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I've been curious to try out PFS for some time; are there going to be any "introductions" to the Society in Gen Con? I figure it's as good a place as any to start.

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Well, there are plenty of low level adventures on the schedule, which are appropriate for level 1 characters. I'm not sure if they're doing the Beginner's Box Bash or anything like that.

Do you already know how to play the game and just new to Society, or are you a total Pathfinder newbie?

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There is the (somewhat misnamed) Kids' Track as well, which is the Beginner Bash quests... this works really well as an introduction if you're totally new to RPGs.


I started playing PFS at Gen Con 2009. In fact it was my first ever organized game play. If you're not new to RPGs, just sign up for any tier 1-5 scenario and dive in!

Ok, I'll do that! I'm familiar with the system, I just don't have any groups to play with at the moment. Hopefully I can connect with my area VC (which admittedly is something I could've done in the past but I keep putting it off).


If you are comfortable enough with the system and rules I would do as Kyle says and just jump into a tier 1-5. You can also come play at one of my We Be Goblin tables! I give you a pregen Goblin and you get to act like an idiot and burn things to the ground. A fun Sunday morning had by all!

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Yeah, definitely just dive in and play a session, or two or three or ten. I'll be GMing Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible Friday morning, which is a great low level adventure.

You can either get a pregen to play when you get there, or make a level 1 character in advance, using the campaign rules in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, which is a free download.

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