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The 2nd edition version of is now LIVE AT

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Come on by! Help add Open Game content from publishers you love or help fix errors! Email to get edit access!

Starfinder SRD

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Woot!!! Finally available!!!

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Woot! Our first White Star adventure, written by Johua De Santo, based on my original idea!

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A new SRD website for 5th Edition is now live at!

Check it out NOW!!!

Oh and it's made/maintained by yours truly. If you'd like to help edit it email me at!

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I am looking for a coder/developer familiar with Ruby on Rails to provide a quote to recode/redevelop an online application used to embed hyperlinks in PDFs uploaded to it as well as rewrite html files loaded to it to include hyperlinks.

If you have experience with such things please email with a brief explanation of your coding experience and if you have any examples of your work that'd be helpful. Ideally I am also looking to pay for ongoing maintenance as needed when things break or don't work "as desired."

Again, email if this is something you might have time and interest in.

More details will be provided upon contact.

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This product now includes a special foreword from Swords & Wizardry creator Matt Finch. Pasting it here since I love it so much:

Matt Finch wrote:
"Back at the very beginnings of the Swords & Wizardry project, we had a couple of different goals in mind. First was to offer people the kind of open-ended rules that characterize the very beginning of role-playing games. The second goal, though, was to provide people with a framework for tinkering around to create an individualized set of house rules. Goldenrod’s Guide to Combat for Swords & Wizardry offers a set of tools for creating some of those house rules. It’s a set of options for making combat more tactical, picking and choosing the bits you like, and offering some commentary on each one. It’s a great set of resources that maintain what I think is the essential flavor of the game, but allow people to branch out and deepen some of the fundamental aspects of it. For gaming groups that really like to dig into the nitty-gritty of combat, this is a great set of ideas for how to do it." - Matt Finch May 5, 2015

This book has gotten great reviews elsewhere but would love to hear from any Paizo shoppers who may have picked this up what you think!

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The fundraiser we were holding at the store to help a fellow gamer with medical expenses related to his liver transplant is now concluded.

I'm very pleased to say that the Open Gaming Store was able to donate over $3000 to his GoFundMe.

If you would like to contribute directly to his GoFundMe he is still just a couple hundred dollars short of his goal. If Exploding kittens can raise 8.7 million dollars can you help Joe get to just $5k for a liver? Show him that gamers care about gamers and get him funded please!

Go here to help (if you can):

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We were recently informed of a fellow gamer who is in need of a liver transplant and has some financial difficulties due to his medical costs. In order to help he has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser. We're going to try to help out by marking all Publishing products down by 50% at all sales locations.

As soon as we can get the sale activated at Paizo we'll have it set up there as well. So here's the deal, all our books are marked down 50% and 95% of the proceeds will be donated to Joe's GoFundMe fundraiser (the remaining 5% will be used to cover credit card transaction fees).

If you'd like to read the details or just donate directly, here is his GoFundMe page:

Find the deals at the store:

or at RPGNow:

Link to Paizo sale to be added when available!

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How is that possible? What happened? Other than some NeoExodus games there is no Pathfinder org play at PFS. Is it because of the relationship between Baldman Games & WotC? I'd doubt that since there was PFS here the last couple of years... Jason B. was even here a couple years ago...? Odd.

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Contact to get the list of available banner sizes, locations, and prices. Space goes fast so reserve your banner location/period of time ASAP.

The Pathfinder SRD gets 150,000-200,000 visits per day. If you have a product, Kickstarter, or other project that you think may be of interest to these site visitors you need to get your spot reserved ASAP.

Once again, contact for more information!

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Various 3rd party Pathfinder publishers want to literally give you free books (print and/or PDF) and all you have to do is help add their content to Seems like win/win/win for everyone since you basically get free books to add 3pp content to the SRD site everyone is using anyway.

Email from (or include) an email account which works with various Googly-things (News/Docs etc) and you'll be added as an editor. As soon as you add stuff you get free stuff. Sound cool?

