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Disappointingly bad conversion from 3.5


This is billed as being Pathfinder compatible, but the feats on the first page do things like:

Armour piercing: Perception check... gain a synergy bonus to this roll equal to one-half the number of ranks you possess in Craft Armor.
***There are no Synergy Bonuses in Pathfinder RPG***

Arrow Trip: your attack roll is treated as your Strength check for purposes of this maneuver - your opponent's Dexterity check.
***Pathfinder does not use Str and Dex checks for Trip, rather you make a CMB attack vs opponent's CMD defence. I guess the author should have written "your attack roll is treated as your CMB roll", or better "use your weapon attack bonus as your CMB for this roll".

The rest of the pages largely avoid this sort of mistake, but the first page is what you read first!

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excellent writing - but needs a 16+ age rating


I'm impressed by the strength of the plot and writing, and hope someday to run this for my other group of players (all adult except for one mature 16) but I simply cannot run this for the group intended, as we have a 12-yr old and a *young* 16-yr old.

I was drawn by the lure of the very first Pathfinder RPG campaign series, by the strength of Paizo's writing, and by the fascinating idea of enacting the play - which is indeed well carried out but the acts depicted, and emotions portrayed are darker than Call Of Cthulhu - indeed they'd be strong even in a World Of Darkness Vampire campaign.

I won't go so far as to claim it is X-Rated (or R-rated in US?) but I must say it is 16+-rated.

I got The Bastards Of Erebus and Sixfold Trial together, and The Bastards hints at darkness but implies that the heroes (of light) can overcome it - a strong line but true DND - and is true to the Paizo summary.

The Sixfold Trial hints also of darkness, but does not give a fair representation of the level of that darkness.
The embedded theatre play encourages the players to have their PCs become the actors, and have the actors (PCs) work through scenes of torture and degradation, and to simulate what is essentially masochistic/drugged passion.
While it might be possible to bowdlerise the plot to make it PG rated, that's not really possible if the script/play is to be used - not without re-writing said play - which negates the point of using Paizo's fine writing. I want them to write this for me - if I had the time to write homebrew adventures, I would!

Now, I accept that *most* of the Pathfinder fans are (like me) old enough (and typically possessed of the resources to buy/subscribe to pathfinder, which in turn typically implies "employed"), but DND as a whole genre does aim at catching 'em young. I have successfully run games for my friends' family -- Sizfold Trial is my first experience of being caught out unwarned...