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Should I worry about this order? I got the shipment notification e-mail on Oct. 26. I know sometimes they just take a little longer than the estimated 3-10 days, but order 1739122 shipped on Nov. 7 and it already arrived (OMG PF PLASTICRACK YAY).

Lantern Lodge

The post office is generally pretty good about getting packages delivered within the estimate, however, when they don't, we have found that the package almost always shows up within about a week or so of the estimate.
While they are a bit overdue, it isn't quite time to worry yet. Lets give them until Monday the 21st. If they haven't turned up by then let us know.

Ok, Thanks Sara!

Update: the minis arrived today, along with the books of the damned! There's something magical about getting 2 paizo packages in the mail on the same day. : D

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