Let's GO!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to make sure if anyone has any questions, comments, or complaints about Blood & Steel, Book 1: The Fighter, the latest release from Publishing, please feel free to do so here!

Here is the full product description:

Blood & Steel, Book 1: The Fighter is the first in a new series from Publishing focusing on martial combat oriented classes and focuses on the FIGHTER.

"The fighter's best friend is steel. Steel in his hands, used to end the lives of his foes, and steel on his back, protecting him from fang and claw of the monsters he faces."

This book introduces tons of new options for fighters including:

  • 9 New Archetypes: Beast Hunter, Gun Fighter, Harpooner, Highborn Fighter, Iaidoka Master, Navaja, Siege Engineer, Thrower, Wicked Wrecker
  • 19 New Feats: Agile Charger, Bola Adept, Bola Wing Pin, Braced Against All, Crush Armor, Improved Crush Armor, Dazing Bola, Demolish Everything, Demolition Expert, Entangling Bolas, Find the Crack, Hidden Weapon, Hold 'em Down, Light Sleeper, Magebane, Rally the Troops, Second Wind, Tag Team, Thrown Bull Rush
  • 2 New Weapons: Battle Parasol, Harpoon
  • 1 New Shield: Lantern Shield
  • 5 New Magic Weapons: Caster's Foe, Dimensional Bolas, Flame Strike Gauntlet, Grounding Net, Javelin of the Ram
  • 1 New Wondrous Item: Charm of Returning
Two Bonus Archetypes!
  • Berserker fighter archetype (replaces Barbarian)
  • Holy Warrior fighter archetype (replaces Paladin)

Here's a free sample (pages 3-5):

Gun Fighter (Fighter Archetype)
With a flash of gunpowder and a loud retort, some fighters know how to use firearms as highly effective weapons in a battle. Often only firing the weapon once in an opening volley, they are masters of shock and awe, removing a foe with a single shot or at the very least seriously wounding them.

A gun fighter has the following class features.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Gun fighters are not proficient with medium armor, heavy armor or tower shields. Gun fighters gain Exotic Weapons Proficiency (firearms) as a bonus feat.

Gunsmith (Ex)
This functions as the gunslinger class ability of the same name.
This ability replaces the 1st level bonus feat.

Shoot Fast (Ex)
At 2nd level, a gun fighter gains a +1 bonus to initiative. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.
This ability replaces bravery.

Gun Training (Ex)
This functions as the gunslinger class ability of the same name, except a gun fighter gains it at 3rd level instead of 5th level, and only once for one type of firearm.
This ability replaces armor training 1.

Dead shot (Ex)
At 7th level, a gun fighter is able to use the gunslinger dead shot deed. They are only able to do so in a surprise round, or anytime a target is denied their Dexterity bonus to AC.
This ability replaces armor training 2.

Opening Volley (Ex)
At 11th level, when using the dead shot deed the critical threat range increases to 19-20. This stacks with Improved Critical, but only increases the range to 18-20 when doing so.
Additionally, when using dead shot, modifiers to damage are multiplied by the number of successful attack rolls made.
This ability replaces armor training 3.

Put Them Down (Ex)
At 15th level, when using dead shot, a gun fighter deals 1d4 bleed damage for each successful attack made.
This ability replaces armor training 4.

Knock Them Down (Ex)
At 19th level, when using dead shot, a gun fighter is allowed a ranged trip combat maneuver attempt anytime they use the dead shot ability. They gain a +2 circumstance bonus to this attempt for each successful hit with the attack, and cannot be tripped themselves if they fail the trip attempt.
This ability replaces armor mastery.

Author's Notes
This archetype is not intended to compete with the gunslinger class. Reloading a firearm isn't made any easier with this archetype, nor do you have all the deeds and tricks that a gunslinger has. If you use this archetype, it is highly recommended that the standard gunslinger class is not also used in the same campaign. Instead, treat this as an alternative to the gunslinger class when you don’t want the full-on gunslinger but still want to use firearms.

Available at:

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The Mind Over Matter series provides new psionics options including new archetypes, psionic powers, feats, and more for psionics-wielding characters, all fully compatible with the de facto standard for psionics rules by Dreamscarred Press for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.

