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Pulse#8738 wrote:
Alex Speidel wrote:
Announced for July! Cover and product description are not final and are subject to change.


Checking the GenCon Catalog it's tag as For 1st-4th level characters. So what it's the right Tier ?


Came here to ask this. Also noticed that it had 10 people signed up to play. Haven't played a society game at Gen Con before, but thats too many players right?

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Ixal wrote:
So all PCs have to be some sort of wizard? Or how will the AP handle non magical PCs?

I think I remember in the announcement stream something about martial classes getting some free magic to fit in. They stressed that you could still play martial classes and it would work with the story.

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Awesome! I hope for other region lost omens books as well, but Mwangi is probably top of the list.

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Haunted house, sweet setting! Gives me an idea to run a Shoony Investigator named Scooby.

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Elfteiroh wrote:

Wait.... is that Seelah in a disco suit and wielding a bow? XD

(I know it is not a disco suit... but...)

I don't know.... it might be a disco suit!