don't have an issue myself with their inclsion. I'm actually playing a goblin in a Shadow of the Demon Lord game right now and having fun with a more wacky character than usual. Our group has played quite a lot in Golarion and see no issue with any player .If a GM doesn't want aparticular race in a game they can just say no.

I really like the basic concept behind proficiency. I can understand the concern of others here, and its certainly valid to voice them, but we don't have enough context for all the other modifiers (skills, stats, items) to see the full range in skill values. And there clearly are other modifiers that will increase this range so that it won't be simply a 5 difference.

The skill feats is where it will allow characters to shine in ways other than just a higher bonus, which is better if done right. Agree that Paizo need to be careful to not lock tasks anyone trained in a skill should be able to perform behind expert/master tiers.

Scaling proficiency in skills means that tasks untrained/trained characters could reasonably attempt at Level 1 can still be reasonably attempted at Level 10. The expert/master tier characters with more skill points and skill feats invested are still going to be much better in bonuses and additional tricks they can pull off. So I am very happy by what I have heard of the change to date!

Personally I'm very interested in single adventures and shorter adventure paths that can highlight different areas and aspects of the setting (need some adventures that revolve fully around the Pact Worlds).

The gaming groups I game with only play campaigns lasting up to a dozen sessions and up to around 11th level so Dead Suns suits the group much better than Pathfinder adventure paths. We also tend to some of these books more for inspiration, using maps and characters/setting areas but not the adventure itself. This is where the Golarion setting books for different countries are excellent and I really hope there will be equivalent books for areas of the Pact Worlds.

If enough people are interested that I'm certainly fine with Paizo putting out some longer adventure paths going up to higher levels (even though I wouldn't buy or play them) - diversity to cater for different customers is welcome. But I hope the shorter AP is popular enough that we see more of that format!