Mind over Matter: Psychic Warrior, Aegis & Vitalist adds the following new options!

The Bulwark Sovereign Aegis Archetype
Bulwark sovereigns focus their psionic prowess into creating the most potent protective gear that has ever been created. Bulwark sovereigns believe that their greatest contribution to their allies is to be the shield before the blow, protecting their allies from any incoming harm. With pure hearts and noble ideals, they rush to the forefront of battle or debate, placing the needs of those that they protect before their own. Rare indeed is the bulwark sovereign that fails to stand proud before the might of an enemy, be it on the field of battle or at the negotiating table.

Reverie Templar Psychic Warrior Archetype
The mind is a treacherous landscape within which to wage war, and the reverie templar knows this better than most. Inviting foes into their own minds, they can create the perfect conditions under which to combat their adversaries. It's a dangerous tactic, but one that works to their advantage far more often than not. As they grow in strength, they learn how to project the imagined conditions of their minds out into the world to a limited extent, crafting reality to their whims to influence the tides of battle.

Verdant Metamorph Vitalist Archetype
Most vitalists use their powers to heal, but that is not the only function of their particular talents. There are others that are perfectly capable of changing their own bodies by the force of their own will rather than just repairing the damage caused by others. These verdant metamorphs are far more dangerous than they let on. They often masquerade as druids, keeping mostly to themselves and avoiding other psychics, but there are those that live the life of adventurers and keep company beyond themselves.

Vivere Vitalist Archetype
The vivere is a peculiar sort of being; full to overflowing with living energies that they are able to psychically manipulate in any number of ways. They often display over-the-top behaviors, whether those mannerisms are constructive in nature, or destructive. They are certainly vibrant characters that sometimes mesh very well with groups of adventurers, but some prefer to travel the world alone, living life to the fullest and beyond. Few are those that would come across one of the mysterious vivere and not know that they had met such an exuberant being. Standard vitalists and vitalists of other archetypes do not possess the ability to learn this method.

New Psionics Feats

  • Artful Opening: You are able to create a brief weakness that can make you look like an attractive target to your foes, then use that to your advantage.
  • Aware Within the Dream: It becomes very difficult to surprise you when you set the rules.
  • Controlled Burn: You are able to control some of the abundant life-force that dwells within you.
  • Gatesealer: While some others may prefer to bash doors and gates down to gain entry, there are others that prefer to prevent others from passing through them instead.
  • Ingenious Repartee: When fighting defensively, you are more adept than most.
  • Liberated Senses: Rare are the opponents that can get the drop on you.
  • Mettle Plating: When you create your astral forgeform, you are able to increase your defensive mastery.
  • Vibrant Pulse: You don't just heal plants. You are also capable of healing animals and allies as well.

New Psionics Powers

  • Mind Thorns: You are able to fling a sharp psychic thorn from your forehead as a ranged touch attack that causes 1d3 points of damage.
  • Philosophical Excursion: You send your mind to another plane of existence (an Elemental Plane or some plane farther removed) in order to receive advice and information from powers there.

BONUS! Mythic Mayhem!
This product also includes BONUS CONTENT intended for mythic play. You will require Mythic Adventures to use this bonus material. Each future book in the Mind over Matter series is planned to contain additional bonus mythic material.


  • Pages 25
  • Written by Peter K. Ullmann

Available now in the store and here as soon as it is approved as well as RPGNow (also as soon as it is approved)!

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Just wanted to let everyone know we're having great success thus far and have gotten great reviews on other sites for our latest release, Mind over Matter: Psion and Soulknife. This book adds a bunch of new options for psionics wielding characters and is available for just $4.99.

It's available here at Paizo, at the store, and at RPGNow so feel free to pick it up at your store of choice. Just an FYI also, if you pick up Ultimate Psionics at the store before end of this month you get a PDF copy of Mind over Matter: Psion and Soulknife at no extra charge!

