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Hey everyone!

Well, "d20pfsrd.com Presents: Open Gaming Monthly" is off to an awesome start! It's currently #3 in the RPGNow Top 100, #1 in the Pathfinder category, and #1 in Publisher Resources. This is already better than #1 did BUT WE STILL DON'T HAVE ANY REVIEWS! If you think it sucks, tell us! If you think it was awesome, let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ok, a post in a different thread indicated that our "social" presence might not be as obvious as we'd like it to be so I'm posting links to our various social network locations here. Hope to see some of you wander into whichever social network you prefer.

Like the d20pfsrd.com page
Join the Fans of d20pfsrd.com group
Like the Open Gaming Monthly page

Circle (or Follow) the d20pfsrd.com G+ Page
Join the Fans of d20pfsrd.com' G+ Community

Follow @d20pfsrd or visit https://twitter.com/d20pfsrd

Yes, we're social. :D

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