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I, for one, am extremely excited about the adventure path "Iron Gods" planned for Numeria. I wanted to throw out a couple theories I had about what exactly the AP will be about....

1. The "Iron Gods" are giant mech-like creatures that have been reactivated from their millennium spanning hibernation to wreak havoc on the Numerian landscape.

2. The "Iron Gods" are beings from Aballon that are awaiting the return of the First Ones. After receiving signals from beyond the stars they do battle with Gorum, the Lord of Iron.

3. The Silver Mount is not one spaceship, but multiple spacecraft.... a battle armada, if you will, that has been sent to Golarion to "lie low" and wait for a time "when the stars are right" to herald in the arrival of our dark master who waits, dead but know of whom I speak. Conversely, they are here to do battle with the Great Old Ones who have been summoned to this world from beyond the void.

4. The AP will take the players to Aballon for an encounter with Epoch, who cryptically teaches the PCs how to travel through time.

I want to introduce kaiju into my game in a manner similar to that in Pacific Rim (coming through a planar rift). I know that they would need to be Colossal size, but other than that...any thoughts?

I'm running a Numerian campaign right now, and I plan on going planet hopping in the future.

The "Silicon Sorcery" article is very interesting! I could imagine the look on my player's faces if I ever brought the chocobo, a staple of my favorite video game, into my beloved roleplaying game. WARK!