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Just to let everyone know, all of the official Ultimate Combat errata has now been completely applied. If you find anything I missed please either PM me here or email me at

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Hey gang! We're exceptionally proud to finally have a real product out! We're available at all the usual locations ( store, RPGNow, and now even here at Paizo!)

I wanted to post some more info about the book here and give credit to all of the contributing authors!

Within this 26 page book you'll find 6 new summoner archetypes, 4 new evolutions, 3 new eidolon base forms, 10 new spells, 3 new summoner friendly prestige classes and a new alternate base class for the summoner.

Here's some more info:

Dissociatist Archetype
By Frank Gori
For some summoners the eidolon represents a rebellion in an overly orderly mind. When extreme compartmentalization meets magical talent a dissociatist often is the result.

Eidolon Master Archetype
By Taylor Hubler
Unlike most summoners who have only one eidolon they can call upon, the eidolon master has many eidolons ready to serve them. These masters of many do so by forging pacts and bonds with multiple unique outsiders, but in doing so they lose the ability to summon less specific creatures as easily as other summoners do.

Elementalist Archetype
By Frank Gori
Elementalists forge a connection not only to an eidolon, but to the Elemental Planes themselves. This connection manifests as a wider array of spell-like abilities at the cost of the potency of the normal summon monster ability.

Paracosmist Archetype
By Scott Hall
A paracosmist focuses completely on the enhanced abilities of a single eidolon and gives up use of the Summon Monster spell-like ability.

Shadowcaster Archetype
By Keil Howell
Blending themselves with their eidolon, some summoners are a uniquely powerful force to be reckoned with. Shadowcasters replace their own shadow with an eidolon. Stealthy combat and assassinations feature prominently in the vocabulary of a shadowcaster.

Swarm Sculptor Archetype
By Frank Gori
A swarm sculptor is more of the specialist than a standard summoner, in that he focuses on using what others might regard as lesser beings to achieve his ends. While most summoners are arcane in nature the swarm sculptor instead utilizes divine energies similar to that of a druid.

Tribal Shaman Alternate Class
By Frank Gori
A tribal shaman bonds with natural spirits rather than an outsider. The shaman’s role is similar to that of a cleric’s within tribal societies.

Lyrical Summoner Prestige Class
By Frank Gori
Lyrical summoners have music so ingrained into their souls that it is expressed in their Eidolons which share their talents and passions. Together lyrical summoner and eidolon can create harmonies that a bard alone could not achieve.

Necrosummoner Prestige Class
By Frank Gori
Necrosummoners believe that the walking dead are an evolutionary step rather than abhorrent abominations. Rather than fighting for survival the living should focus on adapting to a form beyond death, and this carries into their summoning skills.

Primal Summoner Prestige Class
By Jeff Harris and Frank Gori
Some people think man is above beast, some think that beast is nobler than man, and then there are those that know man and beast are one and the same. The primal summoner knows this truth and draws power from it. Their bond to animals and other creatures lets them take on some of their very essence and share their own animal rage with them as well. Primal summoners don’t fear the beast, they call it kin, and they become it.

New Eidolon Base Forms
Brachiator, Shadow, and Swarm

New Evolutions
Instrumental, Sickening Strike, Engulfing Strike, and Deafening Roar

New Spells
Summon Bee, Summon Lesser Swarm, and Summon Undead I-IX

If you'd like to know more just ask!

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Hey all, if you like to chat with other Pathfinder players via Facebook, the Fans of Facebook group now has over 1300 members, with hundreds of posts per day (at least!) We'd love to have you stop on by and chat about either, open gaming in general, or Pathfinder specifically.

Find it here!

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We've created forums now for posting Paizo IP sightings. That means that if you notice a "made-up" word like "Golarion" or "Desna" somewhere on can you please let us know so we can fix it? We've been going through the site daily searching for and scrubbing such references but we know there's still a lot lurking out there hiding under rocks and in the corners. We could use your help in locating these buggers! Just hop over to the forums (they're linked to in the sidebar on the site) and post a note letting us know where you found something.

