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In order not to bloat the Paizo forums with our site-related discussions we've set up a new group we hope you'll stop in and check out.

You can find it HERE!

We're only just now setting it up so get in on the ground floor, start some threads, and complain if things aren't working :D

Also, we've got a special section for publishers to post product announcements and also publishers have different permissions than "regular" users allowing you to post announcements etc. We'll be contacting you guys separately also!

Look forward to seeing some peeps stop by!

The Exchange

Wow, 1 day in and the place is jumping! Scores of members have joined up since yesterday and there's some good discussions going on. Glad to see people seem to like the new forums!

Question: regarding your 'different permissions for Publishers'.

Technically speaking, I am not Rite Publishing, that is solely Steven D. Russell. However, despite really being a freelancer, I am the primary developer of the Kaidan setting, and I'd like to have 'publisher permissions' in order to better promote Kaidan product releases (which is technically my IP, since Kaidan is published as an imprint under Rite Publishing.)

What say you, sir?

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@gamer-printer: If you've already joined the forums just let me know what user id you did it under and I will add you to the Publishers role.

Note though that product announcements, like in other forums, should be restricted to those products available in the store the forums are associated with (i.e. the d20pfsrd store.) I know I've been slapped around enough now to finally understand that so I want to keep the slapping of others to a minimum ;)

I sent you a PM.

The Exchange

Responded :D

Got it, thanks!

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