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Excellent backgrounds!


As the author of the Guide to Designing Background Features (found on the Paizo and GitP forums), I highly recommend this book.

The background features are well written, provide solid narrative power to your character, and are balanced with the PHB. They are universal, written with minimal fluff so you can put the feature into nearly any background you want. If you don't know which one to pick, there are randomized tables for you to roll on, with guidelines for narrowing the field if you just want a specific type but still want a random feature.

The personality traits and character flaws are organized by skill; quite novel! And each provides a randomized table with a quality that can be used as either the trait or the flaw (or both!).

Plus, there are lots of premade examples if you dont want to design your own (this is where most of the background fluff is).

All in all, a well written and well designed product. 5/5 Stars!

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Just as Good as Dungeon Dressing


I bought this book and dungeon dressing at the same time, both because of Endzeitgeist's recommendations. It lives up to the hype. Full of charts, tables, and fantastic ideas for flavorful events and encounters for everything in the wilderness - from storms to bandits to farmlands to traders to ruins and more.

One thing I've been meaning to add to my adventures is random events that make the world feel more alive, more real. This book brings that in full force. Want a snow storm? This book provides the rules and provides charts to randomize the storm AND provides a random encounter during the storm! Want your fields to feel more, well, field-y? How about a random herd of bison charging by or discovering a field of wild rose bushes for as far as the eye can see (good luck with the thorns, players!).

Sure, you could come up with all this stuff yourself, but the book not only provides ready and easy access charts, but generates ideas to fuel the imagination.

A must have.