On a related note (that of needing help!) we're expecting to begin working on several new Paizo releases in the next day or two. We could really use some more warm bodies helping us out in this process! Advanced HTML or web-editing skills are not absolutely required (so if you don't have them don't let that stop you from volunteering) but if you DO have such skills we can put them to good use. We'll explain more if/when you offer to assist. You can reply here with a Google ID ( or etc.) and just let us know you'd like to help. We'll get you set up asap.

On another somewhat related note, we're right now considering a fairly significant architecture move off of our current hosting platform (Google Sites) onto something that will integrate all of the various SRD sites I/we manage as well as the store into one integrated "product" where you will have one user id which gets you different things in different places. For example, register for the Pathfinder SRD and you get discounts on Pathfinder products in the store. By the same token your one ID may even be able to get you special access to early content or "prerelease" stuff. We're working out those details now. Also, this new platform allows publishers to have their own logins to manage their own content in the store and in the SRDs. We're excited about the possibilities this brings BUT NO ACTUAL work has begun nor have major decisions been made. We still are considering the best way to get the 20,000+ static html pages in the d20pfsrd into a more structured (i.e. database) setup. That's going to take some programmatic efforts. If you've got experience or expertise there (getting massive amounts of data out of one place and into another) and have some free time please let us know!

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Check it out!

We may not be 100% current on having every trait listed there (we're working on it) but this might help when trying to decide which traits to pick!

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In order not to bloat the Paizo forums with our site-related discussions we've set up a new group we hope you'll stop in and check out.

You can find it HERE!

We're only just now setting it up so get in on the ground floor, start some threads, and complain if things aren't working :D

Also, we've got a special section for publishers to post product announcements and also publishers have different permissions than "regular" users allowing you to post announcements etc. We'll be contacting you guys separately also!

Look forward to seeing some peeps stop by!

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Latest update of new stuff on for everyone: "The Genius Guide to Arcane Archetypes" by Super Genius Games!

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By request from Brad from Interjection Games, we've posted The Tinker! Check it out!

If you like what you see be sure to check out the other products from Interjection Games!

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Hey everyone!

Well, " Presents: Open Gaming Monthly" is off to an awesome start! It's currently #3 in the RPGNow Top 100, #1 in the Pathfinder category, and #1 in Publisher Resources. This is already better than #1 did BUT WE STILL DON'T HAVE ANY REVIEWS! If you think it sucks, tell us! If you think it was awesome, let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ok, a post in a different thread indicated that our "social" presence might not be as obvious as we'd like it to be so I'm posting links to our various social network locations here. Hope to see some of you wander into whichever social network you prefer.

Like the page
Join the Fans of group
Like the Open Gaming Monthly page

Circle (or Follow) the G+ Page
Join the Fans of' G+ Community

Follow @d20pfsrd or visit

Yes, we're social. :D

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New stuff from Rite Publishing hit the site today!

New Race

New Classes, Bloodlines & Archetypes

New Feats

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We've wrapped up getting Path Magic Unbound, Volume 1 from Radiance House added to! Everyone say thanks to Radiance House too since they came to US to get it added! Check out all the awesomesauce!

New Class!

New Archetypes for that New Class!

New Feats!

New Spells!

Binging Spirits Rules!

New Archetypes and Bloodlines for Core Classes!

There's more too, but you might have to poke around a bit to find it. Enjoy! (Oh and say thanks to Radiance House by buying their stuff... they deserve it!)

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Hey everyone! Ryan Costello Jr. and Perram will be reviewing the new " Presents: Open Gaming Monthly" magazine on the wildly popular Know Direction podcast tonight!

Listen in and get all the awesome Pathfinder roleplaying game news, reviews, and interviews you're used to from them and then see what they think of the mag!

Note: We have not heard anything from them yet so it will be just as much news to us as you guys. We'll be listening intently waiting to see what they think!

You can find it here!

