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Its still pending after almost a week. Can you tell me whats going on with it?

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Its been 8 days, seems unusually high hold time waiting for the order.

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Is there a spot one can find a list of reaper pathfinder miniatures for this AP for ease of buying?

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Card problem has been fixed, you can run it again.

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Looking at my card history today, why does it say DESPINOS TIRE SERVICE MANSFIELD? The amount matches whats on the paizo account here, and I got the confirmation email.....just seems, weird.

Past piazo purches say piazo. Is it becuase its pending?

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the eidolon is more than just breakable. it's extremely easily breakable. it can be built around being stronger than any mere cookie cutter great wyrm dragon. and as strong if not stronger than most gods.

Ok maybe I missed something, or maybe its a bit of exaggeration, but exactly how can they be made that strong?

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Please cancel the planet story subscription to my account. I'm just not liking them. Thanks.

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Could you please remove amiri and harsak from my monthly order? I got them from a preorder I placed a long time ago. Thanks.

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I got a pending notice october 7th. But I have no shipping notice and nothing in my subscription or account saying its shipped or pending or hold or anything.

Its the october shipment, but I dont know whats going on. I haev hold for monthly shipping, so does it ship at the end of the month?

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I see you have: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ongoing Subscription now available. But since i pre-ordered the hardcover and the ebastiary and DM screen, how does it affect the preorder if I subscribe? or does it just click over? I really dont want two books....

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As many of you know, we were expecting to receive Pathfinder #14 in our warehouse this week. Unfortunately, we learned today that the shipment has been selected for a detailed screening by U.S. Customs, and that it will therefore be delayed by approximately two weeks. As a result, we're now hoping to be able to ship subscriber copies at the end of September or the beginning of October.

Please note that we have not actually charged any cards for Pathfinder #14; as always, we will not charge your card until we actually ship your order. (Some banks may show that we obtained an authorization to charge your credit card, but we have not processed the actual charge.)

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any questions.

So I got the message that Pathfinder #14 is delayed.

Any chance that you an just throw it in next months shipment, as I have it on monthly shipping. Thanks.

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Gleemax Farewell

By Randy Buehler

Wizards of the Coast has made the decision to pull down its Gleemax social networking site in order to focus on other aspects of our digital initiatives, especially Magic Online and Dungeons & Dragons Insider. We continue to believe that fostering online community is an important part of taking care of our customers, but until we have our games up and running at a quality level we can be proud of, it will be the games themselves that receive the lion’s share of our attention and resources.

Our plan is to shut down Gleemax completely sometime in September. (I can’t give a more exact date because the timing depends on what’s going on with other projects.) To those of you who have posted to Gleemax, I thank you for your contributions over the past year. It is community members like you that made this project worth trying, and it is your efforts and words that gave it heart. You should save your blogs by copying that text somewhere else. Meanwhile, I encourage you to head over to the Wizards forums. The Wizards online community continues to thrive, and there should be lots of fun stuff to talk about over the coming months, including our digital offerings.

That’s the short version. The long version, as you might imagine, is a lot longer. And for me, it’s a lot more personal. I choose to work at Wizards of the Coast because I truly care about the games we make and the gamers we make them for. I come to work each day because I was lucky enough to become a gamer, and I want to make sure the dream is still there for the next guy who comes along.

For me, it’s actually been two different dream lifestyles: For a couple of years in the 90’s, I got to be a professional Magic player. I traveled the world, made some great friends, played what is still (in my opinion) the best strategy game ever made, and I made enough money to pay the bills while doing all of that. I’ve also had the privilege for almost a decade now to make games for a living. Working at Wizards sounds like a dream job to many of our diehard players, and the crazy part is that working at Wizards turns out to really be that dream job. The culture inside the building is an awesome blend of smarts and passion, and most days I can’t imagine a better place to work. I feel that it’s my duty to make sure both the games and the company are in an even better place when the next generation of smart kids comes along. Whether we’re playing D&D around the kitchen table, Friday Night Magic at your local store, or assorted German board games on Tuesday nights at Wizards headquarters, we’re all part of the same shared culture.

Anyway, all of that is what led me to be such a passionate evangelist, pushing to move Wizards in a more digital direction. It remains clear that gamers are moving online and if we’re going to preserve everything that is special about Wizards of the Coast—and the hobby gamer culture in general—then we have to move online too.

