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Finally, I win something! after all these years.....

zyren you did it. what are you gonna do now?

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16. If you think the fates are against you today, they probably are.

I really got this one in a fortune cookie the other day, i was like wtf.

18: Stone Serpent

Dimensions: 80 foot diameter hemisphere

Description: Nine columns glow with an internal light and form a circle fifty feet wide.. A disturbingly gaunt man leans on a column and stares up, into the center of the circle at a constantly shifting stone serpent suspended just out of arm's reach. It coils unto and through itself, and when the scales reveal an empty spot, stones fly from the dusty floor, seeking its correct place. The man groans when a spot is not filled. If approached, the man only asks to give him a moment, he KNOWS that he is so close to finishing. Scattered about the room are the remains of former adventurers, all in seated positions, thier dead eyes watching as the man struggles with the stones.

70. An awakened bear named Scrapper. He always gets porridge from this establishment, but the owner hates him, so he always gets it either piping hot or clammy cold. Scrapper spots your perfect temperature porridge, and is willing to break some furniture to get it.

91. Can I keep it, it followed me home...

As you first gained your bearings in the after life, you befriended/brooded with/captured/were going to eat later(alignment based) a tiny creature(recommend animal/vermin). Beings of like mind attract one another on the other side, so a lasting bond was unknowingly created between you both and on the soul's return trip to its body, there was a stowaway. You and your new friend are going to be spending lots of time together now that your souls cohabitate the same space.
The creature is now anchored in this plane by your soul, so it may not move more than 5 feet from you, and if it does, it reappears on or around your person immediately. It's form can be anything from a zombie mouse, to a ghostly songbird, to a skeletal gecko, to an ant swarm poltergeist, to a haunted koi tattoo, to a caterpillar.....etc... Because it relies on you for survival, the creature will not be out in the open causing problems, it will stay close to the body until permitted to move around.
With your souls touching, you and your little friend can communicate with thought.

Freehold DM:

I was thinking that the replacement character would be prepped on what is going on and how/why they are needed in this other realm while they are waiting in the afterlife for the inevitable death of the original character.

To me, it's like the movie Freaky Friday where the mom switches places with her daughter. but instead of being clueless as to what happened, between dying and getting resurrected the two versions of themselves have a little chat with some powerful being in the afterlife, getting up to speed on each other's situations.
"Dimension A needs your magic prowess, while Dimension B needs a warlord of great reknown"

My main reasons for the switch were for class balance and level balance within a group.

After the tasks are complete, the original character could even come back.

86. The man you could have been. The destiny you could have claimed is now lost. Through bad decision making and just not being strong enough in whatever way, you have been deemed unfit to continue this path. A diety has bartered your soul for a stronger copy of you from another dimension. This new persona may have a different skillset, more levels, or new viewpoint relative to what the diety requires from you(determined by DM). Your true soul is transfered to the body of the greater you, where you most likely will continue to be a disappointment.

very useful when dealing with those pesky evil characters you regret letting in your campaign