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Just gonna drop this lil morsel here. This is gonna be epic. Carry on.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I swear to Zeus, Odin, or whomever else is a high muckety-muck, this really happened, today. My wife works with someone who has an adult son with Down's Syndrome (or that's what she just told me on the phone.) Her son stays home by himself during the day while she (my wifes friend) is at work. He understands that he is only to call her if it is an emergency. Today he called her in a panic. She got out of him that he captured a leprechaun. She explained to him that he knows that leprechauns do not actually exist. He very adamantly insisted he has one captured. She went home at lunch time to calm him down. When she got home she heard a pounding coming from a bedroom closet and her son forcefully holding the door closed. She immediately rushed to open the door, and out springs a ... little person or dwarf, or whatever is the politically correct term. He was obviously in quite a state of distress. She learned that he is a Jehova's Witness and had just been making the rounds... Needless to say he was none-to-pleased at his predicament. I kid you not, that JUST happened this morning in the Detroit Michigan suburbs. I couldn't have made up a funnier story. Ok, carry on.

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So at least 20% of you have significant others it seems. Traffic yesterday starting around 4pm dropped off almost 20% from normal throughout the evening. I hope you all had a pleasant Valentines Evening!

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Big news!

There is a new, monthly PDF magazine on the horizon focusing on OPEN GAMING, i.e. gaming under various open licenses.

This new magazine is being put together by Fat Goblin Games and shall be called...

" Presents: Open Gaming Monthly"

This magazine will essentially be run by Fat Goblin Games, but with some editorial input from yours truly and with articles by almost anyone in the industry or via submission from readers/fans.

It will include a news sections detailing what's happening in the industry from an open gaming perspective as well as what's happening on (Pathfinder SRD), (Swords & Wizardry SRD), (Mutants & Masterminds SRD), and (Modern Path SRD) as well announce new products in the estore :D

Disclaimer: While it will carry a lot of Pathfinder-focused material it is explicitly NOT intended to be limited to just Pathfinder. It is open to any "open" game system. Note also that while not EVERY piece of every issue will be 100% Open Game Content, we'll be making a diligent effort to make sure the percentage is as close to 100% as possible.

Here's a summary provided to me by Rick from Fat Goblin Games of the expected outline of the mag (so far...)


  • Races: Exploring new races, racial options, racial feats, anything exploring a race or races. Submissions should be about 1500 words.
  • Classes: New classes, class options, class archetypes, prestige classes, spells, etc. Submissions should be about 1500 words.
  • Other: New equipment, feats, traits, magic items, anything else that would be geared towards players or characters. Submissions should be 700-1500 words.


  • Creature Feature: New creature with stat block and ecology. This is planned to be a two page spread so submissions should be 800 to 1000 words at most.
  • Location/Adventure: This can be a detailed location or mini adventure. Nothing overly complex. A detailed description of a tavern with npcs, history, etc. is kind of the idea. It needs to be interesting but generic. Submissions should be 1500 to 2500 words.
  • Rules: Alternate rules for game masters, new rules, expanded rules, etc. Example: new hazards, rules for storms, reputation rules for cities, stuff like that. Submissions should be 1500 words.


  • The Watch: News, previews, and general notes useful to gamers. This is 6 pages of various content. This is where upcoming releases or previews for products will be. This is where general industry news will be (kickstarters, company merges, etc.) This is also where we point out useful websites, upcoming events (cons), etc. I could probably use help on this if anyone is interested.
  • Worldcraft: This will be a 100% Open Game Content collaborative setting building project. Anyone can jump on this and cover any subject. From races, to classes, to anything. This is mechanics free, although sidebar suggestions are welcome. Looking at 1500 to 2500 words.

Random submissions, pitches of any kind. Both stand alone articles and potential new regular columns. These all need to be the range of 700 to 2500 words.

The theme of the first issue is winter/cold. This is a loose theme, so not everything needs to revolve around it, but hopefully helps give loose content ideas.

I'd LOVE to see some of your names in the mag! If you think you're good enough (and I know some of you certainly are!) then get ready to get your name in a published mag!


Rick and those portly gobbers are running with this so if you have questions please try to flag one of those guys down!


