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i'm a GM and my player pulled 'Broken blade: your weapon is destroyed(Ref negates) magic weapons use their own save bonus (PFRPG 459)"

He is using a +1 war hammer, not a blade. but it still said destroyed; not broken.

how does this mechanic work. i cant seem to find anything online or even logical related to this.

the best i found is he gets a plus 2 plus have the caster level to save it. (2+5\2) = 4 maybe?

what what is the DC he has to beat to save it???? it's not listed here? there is iron door break DC28 . thats simmilar in my opinion. but it's a reflex save so is it his relex? the items reflex? where do i find that?

or do i just say "you pulled the DESTROYED item card. ooooohhhh sorry. no convoluted save for you."