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All of the text from NPC Codex and Inner Sea Bestiary has been extracted, formatted, and fully linked but it remains in what we call the pre-breakdown stage. That means that we work on the text all in one big HTML page prior to splitting the individual monsters and NPCs out into their own new pages. I've already done, myself, all of the work on both of these books leading to this stage. Now they just need some warm bodies to do the work of copying and pasting the html for each monster and NPC into new pages. Until we get some more warm bodies volunteering to do these steps these books are on hold. I can't do it all folks, especially not when there are only like 9,000 other tasks I also need to do and routinely blow off to work on these projects.

If you'd like to help out, but can't because (insert reason) we appreciate the thought but there's no real need to respond here or email me why you can't but would love to help. We really just need to hear from people who CAN help.

If you think you might, you don't need massive HTML knowledge. Really just enough to know how to cut and paste already existing HTML from one BIG page into many smaller pages. If you would like to join the team just respond here or email me directly (jreyst@gmail.com) WITH A GOOGLE ID.

PLEASE INCLUDE A GOOGLE ID in your email (or send from one.) Please don't make me reply just to ask you what your GOOGLE ID is :)

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