The mistake that I made, however, was in trying to push us too far too fast. I still think the vision for Gleemax is awesome: creating a place on the web where hobby gamers (or lifestyle gamers or thinking gamers, or whatever you want to call us) can gather to talk about games, play games, and find people to play games with. But I’ve come to realize that the vision was too ambitious. We’ve made progress down about ten different paths over the past eighteen months, but we haven’t been able to reach the end of any of them yet.

The correct strategy at this point is clear: we need to focus. We’re not going to abandon the vision, but we are going to put large chunks of it on the backburner until we prove that we can succeed at the most important pieces. Those pieces are Magic Online and D&D Insider.

Magic Online “V3” is up and running, but it took us a long time to get here and it’s by no means perfect. We have a lot of ideas about what we can do now to make the game better and we’ll be devoting significant resources in future months and years to doing precisely that.

D&D Insider functionality has started to roll out, but we’re still behind where we wanted to be. In the plus column, Dragon and Dungeon magazines have launched in their new online format, and they seem to be getting rave reviews. The Rules Compendium has also launched – it’s a searchable database that contains all the rules elements from all the 4th Edition books we publish. The magazines and the rules compendium are available now to anyone who signs up for a free trial of D&D Insider. Next up are improvements to those pieces plus beta-testing of the Character Builder, Character Visualizer, Dungeon Builder, and Game Table.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave us with any bandwidth to devote to Gleemax right now. Wizards of the Coast remains committed to online community, but instead of trying to grow a new website for a brand-agnostic community, we need to focus on keeping our own house in order. We have the two best games in the world, and we need to take care of them before expanding into new digital arenas.

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Please cancel this order, thanks.

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How long should one wait till an order is considered lost?

Order 868177...contains both pathfinder #5 and 6 and a gamemastery module U2 hangman's noose. It shipped January 29th.

Order 876196 ALSO shipped January 29th....conatining minis and arrived today.

Granted its only been 7 days.....but how long should I wait?

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Sorry if this is covered before....but looking over the characters they have feats like city born, country born....

Where are those from?

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This order arrived an is only half right. At the bottom is the original order. There are 10 books from that list below missing and 6 books in the box that I didnt order.

Missing is:

1 x Legions of Hell (d20)
1 x Hell in Freeport (d20)
1 x Armies of the Abyss (d20)
1 x Denizens of Freeport (d20)
1 x Book of Fiends Hardcover (d20)
1 x Artifacts of the Ages: Rings (d20)
1 x The Noble's Handbook (d20)
1 x The Cavalier's Handbook (d20)
1 x Thieves' World: Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn (d20)
1 x Freeport: The Freeport Trilogy (d20)

What is in teh box that wasnt ordered was:

Modern magic (d20)
Monsters of the mind(d20)
Dezzavold fortress of the Drow(d20)
Bow&Blade, guide to wood elves(d20)
Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra

I can ship the unoreded items back to you, but I do want the items ordered. Please let me know.

>Subject: Paizo Order #846155 Shipment
>Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 11:25:18 -0800 (PST)
>Dear Carmen,
>A package containing 21 items from Paizo Order #846155 is about to ship from the Paizo warehouse via UPS Ground, estimated 6 business days in transit.
>Shipping Address:
> carmen sbordone
> 31 Maple St
> Newburgh, NY 12550-4033
>The following products are included in this shipment:
> 1 x Legions of Hell (d20)
> 1 x Hell in Freeport (d20)
> 1 x Arcana: Societies of Magic (d20)
> 1 x Armies of the Abyss (d20)
> 1 x Denizens of Freeport (d20)
> 1 x Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves (d20)
> 1 x Book of Fiends Hardcover (d20)
> 1 x Thieves' Quarter (d20)
> 1 x Creatures of Freeport (d20)
> 1 x Artifacts of the Ages: Rings (d20)
> 1 x Temple Quarter (d20)
> 1 x Hammer & Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves (d20)
> 1 x The Avatar's Handbook (d20)
> 1 x The Noble's Handbook (d20)
> 1 x The Cavalier's Handbook (d20)
> 1 x SpirosBlaak (d20)
> 1 x Thieves' World Player's Manual Hardcover (d20)
> 1 x Thieves' World: Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn (d20)
> 1 x Thieves' World: Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary Hardcover (d20)
> 1 x Thieves' World Gazetteer (d20)
> 1 x Freeport: The Freeport Trilogy (d20)
>You may view your order online at
>UPS Tracking Number: 1Z7W101A0390996501
>You may track your package at
>or at 0996501
>Thank you for your business.
>Best regards,
>Paizo Customer Service

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Since I see things are shutting down in dungeon and dragon in september...what happens to subscriptions that run past it? Mine wont even be a full year..