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Magus is the way to go. For finding and then fighting casters

I'm playing a Dragon disciple and like it. It basically is a better version of Sorcerer with Dragon bloodline. I play it as a full caster, and don't really have a weapon. This doesn't make full use of the DD bonus but who cares, he's still better than the normal sorcerer.

I know sorcerers get a bad rap online though, but I think its because people play them wrong. We have a wizard in our party, and maybe it how he's played, but I'm way better in a fight, because our GM didn't tell us what were going up against when the wizard is choosing his spells. Its all about spell selection

I just added a FD to my sorcerer, and looking over the skills, it gets all the dragon class skills. to reverse engineer their skill scores, all the ones listed on their page get 3 ranks. As for familiar class skills, I believe it says add them, so they should get both. Though, these would be untrained, so matters very little.

As for HD, yes he gets half the characters hp, and is considered to have the same HD, which my DM ruled means that his spells are considered to be cast by an sorcerer of my characters level. But he does not go up in level (no more spells, etc.). he decided it would help scale him up as we level up, but not overpower him.