The Exchange

Check out the new Advanced Spells Search page courtesy of Brian Dunn at!

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We've been somewhat hopping around this book due to which chapters had/have the most to do so they're not really completed in order of the chapters but in any event I finished Chapter 3: Magic Weapons and Armor late last night. Please let us/me know if you find anything amiss.

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NOTE! This is NOT a store update, this is a update.

Hey! Have you seen the new cleric archetypes from Kobold Press on Check them out here!

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All three of the insanely beautiful Cerulean Seas products have received a price cut!

Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook
*** WAS $24.95 NOW JUST $21.95

Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought
*** WAS $17.50 NOW JUST $14.95

Cerulean Seas: Indigo Ice
*** WAS $17.50 NOW JUST $14.95

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If you've been on the fence about advertising with, read this.

It might help you make up your mind :D

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Hey everyone! If you didn't know already has opened an estore selling rpg-related materials!

We've already got many major publishers (look and see! who've signed on but we want a much wider base of offerings, representing many different game systems.

If you're a publisher of any roleplaying game-related materials, whether that be adventure modules, player-focused character option books, downloadable/printable cards or tokens, or whatever, WE WANT YOUR PRODUCTS! We've only been open since December 1st of this year but we're growing EXTREMELY QUICKLY! We've got hundreds of products from very many publishers, and we're selling very many products each day.

If you're making Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, or Mutants & Masterminds-related game materials, we've got even better news for you. We can post your products on the associated SRD sites for each of those game systems so players can see your products right while using the SRD sites! I can tell you that so far this has seemed a very successful combo!

Anyway, if you want to get started please send an email to to get going! We'd love to have you!

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

The skeleton and zombie entries say the following under attacks:

"A skeleton/zombie retains all the natural weapons, manufactured weapon attacks, and weapon proficiencies of the base creature."

It also says the following under feats:

"A skeleton/zombie loses all feats possessed by the base creature."

Two questions:
1. Does "base creature" refer to the creature type (e.g., humanoid) or the creature itself (e.g., hill giant)? A basic humanoid is not proficient with greatclubs but a hill giant is because hill giants have the greatclub martial weapon proficiency feat.

2. If "base creature" in this example means hill giant and not humanoid, would a skeleton or zombie hill giant retain its proficiency with greatclubs? Which takes precedence--the undead retaining its old weapon proficiency or its loss of all feats, including weapon proficiency feats?


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Inner Sea Bestiary went live moments ago!!

Android, Apostasy Wraith, Beetle (Scarab and Stalk), Blighted Fey Template, Blighted Fey Satyr, Cayhound, Ceru, Charnel Colossus, Fungus Queen, Fungoid Simple Template, Ghoran, Shadow Giant, Monkey Goblin, Golem (Marrowstone, Noqual, Quantium), Kakuen-Taka, Khaei, Korir-Kokembe, Termagant Kyton, Lashunta, Lorthact, Mana Wastes Mutant, Mutant Gnoll (Fighter 2), Deadly Mantis, Mockingfey, Moxix (Unique Demon), Nightripper (Unique Demon), Oronci, Petrified Maiden, Psychopomp (Memitim, Shoki, Viduus), Robot (Annihilator, Gearsman, Myrmidon), Spawn of Rovagug (Chemnosit, the Monarch Worm and Volnagur, the End-Singer), Spellscar Fext, Star Monarch, Syrinx, Thin Man, Umbral Shepherd, Vetala Vampire, Veiled Master, Vespergaunt, Water Wraith, Whirlmaw, Woundwyrm, and Zelishkar of the Bitter Flame (Unique Daemon).--

OK, haven't updated CR and terrain lists yet. Give a day or two. :-)

NPC Codex in the works, should be later this month!

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Guess what!

The eStore is ROLLIN! We've already got content from all of the following publishers in place and MUCH MORE COMING!

Here's what we ALREADY HAVE:

Here's what's on the way!

  • Ennead Games
  • Fat Goblin Games
  • Fire Mountain Games
  • Louis Porter Jr.
  • More to be added from Kobold Press
  • Neo Productions
  • Radiance House
  • Raging Swan
  • Rogue Games

And many more!

