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Dragon unleashed!

Check out this issue to see how the new Dragon better serves you. Get the first look at new features to appear in every issue: “Spellcraft,” “The Magic Shop,” “First Watch,” “Player Initiative,” “Winning Races,” “A Novel Approach,” “Heroic Feats,” “Players’ Tips,” “Adventurers’ Tricks,” “Coup de Grace,” and more!

Samurai Vs. Knight
by John Clements
In a battle between a historical samurai and an authentic European knight, who would win?

Hometown Heroes
by Ben Vandgrift
Who are the people in your neighborhood? Give your character real experience by giving some thought to his roots.

See No Evil
by Michael Tresca
What if paladins couldn’t detect evil? What if no one could? Check out the spells that give players new options in games that blur the line between black and white.

Sneak Preview: Demon Stone
by F. Wesley Schneider
See our exclusive interview with R. A. Salvatore and the designers of FORGOTTEN REALMS: Demon Stone, a new D&D game coming to the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

Seven Deadly Domains
by Hal Maclean
Greed, envy, gluttony, sloth, lust, pride, wrath-the seven deadly sins as cleric domains, including new spells for each vice.

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The "Silicon Sorcery" article is very interesting! I could imagine the look on my player's faces if I ever brought the chocobo, a staple of my favorite video game, into my beloved roleplaying game. WARK!

Ha, just found this thread. I had an article in this issue. Should get a 5 star rating :P
I had another 2 commissioned too, but 4E came along before they could be published :(

What was the article? I'll have to look it up.

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