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Party People,

I've recently leveled to 13th with my transmutation focused wizard in Rise of the Runelords. I'm actually playing a thassilonian specialist, focused on "Generosity" instead of greed. My character, Bertil Adelbrecht, worships Shelyn (Bertil Adelbrecht, Shelyn Follower | BASF). He doesn't make the party, he makes the party better.

I've done the following things mechanically:

Human, Focused Study
Trait - Clever Wordplay (Int to UMD)
Trait - Merchant Family (Sell goods at 60%)
Trait - Inner Beauty (+4 Sacred 1/Day to Craft/Diplomacy)
Trait - Transmuter of Korada (Casts Transmutation Spells at +1 CL)

Valet Familiar - Super Boosts Crafting

Feat (Human 1) - Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Feat 1 - Additional Traits
Feat (Wizard 1) - Scribe Scroll
Feat 3 - Craft Wondrous
Feat 5 - Craft Arms
Feat (Wizard 5) - Spell Focus (Transmutation)
Feat 7 - Dazing Spell
Feat (Human 8) - Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)
Feat 9 - Craft Rod
Feat (Wizard 10) - Heighten Spell
Feat 11 - Quicken Spell

Feat 13 - ? Considering Greater Spell Focus (Transmutation) and Persistent Spell.

I've focused on crafting and spellcraft, so with Crafter's Fortune and Inner Beauty I have around +38 to a variety of crafting skills, with a +33 to Spellcraft.

I do lots of buffing and almost all of the utility casting. I have made almost all of the magic items our group utilizes. Most importantly, I have Annihilation Spectacles, which makes around 1/2 my spell slots spontaneous as I have so many transmutation slots.

What spell would you take for Spell Perfection?

I'm considering Slow and Disintegrate.

Pooping out persistent, quickened slow spells every round would be pretty cool. Jacking up the DC for disintegrate (with quickened true strike) would be fun, as I don't do much attacking.

What would you do?

I am open to any ideas. Thank you for the help!


We use all Paizo products with 3rd Party by GM approval...

When I build new characters I typically look at classes, class features, and archetypes and imagine the way they would play out as a focus for a character.

Example 1 -- Variation on Theme: One of my current characters is a barbarian who behaves like a Paladin. He uses rage as his "smite evil" and his superstition rage power as "divine grace". It is really fun not just for me, but for everyone at the table. He's an Orc, but I call him a "double half-orc" and it's just silly. However, in combat it's still a full barbarian, putting out 30+ damage per attack at 5th level, and doing all those things.

Example 2 -- Commitment to Specialization: My wizard in Rise of the Runelords is a Thassilonian transmutation specialist (directly tied to the campaign theme). He's a human dedicated crafter, with emphasis on all the crafting skills, skill focus in Spellcraft and Use Magic Device, and is an artisan. The focus was to be the best crafter of magic items possible, and so I took multiple feats, skills, and items to emphasize that skill set. As a fun wrinkle he has Spectacles of Annihilation, which allow me to freely convert any prepared transmutation spell into another. Since he's a focused specialist, he can spontaneously cast around 1/2 his spells, with only 1/2 being locked in. It's a sub-optimal niche item, with a sub-optimal niche archetype that dovetail perfectly.

For you, I think an Empiricist Investigator focused on intelligence would be awesome. If you want to be skilled, there isn't much better way to do it! The Empiricist takes some of the best skills in the game (disable device, perception, sense motive, and use magic device) and uses intelligence for those skills at 2nd level.

At 3rd level you can take an Investigator Talent, which you could take Expanded Inspiration. It automatically allows you to add your inspiration bonus to additional skills (diplomacy, heal, perception, profession, and sense motive). If you are human, put at least 16 in intelligence and add your racial bonus, take the alternate human racial trait (focused study) for extra skill focus feats, you could be an incredibly skilled character.

At 3rd level:

Perception - +3 for ranks, +3 for class skill, +4 for int modifier, +3 for skill focus, +1d6 for inspiration. Every time you roll a perception check you're looking at

1d20 + 13 + 1d6, for an average perception of 27 at 3rd level! That's pretty good, and I think would allow you to feel like a true contributor at the table. Not to mention you can add your inspiration to all your knowledge, spellcraft, linguistics checks as part of your class.

Furthermore, the class gets 6+Int per level plus human bonus. At 3rd level you would have 33 skill points to spend, either allowing you to max out 11 skills, have 1 rank in 33, or some combination thereof. I would recommend taking at least one rank in all the knowledges, which combines greatly with your inspiration, and max out a few skills for specialization - diplomacy, sense motive, perception, disable device, linguistics, use magic device.

That's 18 skill points spent with 15 for you to distribute as you see fit! You are now the ultimate party face, but completely contingent on your intelligence, a la Sherlock Holmes.

In addition to all those skills you still have alchemy and trapfinding. Those are some further roles for specialization within the group.

Good luck!

Terrific, and thank you for the clarification.



Thanks for the input. I guies I'm strictly looking at the pg 23 (right column, top paragraph) limitation that "Weapons, armor, equipment, magic items adn so on that are outside of these lists are not available for purchase at any time."

Then Fame allows for purchases through the faction. The limit increases the value of the item, but nowhere does it specify what items are available. The "purchase spells and items from her faction between scenarios" verbiage on pg 25 (left column, top paragraph) does not specify what spells and items to which the faction has access.

Does that mean any item from a book permitted via the Pathfinder Society Additional Resources may be purchased?

P.S. I loved your "countdown to killing the cleric" at GenCon thread. Way to write a scenario allowing you to settle a personal vendetta (i.e. invoking Rule 0).

Thanks again!


Party People:

I am confused about access to magic items. The guide to pathfinder society organized play says +1 weapons, armor, mundane items and all of Chapter 6 are always available.

Does that mean if I want to buy a headband of vast intellect I must encounter one on a chronicle sheet?

Does that mean stat-boost items are exceptionally rare?

The guide to PFSOP seems not only very restrictive, but skewed toward martial characters.

Thank you in advance for the inputs...

Stay Awesome!