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I like this one mostly becuase of the names it makes me want to find out more.

With the cities name my first assumption is some kind of vast lovecraftian city so its size doesn't bother me.

Though love craft stuff always wins free points with me

the ghoul doesn't have stats because for whatever reason he will not stop the ritual and takes no actions of anykind

I like this one i'm mostly interested in stuff that inspires me for my own game and this is very much that.

I don't care for this on top of what others have said the name just feels goofy to me. Also considering how many zombies get made in a day id think there would be some casters hanging around the place, actually now that i think about it more employes period it looks like only 4 intelligent creatures are operating this entire building.

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wraith have life sense so invisibility should not help them in this case
Also a quick look at the pfsrd it doesn't look like the wraiths con drain is negative energy but i could be mistaken

I don't like it that your race is so important a half orc can be taken out of action with just a couple hits but an elf has tremendous resistance.

I think this would have worked better if it just gave a penalty on people who failed a save and caused them to look like the next age category up. Rather then worrying about and keeping track of exact year counts

I like this one. I'm not certain why people keep mentioning weapon use, its human shaped so it can uses a weapon its default weapon is no better then claws so it doesn't increase the monsters threat. But it makes sense to have the dagger if it wants to defend itself and still maintain its illusion of humanity.

As far as I can see it never specifies that all members are female so I would not assume that is the case. A man can seduce people to.