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We've created forums now for posting Paizo IP sightings. That means that if you notice a "made-up" word like "Golarion" or "Desna" somewhere on d20pfsrd.com can you please let us know so we can fix it? We've been going through the site daily searching for and scrubbing such references but we know there's still a lot lurking out there hiding under rocks and in the corners. We could use your help in locating these buggers! Just hop over to the forums (they're linked to in the sidebar on the site) and post a note letting us know where you found something.

On a related note (that of needing help!) we're expecting to begin working on several new Paizo releases in the next day or two. We could really use some more warm bodies helping us out in this process! Advanced HTML or web-editing skills are not absolutely required (so if you don't have them don't let that stop you from volunteering) but if you DO have such skills we can put them to good use. We'll explain more if/when you offer to assist. You can reply here with a Google ID (bob@gmail.com or robert.smith@googlemail.com etc.) and just let us know you'd like to help. We'll get you set up asap.

On another somewhat related note, we're right now considering a fairly significant architecture move off of our current hosting platform (Google Sites) onto something that will integrate all of the various SRD sites I/we manage as well as the store into one integrated "product" where you will have one user id which gets you different things in different places. For example, register for the Pathfinder SRD and you get discounts on Pathfinder products in the store. By the same token your one ID may even be able to get you special access to early content or "prerelease" stuff. We're working out those details now. Also, this new platform allows publishers to have their own logins to manage their own content in the store and in the SRDs. We're excited about the possibilities this brings BUT NO ACTUAL work has begun nor have major decisions been made. We still are considering the best way to get the 20,000+ static html pages in the d20pfsrd into a more structured (i.e. database) setup. That's going to take some programmatic efforts. If you've got experience or expertise there (getting massive amounts of data out of one place and into another) and have some free time please let us know!

Sounds exciting! Haven't got any html or web skills myself, sad to say, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on your progress and wish you good luck with the endaveour! :-)

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We joked about running a kickstarter to fund the rebuild/reorg like ENworld did but we didn't have the *luxury* of being hacked to pieces to use as justification for the rebuild lol

luxury = I kid lol

That being said, I'd chip in to preserve a great site like yours! If the alternative is a slow but inevitable decline and death, I'd imagine a lot of fans would?

Should and could. Not the same as would. :)

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Well we wouldn't really be looking at a slow but inevitable decline and death so much as it just becomes harder and harder to add any really cool new features due to how the site is set up now. Going to another platform, while potentially much more costly, would allow us to really get creative. We've got a core few people with the technical prowess to make some nifty stuff happen if we do go this route, but the actual act of exporting content from d20pfsrd and importing into the new platform is currently looking... staggeringly time-intensive. However, one benefit of going this route also is that we'll be able to do things like letting a GM create a campaign login, give his players access to that campaign, then only display the content for his campaign he allows. That's impossible at the moment. At the same time this will help us ferret out the remaining Paizo IP from the site. There's a lot of really cool possibilities but all involve $$$

Just curious: How much $$$ do you think we are talking about?

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The precise numbers are hard to guesstimate, mainly because its not like its all at once, a one time purchase, but instead the cumulative monthly costs of hosting plus all of the various apps we'd be adding to support the functions we want to add to the site. Some of them are free, some are reduced price since one of my partners has developer access to the code, but others are a significant expense, on the order of hundreds/month plus all of the normal domain name/hosting costs. Then if I have to pay for even more custom coding add that on.... So yeah, its easier just to say $$$ than to give a precise number. In any event I think I'd be fairly safe in saying "hundreds per month" to start and growing from there.

d20pfsrd.com wrote:
So yeah, its easier just to say $$$ than to give a precise number. In any event I think I'd be fairly safe in saying "hundreds per month" to start and growing from there.

I see. Well, if it is a continuing expense and not a one-time thing it sounds to me like you need a stream of steady revenue, not a kick-starter (although that couldn't hurt of course).

d20pfsrd wrote:
...one integrated "product" where you will have one user id which gets you different things in different places...

Will a user id be required to just browse the site as can be done currently, or does the user id just add bells and whistles?

The Exchange

Right now we have no plans of requiring any id just to use the site as you do now. The theory is that if you create an id it will work for any of the SRD sites as well as the store and, potentially, allow you to do things like customize what content you or your gm or players can see or use in your campaigns. Again though, this is still up in the air and a good ways off.

Ok! Good to know. Thanks for the reply.

I look forward to any changes that increase and promote the capabilities of the SRDs and increase the user experience.

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