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Hey everyone! Ryan Costello Jr. and Perram will be reviewing the new "d20pfsrd.com Presents: Open Gaming Monthly" magazine on the wildly popular Know Direction podcast tonight!

Listen in and get all the awesome Pathfinder roleplaying game news, reviews, and interviews you're used to from them and then see what they think of the mag!

Note: We have not heard anything from them yet so it will be just as much news to us as you guys. We'll be listening intently waiting to see what they think!

You can find it here!

Liberty's Edge

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The episode will be available on Monday for our audio listeners.

But you can watch it here on YouTube now.

The Exchange

And now Michael Tresca (game designer, author, communicator, artist) of the Examiner has also reviewed the magazine!

See it here!

Note that in addition to RPGNow, you can also pick it up in the d20pfsrd.com shop.

(It will (hopefully) also soon be available here in the Paizo store...)

We'd also love to hear YOUR reviews!

As a teaser, we'll be having an extra special interview-ee in issue #2, and this particular subject has a unique insight into publishing and has an incredible history in the RPG field. I can't wait to announce who it will be!

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