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Captain Morgan wrote:
But I don't think angels, undead, or demons get to choose to be holy or unholy, and sorcerer powers are not just derived from those planes-- they are literally descendants of angels, undead, and demons.

The errata for the Remaster makes it pretty clear that angels aren't all Holy and fiends aren't all Unholy (Page 110: In the Fiendsbane Oath feat, replace replace "Add the following tenet to your champion’s code after the other tenets:" with "You gain the following edict:". In addition, replace "good fiend" with "fiend that isn't unholy"), so I can't realistically imagine a world where Paizo decides to tie Holy/Unholy sanctification to bloodline rather than player choice.

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Captain Morgan wrote:
bsmith709 wrote:
Solarsyphon wrote:

It would be nice if rather than the divine list just being offensively weak it had a specific role related to attacking the spirit and discriminating between the holy and unholy.

Isn't that the way the Divine list has always been though? I played a Divine blaster in Abomination Vaults, and it worked great because there were so many undead and fiends running around. Holy Cascade is just better than Fireball depending on what you're fighting. One time a boss Devil critically failed his save against Divine Wrath, and I felt so bad for the poor guy.

The Divine spell list has never been offensively weak, it just excels at a very specific niche.

Yep, and that niche is being further improved upon here (do yourself a favor and look up Divine Immolation if you're prepared to change your underwear) while also now working more effectively on a significantly broader chunk of the bestiary with alignment disappearing.

I remember seeing that spell before, but I couldn't find it the other day because I couldn't remember the name, so thanks. I wasn't THAT impressed until I finished reading the heightening section...+1d6 damage per level AND +1d6 persistent damage? Yikes.

So as a level 8 spell it deals 9d6 fire damage PLUS 5d6 persistent fire damage? And if they're weak to Holy (And you're sanctified) OR immune/resistant to fire, then it automatically switches to Force instead. That's pretty sweet.

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Grankless wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
RIP City of Brass.
It's still around, it's just renamed to Medina Mudii'a.

"Bright City" in Arabic... It's a much more welcoming sounding name.

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keftiu wrote:
It's still a little ways out, but someone's gotta ask - any chance we can peek at the Table of Contents for this one?

They give us at least a peak at the ToC during the Paizocon previews:

-Elemental Characters
..........Kineticist Class
..........Elemental Impulses
..........Elemental Allies
..........Elemental Backgrounds
..........Ardande Geniekin
..........Talos Geniekin
..........Elemental Instinct
..........Elemental Spell Changes
..........Elemental Archetypes
-Churn of Elements
-Glossary and Index

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MMCJawa wrote:
I feel like I might be the minority viewpoint, but if Drow "died on there way back to there home planet", I wouldn't be terribly upset.

Agreed. Between the Drow, Mualijae, Jinin, Ilverani, Vourinoi, Aquatic elves, etc., it feels like maybe 5 or 6 elves left Golarion to avoid Earthfall and everyone else stuck around.

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Leitner wrote:
Where is the term barbarian being thrown around these days outside of the gaming context? That "one specific context" is the words usage. really trying to argue that 'barbarian' is ONLY used in a gaming context? Seriously?

No, I'm not some sort of barbarian who would open a bottle of wine to enjoy some before offering it as a gift. That would be uncouth.
—Irv Erdos, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11 Dec. 2016

Through its barbarian policies, it has contributed to weakening the authority and profile of the United Nations, as well as its credibility.
-UN Security Council Record, 2008

Eighteen years ago a barbarian totalitarian regime came to an end in these countries.
-Anna Záborská, Slovak politician 2007

Using Conan the Barbarian as an example of how the word is "fine" is pretty questionable as well, it's not exactly free from racial and colonial baggage itself.

Also, is the word ubiquitous outside of D&D, or not used outside of gaming? Because you've said both and I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

Like, I get that you think the word is fine, and that's wonderful for you, but you don't just get to say "Nah, it's fine' and ignore everyone else's concerns and discomfort.

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keftiu wrote:

Let the elemental class deal elemental damage, IMO.

I think that ship sailed when they made the Air/Water/Earth Elemental Bloodline Sorcerer do bludgeoning damage with re-skinned fire spells. If air elemental kineticists can do electricity damage, that's going to beg the question of why air elemental sorcerers are stuck throwing bludgeoning Airballs at people.

I know it probably won't happen, but I do wish Elemental Fury would do something about that; in addition to the kineticist, I'm excited to hopefully see Wood and Metal bloodline sorcerers, but that's tempered by the knowledge that it's probably going to be bludgeoning Woodballs and Metalballs all around.