Some highlights I didn't even know about...

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Well it's taken a while but we finally got there! The new ebook store is NOW ONLINE! Come one, come all!

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All of the text from NPC Codex and Inner Sea Bestiary has been extracted, formatted, and fully linked but it remains in what we call the pre-breakdown stage. That means that we work on the text all in one big HTML page prior to splitting the individual monsters and NPCs out into their own new pages. I've already done, myself, all of the work on both of these books leading to this stage. Now they just need some warm bodies to do the work of copying and pasting the html for each monster and NPC into new pages. Until we get some more warm bodies volunteering to do these steps these books are on hold. I can't do it all folks, especially not when there are only like 9,000 other tasks I also need to do and routinely blow off to work on these projects.

If you'd like to help out, but can't because (insert reason) we appreciate the thought but there's no real need to respond here or email me why you can't but would love to help. We really just need to hear from people who CAN help.

If you think you might, you don't need massive HTML knowledge. Really just enough to know how to cut and paste already existing HTML from one BIG page into many smaller pages. If you would like to join the team just respond here or email me directly ( WITH A GOOGLE ID.

PLEASE INCLUDE A GOOGLE ID in your email (or send from one.) Please don't make me reply just to ask you what your GOOGLE ID is :)

The Exchange needs you!

If you have at least SOME html experience or knowledge and are interested in helping get NPC Codex and/or Inner Sea Bestiary posted, respond here with, or directly email me a Google ID. You can mail your ID to if you want to get started.

Note: You do NOT need the books. We ALREADY have the content on the site in a private area. Now we just need to break it down from one big page of text into individual pages. We'll provide more details if you want to get started on it.

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Got some questions for whomever is strong in monster rules... This is regarding the zombie template.

1.) A normal (Large) Hill Giant has 10 HD and is CR 7. The (Large) Hill Giant Zombie has 13 HD and is CR 6. The Zombie template says this regarding HD:

Hit Dice: Drop HD gained from class levels (minimum of 1) and change racial HD to d8s. Zombies gain a number of additional HD as noted on the following table.

Zombie Size Bonus Hit Dice
Large +2 HD

So, shouldn't the Hill Giant Zombie have 12 HD not 13? The Zombie size (Large) indicates +2 HD. Why does it have 13 HD?

2. A normal Hill Giant has speed 40. The Zombie template does not appear to indicate a zombies base speed decreases. However, the Hill Giant Zombie has speed 30 listed. I'm guessing this is an artifact left behind from the previous Hill Giant Zombie in Rise of the Runelords that had speed 30 because it was wearing armor. Can anyone tell me if they agree or disagree?

Speed: Winged zombies can still fly, but maneuverability drops to clumsy. If the base creature flew magically, so can the zombie. Retain all other movement types."

3. Does anyone else think these two line items in the Zombie template conflict with each other?

"Attacks: A zombie retains all the natural weapons, manufactured weapon attacks, and weapon proficiencies of the base creature. It also gains a slam attack that deals damage based on the zombie's size, but as if it were one size category larger than its actual size (see Natural Attacks)."

"Feats: A zombie loses all feats possessed by the base creature, and does not gain feats as its Hit Dice increase, but it does gain Toughness as a bonus feat."
For example, a normal Hill Giant has Martial Weapon Proficiency (greatclub) as a feat. Does it lose this feat because it loses all feats? Or does it retain it because it is a "manufactured weapon attack"?


Possible Spoiler Alert:

"The four figures around the Headless Lord were hill giants whom Mokmurian set against the lord one at a time to see how it fared in battle-when these giants perished by the lord's wrath, they rose as zombies under his control."

So then you look at the Headless Lords special abilities we find:

"Create Spawn (Su) A creature slain by the Headless Lord rises in 1d4 minutes as a fast zombie under the Headless Lord's control."

So then we turn the page to see the four zombies under his control and what do we find? NOT Fast zombies but regular zombies???

Linkified for your convenience: